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Friday, October 26, 2007

HALLOWEEN HOOPLA...OCT 27th & 28th!!! Be there!!!

Hey there! I just wanted to let you in on something. Doing a little PR for another site that's trying to start back up again. This weekend, the 27th & 28th, they are having a "Halloween Hoopla".


The site is

The homepage is still underconstruction but click on the SCRAPCHAT link and you'll be able to register on the board and participate in challenges/contests for some free stuff. The ladies are really nice here. There is "ScrappyDoo2U" and "ScrapbookSupplies". These are the 2 ladies that are running it. I have a challenge going up so you'll have to check it out. We're trying to get people to the site. If you know of anyone that would want to participate (and hopefully stay) let them know. SPREAD THE WORD PLEASE!! Just mention me when you introduce yourself!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

3rd times the charm!!

Well, had my doctor appointment today and the baby cooperated!!!

It's a boy!!!

We are soooo excited. The girls are happy too!! All the little one could say was "thank you" because she wanted a baby brother so bad! I'm just glad we are able to give her one.

After the appointment I spent like an hour in Target registering for my "Baby Sprinkle" my DSIL is going to throw for us. I didn't realize all the things that I need! It's only been 3 years since we've had a baby but I think we can get by with the basics. I'm going to go check out some stores for the big items. Can't wait to go do that this week some time.

Now we have to start thinking of boy names and painting the playroom from purple & green to blue & green. I think I'm going to go with froggies as the theme in there. I was playing online looking at frog stuff and just boy stuff in general and I can't wait to go shopping!!! I wish I was made of money!! So many cute stuff out there! At least the waredrobe won't be so hard like it is for girls (i.e. shorts, pants, capris, skirts/skorts, dresses, etc) and there won't be any hair accessories and jewelry to worry about. OH, and the shoes will be pretty simple! WOW...I'm saving money as we speaks!! Haha!

That's it for now. Just glad that the baby showed us what it's got! ;)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Well, didn't get to go to the doctor's yesterday. The office called me on Sunday saying that the Doc wouldn't be in the office Monday b/c of a family emergency. WHAT'S ONE MORE WEEK OF NOT KNOWING!!?? I guess we're destined to not find out what the baby will be, right?? Well, going next week and I just HOPE that the baby cooperates!

Went shopping yesterday for our outfits for our family photos this coming weekend. Talk about frustrating!! Just trying to find outfits that had somewhat the same colors was stressing. Thought I found something good for the girls but then the colors didn't match at all. Just went with the same outfits for the girls...they'll get over it...they're still young and it looks cute when they match. CAN'T DO THAT MUCH LONGER!

Then after doing that I went scrap shopping and got good deals at Hobby Lobby!! LOVE THAT STORE!! Everything was pretty much 50% or 30% off and got awesome deals. Didn't spend much, just went in and got what I needed, did some 'window' shopping and then headed over to Michael's. Not impressed with that store anymore. The prices are so much more than HL and they don't offer as much.

All in all, despite not knowing what we're having, I was pretty happy yesterday. Then when I picked up my oldest from school she was wearing this ribbon on her shirt that said she was a "Proud Panther". A student gets that when they've showed good behavior and work. I was soo proud of her and I know that she was proud of herself. I just hope she keeps it up!

Friday, October 12, 2007

22 weeks now

Well, a month has come and gone since I was last on here. Let's see what's been going on...

  • the baby is moving more and more and I go to the doc's on Monday...hopefully the baby will show us what it's got!
  • Soccer season started last week. We have had 2 practices already and Morgan is playing like she never had a break! Can't wait to see what the season will bring.
  • Sydney is doing good in "pre-pre school" as she calls it! She knows all her letters by sight and can recite the phonics already. She's a little early but I'm not complaining.
  • I've gotten most of my Xmas scrap gifts done. Still working on one. I have the papers all measured...just need to cut and glue and then add embellies and viola!!

Other than that, nothing else is happening. Oh yeah, belly's growing. I'm 22 weeks now. Started taking my "pregnancy pictures" like I did with the 2 girls for the baby book. I start the belly shots at 20 weeks until birth. Well, hopefully next week I can update my blog with what the baby is!!! Personally I don't care if it's a girl or boy. I'm happy with whatever the gender is. If it's a girl...we've been there and one that. Plus I don't have to paint the "now" playroom b/c it's in girl colors. If it's a boy, it'll be spoiled by everyone in the family since we all don't know how to make a boy!! So, I'm happy either way.

Well, I've done 2 LO's this month, pretty sad. BUT I've been working on my Xmas gift projects so I can let that slide! One of the LO's is waiting for journaling. I need to get a white pen so I can journal on it. But the the other LO that I just did is down at the bottom of the page. Go check it out! Well, that's it for now.

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