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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October Monthly Contest at TMS!

THE MOSY SCRAPPER would like to see how you celebrate the fall by altering something for your home.

For the month of October get out your fall decor, halloween decor, OR get ready for Christmas and decorate something you plan on displaying in your home. Get out the papers, the glue gun, the sewing machine, anything worth altering...get messy!

One lucky altered scrapper will win something special from CREATIVELY GREEN (our October sponsor). Just turn in a picture of your entry along with:

*description of altered item and it's contents
*how and where you plan on displaying your altered home decor
*a little about you
*your blog link (if you have one)
*AND have at least 10 posts on THE MOSY SCRAPPER message board!

Call ends October 20th by Midnight ET! Send entries to (subject line: October Monthly Contest).

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

World Card Making Day Crop

October 3rd is World Card Making Day and THE MOSY SCRAPPER wants YOU to come join the fun and scrap the day away at our first ever 'Card Crop'.

The TMS designers have been working behind the scenes to come up with some creative challenges for all to be inspired. All challenges will be given a point value and the scrapper with the most points....WINS!!!

A BIG LOOT will be given away to the top cropper. MANY cards will be made that day, so get all your gear ready, register at TMS and have fun!

DATE: Oct. 3rd, 2009
TIME: 8am - midnight ET
WHERE: Here!

Friday, September 25, 2009

A, B or C?

If you had the choice, which one would you choose? Not like we're getting one, but the thought is there...just don't know if we did, if it would be a puppy or one that's a little older. As for now, I just enjoy looking at the messes to clean up, no walkings, no mouths to feed, no training, all the fun stuff with dogs!

a.) A Pug

b.) A French Bulldog

c.) A Boston Terrier

Now ask yourself WHY and post in my comments!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Halloween Advent Calendar

I finally found a little time today to finish up a project I am doing for The Mosy Scrapper and I needed to have it done before October 1st!

What is it? It's a Halloween Advent Calendar.

Now I just need to figure out what to put in each of these boxes for the kids to do each day before Halloween! I have two items I bought from the store that I can add to the boxes, but I don't need to fill it all with toys/candy. I can put little notes in there (i.e. go pick pumpkins, go buy a costume from the store, etc). Can you come up with some creative ways and ideas for me? If you can, leave me a comment in this post by Sept. 30th (midnight ET) and I will draw a name out of a hat for a RAK from me! :)

I think the 31st will be easiest idea ----> go trick or treating! LOL

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stress is so fun! :)

I hate when your computer gets bitten by a bug! Or gets sick with a virus!


I don't have time for my computer right now. I'm on a time crunch with some work I'm doing for a friend of mine, actually, it's her business and it's a lot on my shoulders trying to make these cards and party favors look just right. So, I'll be locking myself in my office when the kids are napping/sleeping and working on them. No pressure, the store only opens up in 9 days!


Anywho, gotta get these girls to get ready for school. I swear, I think I'm gonna go out and buy them uniforms b/c I'm tired of arguing with them EVERY stinkin' morning about their clothes, their socks, their shoes...gonna just get uniforms (even if the school doesn't require it) and have them deal with it!

Alright...on with the day!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

latest projects and my lil' motorcycle man

I finally finished this swag for a Halloween Altered Project for my site and also for the house. I can't wait for the fall to start and Halloween will be hear before you know it!

This is an earring I made Sunday. I was just playing around and made these in 20 minutes. I think they are very pretty, I would like to keep them for myself (because they match my scrap chain bracelet) but I ended up putting it up in my ETSY store. Here is the link.

I just posted an announcement on the TMS Blog about October 3rd. Here are the details:

Are you a card maker?

Do you have TONS of scrap paper laying around?

Have the day off? Well, you need too!

October 3rd is World Card Making Day and THE MOSY SCRAPPER wants YOU to come join the fun and scrap the day away at our first ever 'Card Crop'. The TMS designers have been working behind the scenes to come up with some creative challenges for all to be inspired. All challenges will be given a point value and the scrapper with the most points....WINS!!!

A BIG LOOT will be given away to the top cropper. MANY cards will be made that day, so get all your gear ready, register at TMS and have fun!

DATE: Oct. 3rd, 2009
TIME: 8am - midnight ET

See you there!


Here is a picture I took before my parents left today. Colton at first was all talk about the motorcycle but when I got on then he was game! He then decided to sit there with my mom and dad and take a little ride down the street (about 3 houses down) and back. He loved it and actually didn't want to get off! How funny!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's off to work I go

I had a nice visit with my parents, it was short, but it was sweet. Mom made some yummy Lumpia...can't wait to eat those! Thanks Mom!

