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Friday, October 30, 2009

I was very busy last, chatting on my message board, laundry, cleaning, cleaning, and then reorganizing my beads and then...I made 2 earrings, 1 bracelet, 1 necklace and layed out to make a necklace and bracelet for another time. I went to bed L-A-T-E!!!

I just listed these 2 items on Etsy. I have more to list but need to do it later. So, stay tuned!

OH...I'm hosting a Pampered Chef catalog party for a friend so I thought I'd post a link to the catalog: Figured I could find some things that my kitchen is missing and possibly start with my Xmas shopping! ;) Take a look and see if you can do the same. I can mail out the goodies to you when they come in. Just let me know! :)

Happy with the kids tonight....THE WILD.

Gator invites

This week has been a whirlwind and I can't believe it's Friday. I have been busy trying to keep the house clean for showings on our house, getting treat bags ready for a Trunk or Treat, and working on 40 Gator baby shower invites. Here is what the cards look like:

My fingers were orange when I was done with them! hahaha Just glad to have an order. Now I can breath a little and start working on more cards for the shop, make jewelry for Etsy and watch some of my shows that I have DVR'd for this week that I've missed!

Can't wait till this evening. The kids and I are watching THE WILD for movie night and Neal comes home from being away a couple days this week. Halloween is tomorrow and I hope that the weather is good to us. Should be a fun evening. Gotta charge up the batteries in the camera before I forget.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Card GIVEAWAY!!!

This weeks REVIEW comes from an Etsy shop by the name of The Leftovers of Tonya. This shop is filled with lovely card creations from a scrapper by the name of Tonya. She has taken her paper scraps and made some really pretty cards for everyone. You should check out her store here. It's got cards for all occassions and seasons!

Take a gander at her shop, you may find something that you just have to have for that special someone.
Do you see a style that you like? Maybe you should ask her to make a special order just for you. And you will have a one of a kind card(s)!!

Christmas is coming...don't forget to make your Christmas card list and get those cards out.

WHAT? Don't have Xmas cards yet?! I know exactly where you can get one!!!! She can also do custom orders too!

Here is a giveaway that is being offered for the next week thru November 3rd (midnight ET). A Fall card from Tonya:


All you will need to do to be entered in this giveaway is:
1.) Comment to this post.
2.) Visit The Leftovers of Tonya (and hopefully purchase from her store!) ;)
3.) Become a follower to SCRAP 3 (my blog)
4.) "heart" my Etsy store (Doohickies&Such)

ONE lucky winner will be announced November 4th! Good luck and happy shopping!

**Want your shop to be reviewed? Followers to my blog and Facebook will see it. Contact me at if you would like to send in item(s) to be reviewed.

We have a Giveaway winner!!

Thanks goes out to Bella Expressions for doing a giveaway here on Scrap3.

Who is the lucky winner of this beautiful digital card file?


Congrats Laughingfridge! All I need you to do is email me your address to mosyscrapper [at] hotmail [.] com and I will get all the yummy info for you to receive this wonderful digital card file. WOW...your Xmas card list better get ready! hahahaha


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm on

I totally forgot to post that I had a review done on me and my Etsy shop on in the Jewelry and Beading section. Here is the link.

Thanks for looking!

Giveaway and LIVE CHAT

Just wanted to remind everyone of the digital giveaway that is still going on here at my blog! Just click on the link above, BELLA EXPRESSIONS, and find out how you can be entered into this giveaway! It ends today by midnight!!!


Anyone interested in chatting it up with the TMS members?

I love doing this and we always have a fun time just chatting the night away. Whether we talk about scrapbooking or just what's going on in our neck of the woods. Lots of chatting I tell ya.

So, when is this LIVE CHAT? How about this Thursday, October 29th, 2009 at 830PM ET sound to ya? Be there in the chat box on the message board. See you there!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Help an Etsy seller out...get your Christmas gifts all in one stop!

