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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BECOMing our home

Now that we have closed on our house and demolition will soon take place once permitting goes thru with our contractor, I've started thinking of how things are going to look in my head once it is all done. Of course there probably will be some differences of what it'll REALLY look like versus the visions in my head.

I've started looking thru magazines and searching the internet for decor ideas. I have boxes of our decor from our last home all piled in the garage now, but don't think that I'll be able to use all of them. ONE, because I won't have plant shelves in this house and TWO, not sure if the style of decor I had will match the style of this home. I will have to wait and see. But for now, I can still do some research!

I stumbled upon this site called BECOME. It has all the same categories any store chain has (like Walmart or Target) but better! All you have to do is type in what you are looking for (or click on the categories) and you are given numerous selections of what you are searching for...and you can comparison shop the name brand retailers! I love bargains! It beats cutting coupons LOL.

One thing that I would love to eventually get for the new home is a nicer dining table and chairs. Especially since the 'now' sunroom is going to be the 'new' dining room. I also would love to get a nice cushioned piece of furniture to sit on to put my shoes on in our new closet. We plan to make the 'now' two bedrooms the master suite area and make the 2nd room our walk-in closet! WOW! I can just see it now...organized shelving with a cute round coffee table I actually found on this site. Yes, I said coffee table. It's actually made of leather and serves as an ottoman.

The kids rooms will be on the other side of the house, which we will have to map out, frame and then drywall. That's going to be a BIG tasks. The rooms will be a pretty good size (especially Colton's since he won't have to share like his sisters do). I would love to have some sort of sleeper chair in both their rooms for them to be able to read or do homework on. A nice place for them to retreat to.

We need a small area for a desk out in their hallway. It's not a small hallway nor a big one. There is a perfect spot for tall bookshelves and a small desk for them to do their homework on or whatever they can think of. The kids will eventually get a computer. Just need better chair leg caps on the computer chair we already have since Neal and I use our laptops on the couch. heehee Then they will be set!

But all this dreaming is just a dream right now. I wish I could blink and the renovation/construction and move would have already taken place. So all I can do is wait and look up items and add it to my wish list! Who knows...I may find something I WASN'T looking for! ;)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Menu Plan Monday's

It's Monday...what's on the menu?

MONDAY: Ground pork w/ Zuccini and tomato sauce over brown rice

TUESDAY: Philly Steak and Cheese Sandwiches w/ sauteed mushrooms, green peppers and onions

WEDNESDAY: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup, pickles

THURSDAY: Leftovers (pulled pork or beef enchiladas and yellow rice from the weekend)

FRIDAY: Pork Chops in cream of mushroom gravy, rice and corn

SATURDAY: Hot Dogs, homemade potato chips, baked beans

SUNDAY: BBQ and Medium chicken wings, cole slaw, celery and's football Sunday! Hopefully we will see some action on the tv as well as working on the house!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Demo in our near future

It's been 18 days since my last post...SHAME ON ME!

I let life get in the way! LOL

Well, we finally have closed on the house we're looking forward to demolishing and remodeling! Friday (yesterday) was the day. Now it's time to put our hard hats on (and thinking caps) and get crackin'!

Today we went out looking at cabinetry and flooring. Getting prices and finding out what we (hubby and I) agree on and finding out our styles. Long day today, and the kids were with us...they did very good considering all this is just so boring to an 8, 6 and 2.5 year old. We then went to the home because Colton found out how to say 'new home' today and he wouldn't stop! It was cute, but after a while in the car with him saying it over, and over, and over again it was like....STOP! ALRIGHT ALREADY!

We went to the new home and tried to map out what we were going to tackle first and how we were going to rearrange things in the home. We've been mapping it out now for 3 months. Just now it seems different. Do we live in it while the addition gets put on or do we stay at the rental till it's done? Choices, choices, choices. It will all work out in the end.

Afterwards we came home and got ready for the girls Zumbatomic Demo. My Zumba instructor needed some kid volunteers to help her do a demo of her new class she's going to be teaching. The demo took place at a Martial Arts grand opening and they did awesome. They were all decked out in their zumba colors (BRIGHT) and had a blast. Here are some pix:

One thing that I've learned from Zumba is...ditch the workout, join the party! And if you haven't tried it should!

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