The kids had a good time too, as always. Colt even got a little ride on Dad's motorcycle just before they left this morning. He loves making that VROOM-VROOM sound! LOL

Now it's off to pay the bills, do some work for Weegie and well, get the kids from school.

There is a LIVE CHAT tonite on my scrapbook message board at 830pm ET. Try and stop by!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Party Planning Business about to start...countdown in 3 weeks!

Nothing like a quick reminder and a deadline to get fire under your butt and start moving!!! I got an email yesterday from my friend about her party planning business and's definately a go AND she is opening up shop October 1st!!


I haven't done anything with that part of the business since......JULY!!! I am in serious trouble right now. Well, not really. Just going to be working like a mad woman getting the portfolio together, creating more and more cards for it, creating sample scrapbooks for display AND the funny party is....the location of the worksite is going to be elsewhere. So I don't know how "my" workspace is going to look like or how big of one I will have. I have to wait and find out. Good thing is that I meet with her tomorrow about it all after I drop the girls off to school. It'll be an interesting meeting but it will be fun. I'm anxious to get started so bring on the parties!!! LOL

I just work better with a deadline in mind. I know what I'll be doing the next 2-3 weeks! Wish me luck!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Look at my new creations

Last night I finally finished these cards for a charity on my site. Cards for Kate and Cards for Deborah Lee. These 2 little girls are both battling cancer. My site and I are making cards for them and their families. Here is one of the cards that is going out...

I can't show the rest b/c they are going to be used also for my sites CARD CROP on October 3rd. Which is also National Card Making Day!!! Now, the members of my site don't know what this day is b/c I'm playing a little game for them to guess. LOL But now, the game is ruined b/c I just posted the answer here on my blog!!! :) Let's see who answers the question right...then they've been doing their homework/research! ;)

I also finished up a charm bracelet that I was working on. This was my first one I've ever done and thought I'd make myself one before I decide to start selling them at my Etsy store. It's a charm with my favorite color and of course my favorite hobby...scrapbooking. Take a gander...

That charm is my favorite find!

Love those scissors.
Yep, that's a sewing machine! And even though I don't use mine that much, I still love it when I do! Which reminds me, I need to get my sewing machine out soon to make something NEW for my store!
Today has been a lazy day. We ended up not going anywhere, it's been drizzling all day. BLAH! I've been playing around with my camera and the girls have been keeping themselves occupied with a game of pretend. Colton is being a little terror as usual! :)
Off to figure out what's for dinner and await Neal's arrival.

Gloomy day here

Nothing has been going on here....just the usual stuff during the week....

cleaning house
taking kids to and from school
making meals
playing with kids
and scrapping!
Trying to figure out something to do today (without spending a bunch) but still trying to get the kids out of the house. Neal's has a gold charity event he's doing right now...he's already an hour into it (heeheehee) and it's gloomy out and and rain chance is happening. UGH!
I'm afraid we might have a lazy day today indoors, unfortunately. NOT what I was hoping for. I can't even take good pix of some cards I made for a charity on my site. BUMMER! I also have to retake some of the pictures of the items I have in my ETSY store. :( There better be something good on TV!!! hahahaha
But if YOUR board, come over to my message board and check out the September Monthly
Contest that is going on right now. You still have a chance at it b/c it's not due till the 20th!! COME ON...DO IT!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


GRAND OPENING ---> Sept 4th - 30th!!!

All US orders $25+ will receive FREE shipping!!!! All US orders $30+ will get a FREE set of cupcake buttons too(your choice of 2 colors)!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Toot! or should I say "hoot-hoot"?

So much to do, so little time!!!

I have a list getting longer and longer and I haven't started. Gotta get off this darn computer and start it.

But FIRST...have to mention that my Etsy store is having a GRAND OPENING starting tomorrow thruout the month of September and if you spend $20+ you get a FREE set of cupcake buttons of your color liking!

I also want to mention that I have seen my little "owl" on a website that is advertising for my Etsy store! WOOHOO!! It's so neat to see my blinkie posted elsewhere for others to see! Here, take a gander. :) to get to work!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just wanted to let you all know what is going on at my scrapbook message board:

1.) PROJECT DESIGN TEAM is going on right now. Round 1 ends Sept 6th, so come here for all the details!

2.) September RAK Followers - I like this so much in August I decided to bring it back for September. But instead of picking a winner on Monday's, we are going to go it on Wednesday's!!!

3.) September Monthly Contest - sponsored by Scrap Attack Scrapbooking!!! Come to the TMS Blog and see what the criteria is.

4.) A new month means new challenges!

Come on down to the TMS blog and see what is going on at THE MOSY!

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