Over on Etsy I'm on the discussion board with a bunch of Etsy sellers trying to promote our shops. Here is a list of some fabulous shops. Come take a peak at them. You never know what you find, you might just want to snag it before someone else does! ;) (I'm #17 on the list!)


1. Great price jewelry to support charities!
2. Beaded items: ornaments, pens and jewelry
3. Decorative pillows, children, teen and tooth fairy pillows
4. Fun, bright, unique jewellery!
5. Needlecraft
6. Crocheted stuffed toys
7. Soft cover leather sketchbooks and journals
8. Knitted hats, fingerless mittens, booties and more
9. Fused glass, specializing in barrettes
10. Fine art photographs
11. Hair bows, crochet hats for little girls, women and more
12. OOAK Bloomin' Button Jewelry; OOAK Swarovski Jewelry
13. Scarves,Baskets,Coasters,Pin Cushions,Hair Jewelry
14. Fused glass jewelry, art and home decor
15. Paintings in a variety of mediums and prints
16. A variety of items!
17. Jewelry, scrapbook tags, buttons, cards, etc.
18. One of a kind crochet pieces and custom work
19. Original polymer clay creation necklaces
20. Stained Glass Studio featuring nightlights, suncatchers, panels
21. Stuffed animals, blankets, purses and scarves
22. Bags, pouches, wallets, etc.
23. Pretty, modern sterling jewelry designs
24. Handcarved wood clocks & boxes
25. Beauty and spa products
27. OOAK fun, funky, whimsical Art Magnets
28. graphic design for web or print
29. Jewelry
30. Handspun yarn,handpainted yarn and roving
31. Origami earrings, jewelry and paper crafts.
32. Wire wrapped jewelry, vintage and supplies.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Dash be gone!

My youngest daughter says the funniest things some times. She cracks me up. Just watching how she tries to figure out things is hilarious.

Well, today she got a call from a friend in her class but the girl had to hang up. Syd said she'd call her later. So she finished her reading assignment and then asked if she could call her. I let her. This was her first call to a friend. Someone other than her Dad, grandparent or cousins. It was too funny! She took out her paper that had her friends # on it and as she was dialing she looked at the phone pad and asked me where the "dash" was!


4wheeling photos from last week

I forgot to upload these pictures onto my computer from this past Sunday. We finally went 4wheeling after a long, hot summer. The weather was PERFECT! It was nice and cool and everyone had a good time. Here are some pictures I got...

On another note...I've been doing some PR work for my Etsy shop, been working on some orders for PARTY PERFECTION and now I have some outside orders for other items that I make. PHEW...I'm going to be busy. Gotta sit down and make a schedule for myself before I get overwhelmed!

But I found out that one of my items was recognized on Etsy. It's called a "treasury". People on Etsy find things that they like and make what's called a 'treasury' and announce it on the site. Very excited. Now off to send some emails and list something on Etsy. Then it's back to finishing up one order.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Digital Card Giveaway

This weeks REVIEW comes from an Etsy shop by the name of Bella Expressions. This very thoughtful and creative store has many digital cards that can be printed out by you!

Looking for the perfect Christmas card or baby announcement?

Bella Expressions has the one you are looking for! Right now there is a Christmas card sale so hop on down to her Etsy shop. She can also do custom orders too! Just take a look at these wonderful pictures from her store. Very detailed pictures!

Here is a giveaway that is being offered for the next week thru October 27th (midnight ET). One digital file of this with YOUR picture on it:

All you will need to do to be entered in this giveaway is:
1.) Comment to this post.
2.) Visit Bella Expressions (and hopefully purchase from her store!) ;)
3.) Become a follower to SCRAP 3 (my blog)
4.) "heart" my Etsy store (Doohickies&Such)

ONE lucky winner will be announced October 28th! Good luck and happy shopping!

**Want your shop to be reviewed? Followers to my blog and Facebook will see it. Contact me at if you would like to send in item(s) to be reviewed.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Much appreciation for photographers working with kids!

