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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sugar Rush

This week was a fun week. The kids and I decided to tag along with Daddy and go down south to visit my SIL and nieces while he worked down in Brandon for two days. The girls had fun spending time with their cousins and Auntie.

Andrea had a great idea and made some "bug" cakes for the girls to decorate. you can tell which kids have a mom that decorates cakes:

You can see how they hold their icing bags and the attention to detail.

Okay, so my kids are scrappers not cake decoraters. Judge for is one of MY girls' finished product after playing...I mean decorating her cake: AGREE?? Oh, can't you hear the sugar rush right now?!

And after all the decorating I was able to snap a photo of all the kids together

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Calling all scrappers

Okay, my scrapbook message board is having its 3rd Guest Design Team call for August and we want some scrappers to apply for it. Come check us out on the message board for all the details. Here is a quick link to it:

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy 4 months!

My little man is now 4 months old!! He went in for his doctor's appointment at the beginning of the week and I was a bit surprised that he didn't weigh more. He sure feels heavy. But I know a lot of that has to do with the fact that he's growing in lenght. Can you believe he grew 2.5" in 2 months? Talk about a big growth spurt. But I still think we have another "peanut" on our hands (like the both girls). Weighing in at 14 lbs and 13 oz and measuring 25.5" long is Colton... He's had cereal since the last post and LOVES it! I gave him carrots the other day and he liked those. I also gave him a taste of the apple baby food. He's definately developing into a happy, playful and smiley baby. I couldn't have asked for anything better!

Since the last blog...
*...we've had a surprise party for my mother-in-law. She was so surprised and I think the kids had fun hiding until it was time to come out and surprise her.
* parents coming over for a couple of days and the kids getting a ride on my dad's trike (including Colton w/ me on the back of it...we stayed in first gear and went 2 houses down)
*...getting my online scrap store up and items listed
*...enjoying the pool and the rainy weather (UGH!) and
*...going out to dinner at THE CAPITAL GRILL (Neal and me).

Not much else going on. Not much else planned for the next week. Laying low, saving gas! Till next time...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Meet Finley and one hungry little boy

This is Finley...our new pet. I know...I've said that I didn't want any more pets, but I couldn't resist yesterday. I dropped the girls off at dance camp and then off to do place was the pet store to get Simon some food. Colton was with me and I thought it would be neat to walk around the store with him and show him the animals. He liked the bunnies and the birds. And then there were the fish! He just watched them swim. So, I decided to get a Beta fish. I have no clue how to care for fish so I asked so many questions and got the most east to maintain fish there is. I surprised the girls when I picked them up from camp and Morgan asked if she could name it Finley. Sydney liked it too so that's his name. Now I wish I could keep him on my scrap desk. We'll see how it goes. Maybe Sydney and I will get one too. MAYBE!

And then last night at dinner, Colton was sitting with me (it was near bath time and he get's cranky around then) and we were just eating when he starts to lean forward towards my spoon! I thought it was weird. Then when I grabbed my cup he started in on that too! So, I thought, what the heck, let's try some rice cereal. Sat him in his bouncey seat, and fed him some cereal. The boy LOVED it!! He wouldn't let go of my hand so I could get more spoonfuls! When I pried my hand away from his grip he screamed! It was too funny. The girls were VERY excited that he is interested in food. They just want to feed him. It's not the same like feeding your babydolls! Here is a pix of him:

He'll be 4 months on Saturday and he has a doctor appointment on Monday. He's growing up too fast!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My baby's growing

It's hard to believe that the school year is over. :SOB: My oldest is already finished with Kindergarten!! THAT'S STILL A SHOCK! Where has time gone? I still remember the baby days with her like it was yesterday. Morgan had a performance at school last week with her class and 3 other K-classes. It was really cute. Here is Morgan with her diploma. I'm very proud of her. She finished the school year with all "P's" (performs satisfactory) on her report card for the 4 quarters. She's getting big before my eyes!

Saturday we spent doing some yard work that was much needed and is still much needed. It was just too stinkin' hot. I wore long sleeves, jeans, and my mud boots b/c I wasn't going to get bit by anything! I found a shedded snake skin! YIKES!! No snake though...phew!! After picking weeds I decided that I'd go take a dip in the pool. But Colton woke up from a nap and then I decided to get him in the pool! Here is a pix of Neal with Colton in his first debut to the pool.

Sunday we went over the inlaws for a family get together. Neal's Aunt Lori and cousin Kim with her 2 kiddos (Madeline and Jacob) were down from Illinois. It was a very nice visit. The kids all had fun meeting each other and playing in the pool. So many kids!! And a lot of fun.

Tuesday the girls started dance camp. They looked so cute all dressed up in their outfits and hair back. I just love their tan they got from the weekend too! I need some sun! hahaha
The camp seems fun for them too. They are learning some dance moves (ballet, tap and jazz) and are eager to show me when we get home. Luckily they have an audience (me and Colton).

Colton is doing good. I'll have to do another post with pictures of him. Well...time to make dinner. Till next time.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Look out Danica Patrick...

Well...I finally got our pictures developed from our 4wheelin' trip in Durhamtown, GA. Boy, it was sooooooo much fun!! Everyone had a great time and the kids were good! I had tons of fun driving our RZR! I felt like I was in a little race car. Have no fear on that thing! Here are some pictures from our trip:

1.)That's Sydney walking around camp with her bunny and "nose rag"...yuck...that thing was filthy by the time we got home!
2.)Neal after one of his runs on a trail.
3.) Colleen and our RZR after getting it stuck in a mud that's what the RZR looks like when it's orange!
4.) Me driving the RZR like a wild-woman and Colleen trying to take a pix!
5.) Morgan on the left and Zoe on the right. We rented the 4wheelers for the girls for the day. They definately were very comfortable w/ these and lots of fun. So much fun Morgan got 3 blisters and they popped by the end of the day! Maybe next year they will have one of these...who are we'll be here this year most likely!

It was a fun 4 day weekend. Not a dull moment! It's too bad we had to come home. Oh well...gotta make more 4wheelin' memories!

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