I totally forgot to blog about what we did last week for the girls Advent Calendar! DUH! We started the week off by making some white chocolate ghosts and then the next day I made some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (thanks Andrea!) For some reason mine didn't turn out looking Andrea's but it still had that yummy taste. Then on Wednesday we set up 2 baskets and did a "Boo and Go" to two houses.

For those that don't know what a 'boo and go' is, it's when you make a Halloween treat and drop it off at some random friends house. Usually you ring the doorbell and do a 'ding dong ditch' but our 1st victim was packing and I had parked an acre away b/c she lives in a different part to our neighborhood that we are not supposed to be able to get into unless we are 'okayed' thru the gates. BUT we have found a way over to their house to bypass those gates. So the girls ran it over to their house before school. LOL Then after school we took the other basket to their cousins house and no one was home except the dog Roxy. I don't think she was going to tell anyone it was us! ;) Here is what the baskets looked like:

Today I had my niece, Colleen, come over and take some photos for me. She's good with the camera and I got to pose the kids. was supposed to be a family portrait but Neal and Lindey were getting all greasy with our 4wheeler for our riding tomorrow so I just opted to make it a kids photo op instead. I don't know how those photographers do it! I'm just glad that the pix got taken. Momma doesn't have the same patience as she used to! LOL

Colton didn't want to cooperate, Sydney had issues with her smile or her head and Morgan wanted to help out too. TOO MANY CHIEFS!! hahaha

But got these pix for the day and I'm happy. {thanks Colleen} Now I've got to figure out which ones I want to alter into different colors for our wall. I will have to get Neal to take photos of me and him at a different time. Who knows, maybe tomorrow when we are 4wheeling we might get a good pix out of it!

Enjoy the pictures!

Move over Coppertone comes Lil' Man! hahaha
Me trying to get Tallulah off of him and also him away from the ants in the ditch!

FINALLY shot with all 3 and they are looking, smiling and happy!
Yeah right Colton, there is an airplane in the sky! LOL It didn't fool him. ;)
Our little Tallulah is growing!
What are you looking at?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Gloom...bring on the cool weather!

Well, no pumpkin patch today. It was gloomy and rainy and then sun here and there. More gloom than sun. I guess we will shoot for tomorrow. So instead we veged in front of the TV and watch the HANNAH MONTANA movie and ate popcorn w/ chocolate. It was a nice evening with the kids.

On a different an order to make some samples for a baby shower and a birthday party. Looks like I'll be busy this weekend trying to come up with something to present on Sunday! EEEK!

Can't wait for the cooler weekend. Hope we can wake up to no humidity tomorrow (or at least a little).

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A complete mess

Talk about an eye opener this morning. Got up early, did the bills (well, most of them anyways), took a nice long shower, got the girls ready for school and had time to spare before leaving. Then when it was time to go we opened the garage door and what did I see on my lawn?

The mailbox was knocked over, garbage can too and garbage spread all over our front lawn. I yelled something and then started walking to the mess. I thought, "thank God the kids weren't outside taking Tallulah out" and then "okay, what PUNK did this?" I noticed that our somewhat new sod was not even touched and then saw the post that was inside our mailbox stand was completely tore to shreads!!!

Then I thought, "some car has a boo-boo"!

I just was in shock at all the garbage that busted on the front lawn. EWWW! Then I immediately got my cell phone out and called Neal. Then all of a sudden not even a minute into our conversation a black Escalade rolled up and a young girl, around my age or younger, came running out with a piece of paper in hand and was saying "I'm sooooo sorry". WHAT? It was her? I had never seen this girl before but from what she said, this wasn't the first time she has done this and apparently her husband is going to have her head!

Just like a lot of moms out there with more than one child, heck if you have just one it happens. You get driving, the kid(s) start getting loud, they drop a toy or want you to pick something up in the back seat. Then you do or it's so loud you are distracted and WHOOPS...the wheel goes in a different direction. I'm not saying that has happened to me exactly, but my kids get pretty rowdy in the car almost deafening (Thanks Colt for blessing us with those powerful lungs!). I have yet to swipe out a mailbox or anything else for that matter. Thank goodness again that the kids weren't out there!

Anyways, she said that she was running late to get her nephew and her 3 kids in the car were loud and she went to pick something up and SMACK!! She was going to come back after dropping her kids off at school, pick up the garbage and then get a new box and can for us. YEAH RIGHT I thought. But I gave her the benefit of the doubt and kept my cool. Just glad to see that her Escalade didn't have damage (even though if it did I wasn't going to cry about it) and that the kids inside were okay.

So she left and I picked up the mess b/c the garbage was going to come and was a mess! I then went to Lowe's to get a post and thought while I was there...I'll let Neal do this b/c I better not mess with the drill and saw! Then as I was leaving guess who I saw?

LIZ...that was her name. She was coming out of an aisle with her 6month old daughter in her car carrier in the cart, her 2 year old boy on her hip and my brand spanking new garbage can and mailbox in the back of the cart!! LOL I guess she did do what she say she was going to do. We got to talking and she apologized again and then talked a little. Talk about too funny yet awkward!!

Then I went on w/ the rest of my errands for the day and when I got home I saw the can and box on our driveway....with a note. She had fixed the old mailbox and tried to see about putting it together but the post was no good and then she offered to come back to fix it. I just called her and said don't worry about it and thanks. She never answered her phone so I left a message, but wonder if I'll see her around my street again? hahahaha I know I'll see her at the school b/c her son goes there. How funny!

Talk about a weird start to the day! And you know, the funny thing about it I was taking my trash out this morning I thought "man, this can stinks! I need to just go buy a new one!" And well...wish came true. ;) (I could have just washed it but it didn't help all the holes on the bottom of it!)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Otherhood, LLC

I'm really excited. A bracelet I made for a bloggers giveaway is finally LIVE!!!

Check it out here. Tell your friends, you could win the bracelet!!! :)

Monday, October 12, 2009


Scrap 3 is not only my personal blog, but also a PR/advertising blog to help "handmade creators" advertise for less! If you are interested in advertising with me or if you want to get your product(s) noticed or traffic to your company noticed, I can do a review for you. Just email me at for more info.

As a 'handmade creator' myself, I love all things crafty and would like to help those that do the same.

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bob for apples

This weekend was a good one. Nothing big went on, but Neal was home from being away all week. Saturday I had to take the puppy in for her shots and then later that evening my niece and her kids came over for dinner.

The advent calendar event for the day was to 'bob for apples' so the girls decided to wait till their cousins came home to do that with them. It was so funny!

After the girls got their apples, munched them a bit, my niece pushed her oldest in the pool (clothes and all) and it was a hayday for them! hahaha

They just love playing with their cousins.
Sunday we just had a slow start to the day. I was doing my usual chores...slowly when we get a call from our realtor! Someone was to be at our house in an hour. I QUICKLY got everything done and we were out the door in a flash.
We headed to the flea market b/c there was nothing to do in our town that day. We saw Tallulah's brother...still there waiting to be bought. Tallulah came along for the ride and she got to sniff and kiss him! Then Neal had this wild hair and wanted to purchase him. DON'T WORRY DAD...DIDN'T GET THE BOY. But he was cute! He looked like the exact dog on MEN IN BLACK!! Hahaha And his name was Pugsley. Now say that isn't cute! But Neal was adament on getting the little guy b/c he wanted to have 2 pugs. I think he put it, "what's one more little dog?" And I replied, "then why didn't we get ONE large dog?" hmmmm So I put my foot down once again and we left...WITHOUT THE DOG!!!
I don't want to double our vet bills, kennel bills, meds for the dog and such. I think we got a good ONE and I don't want to ruin the ONE that we got!
So, after there Neal went to the grocery store with my list while 2 kids and dog in the car with me waiting for him and Morgan to finish shopping. Came home and by then the showing on the house was over. Neal made us all a nice lunch AND he even cooked dinner. I think I could get used to this! LOL
Today has just been doing laundry (I swear it's never ending!) and I made me some jewelry to go into my ETSY shop! I have only listed one so far but will later today and throughout the week. I still have to finish cards for PARTY PERFECTION. Got all my papers cut...just need to put it all together. one sweet, cute little puppy looking up at me wanting to sit on my lap. Off to make the 'donuts'! LOL

Saturday, October 10, 2009

La La Land no more

Do you ever wake up quickly in the morning either b/c of your alarm, on your own, or say...because of your kids yelling coming into your room that the TV out in the family room doesn't want to work???


Well, the latter happened to me this morning. And Tallulah was all snuggled up under my neck and we were in LA LA LAND......peacefully! Grrrr!!!

Well, I felt groggy when I woke, but got over that quickly. I'm so glad that I have willing and happy dog walkers! :) It's been a slow morning but we are going to be getting into "Mommy Boot Camp" here shortly because we have people coming to look at the house and we have to high tail it to the vets office for Tallulah's first visit since we got her. Should be interesting. All 3 kids in tote, one in a stroller and one 3 lb puppy. WHY DID I SCHEDULE THIS AGAIN FOR THE WEEKEND?

OH...that's right, because Neal was supposed to be off and I was going to take a nice leisurely drive with just ME and the puppy.

SCRATCH THAT NOW!! Neal had to go into work today. :( Oh well, it'll make me stronger!

After that we will come home to relax to a clean house. Actually, I'll come home to do some laundry probably and scrapping some more cards for PARTY PERFECTION! I have finally uploaded the pix of the themed cards in my gallery seen here. They are better in person. I really thought about doing this just in the case someone would copy the ideas and there goes my friend's business, but then I got to thinking...those that have the parties could do the same thing. So...I ran with it and posted them.

Now I'm working on some 'grab and go' cards for the store. For those that are last minute planners. BRING ON THE LAST MINUTE PLANNERS!! LOL Gotta stop by the office supply store next week sometime to get some display cases for the cards and also for anything else I want to sell in the store (!) I'm really excited about doing this...just figures that we are moving. I can do this shouldn't be that bad. Just a little commute to the store every now and then. AND they have this thing called "snail mail" so I'm not too worried.

Okay...gotta start 'boot camp' with the girls here...they know what that means and it's not '10 second tidy'! hahaha

Friday, October 9, 2009

The wheels in my head go round and round

What to tackle first?

I have cards for PARTY PERFECTION to complete...a ton of them!
I have jewelry that I want to make for my Etsy shop.
I have some hair bows that I need to take pictures of and also make for Etsy.

I have so many things that I want to do crafty just don't have enough time.

BUT...I know what I'll be doing tonight. It's movie night with the girls, we are watching Monsters vs. Aliens, eating popcorn (and chocolate :) ) and painting our toenails orange! I can't wait. As for my creative side...gonna take a break tonite so that I can relax my brain and get the wheels to stop turning b/c if I don't...I'll add way to much more on my list! hahaha

Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Living with Tallulah

Well, this puppy of ours is such a little love. She's being really good actually. She is telling us when she has to go to the bathroom (which I didn't expect so soon) and she loves to cuddle and fall asleep near or on you. I think she's gonna be spoiled!

She has brought on some great things out of the girls....RESPONSIBILITY!!! They both are taking the duties well...walking her, taking her to the bathroom, brushing her, making sure she has enough food/water, etc. They just adore her and I think she does too.

This week has been good for the pup and Colton too. They get their bonding time when the girls are at school and then when the girls come home she spends time with them. It's been pleasant.

Here are some pix I have taken so far this week.

This one is one of my favorites because she likes to watch Colton get his bath!

As for my creations for the week. I've been working on PARTY PERFECTION cards for my friend Weegie. Her business is up and well....not quite running but it's getting there. Her office is so cute. She's a great decorator. Her business partners are very nice and so ready to start making some mulla. I hope they do very well. It's a great concept and I'm ready to make some mulla myself...get to use my creative side...FINALLY!!

I've made a set of invitations for her for party goers 'on the go'...only 12 more sets there. I have some other things I have to do for her as well, but that will have to wait until I can get those 12 sets done. I've had a special order from my Etsy store (which I'm in the middle of posting to Etsy) and I've got some jewelry pieces, hair pieces and some buttons that I want to get finished and loaded into the store too. So busy creating!

The house has had some walk thrus this week and last. Just wish someone would bite!

Anyways...that's all for now. Until more later.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oh boy!

First let me just say that I know my dad reads my blogs and when he sees this he's gonna do a few things:

  1. He's gonna shake his head
  2. He's gonna say a few words of choice
  3. Then he's gonna get an all warm and fuzzy feeling b/c'll see
  4. He's gonna say, "what did she get herself into?" and "AGAIN!"
  5. And then he'll read the rest of this and call me!


Meet your new granddaughter Dad!!! Show mom! No wait...first we need to guess what she'll say first then tell her! LOL
This is Tallulah (lula for short). She's 11 wks, registered and is loving the kids. We were gonna do it, just didn't know when and what type of breed. Neal and Morgan found her when they were out and about and brought her home. Love the little bug eyes and the grunts!!! She's got a crate, her bowls and plenty of love. She's already gone potty outside and of course...the girls are fighting over her!
I know DAD....why right? Give me a week and I'll be thinking the same thing. LOL


Last night we took the kids to BooZoo at the Lowry Park Zoo. Something that I've been wanting to do with the kids and Neal happened to be working down in that area. So we met him there and then headed to the zoo. The weather wasn't too bad, still hot, but it was a little more pleasant walking at night than usual. The kids had fun. We didn't get to see many animals b/c most were put up for the night, but my girls loved the hauted houses and rides that they did have. Colton just enjoyed watching his sisters play and seeing all the Halloween lights.

Here are some pictures that I took:

Can you say that someone was probably tired from the day at school?

These goats knew exactly what it meant when someone put a coin in these food machines. Too funny!!!

And my little thrill seekers....loved this ride! Colton loved watching the ride go around in circles. He kept waving "bye" to it! hahahaha

Ahhh...stingrays...brings back memories of our cruise this summer. Which reminds me...I still haven't developed our underwater camera from that trip!
It was a good night and it had to come to an end. BUT...more fun to come...I've got to upload some pictures from today!!!!

Card Crop at The Mosy Scrapper

Just wanted to remind you that there is a card crop at my site ALL DAY today!!!

Unfortunately there is site maintenance going on with our server (grrr!) so don't fret...just keep trying if this big windown comes up and says SERVER ERROR. Now why do they have to go and fix things at a time like this? LOL

Hope to see you there.

8am - midnight ET and all creations are due by NOON October 4th, ET!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Who's the lucky RAK winner?

Well today is October 1st. You know what that means? It's the beginning of the season!!!

And well, the girls were so excited to see what was in their advent calendar box for today. What was in it? It was a note that said for them to get the window decals and decorate the sliding glass door in the family room. They had fun doing this and I think that they are going to change it up a bit every chance they get! LOL {I just cleaned the windows today too...what was I thinking?}

Now, on to some RAK business. I said in a previous post that I wanted to see some ideas to fill these boxes of my advent calendar and well...I had 7 comments. I decided to use to figure out which one of these lucky comments was going to get a RAK from me.

Well, do you want to know who won?

JUST ME is the winner of the RAK!! CONGRATS!!! If you could just email me your addy to mosyscrapper {at} hotmail dot com I would love to send out some goodies! Thanks for participating everyone! Hope you have a wonderful October!

Proceeds going to a GREAT cause

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!!

When you shop in my Etsy store and purchase something you are going to be supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

*For EVERY purchase you make, a $1 will be donated to this worthy cause!
*Buy something that is "pink" and have $2 donated!!

ALL October long! :)
*New items just entered in store. More on the way all week long!

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