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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


A lot has happened since the 18th (my last post).

1.) I had a sale on my Etsy site
2.) Xmas came and went (had a great time with my family and friends)
3.) Finally found a house to move into

Yep, I especially hate #4! We found a place to rent as of yesterday and we are moving in 3 days! AAAAAHHHH!!!

I had some things already boxed, but not much. It's so hard to pack with 3 little ones. NOT FUN! All I can do is do a little here and there when I can and in between bursts of playtime and naps. I've got 2 more rough days of some MEGA packing (how can one collect so much crap in 4 years?) but it'll get done.

Very happy to finally have found a home. It's smaller than what we have now. But it'll be fine. Got to remember, we are just renting! We were just so picky on what was out there for rentals. Wanted to get the best deal, a good school for the kids and save some $. Well...we did do that. No pool and smaller, but it's just fine. I really felt at home in this house.

It's going to get some used to it...there is tile everywhere. I don't have the cabinet space as I do now and there isn't a 4th bedroom or den for the office so I will have to find some closet to stuff all my craft things. Most likely my things will be in boxes till our next move w/in our 9month lease. But I can see the windows open, the Gulf breeze flowing thru the house and many nights eating dinner on our covered lanai. The kids have a small back yard. A big change for them, they are used to our acre of woods and grass. But they like the home. And the best part...we have a boat lift for our boat right in our backyard. Just a hop, skip and a jump into the Gulf. Definately gonna soak up the water life in the next 9months b/c who knows if we will ever have the chance to live on the water again.

Yes, I said 9months. We know of 2 neighborhoods in the area that we want to buy a house in so hopefully we can find a good deal in one of those neighborhoods w/in that time frame. And yes, that would mean moving again...but there will be many things that I won't unpack...the garage will be full!

Well, I'm beat. Gonna turn in early b/c I have a busy day tomorrow. Till next time....

Friday, December 18, 2009

Hustle and Bustle

Today was my girls' last day at the current school they are in. :( BOO-HOO It doesn't seem real yet. I guess once I sign them up at their new school once we move it will sink in.

Now it's only 1 week left till Xmas and I still have some shopping to do (not much), tons of presents to wrap, 2 Xmas get togethers, loads of laundry, house hunting, a soccer game and my every day chores to do. UGH...bring on 2010!!! Etsy shop is going to close for a few weeks just until I get settled in our new home (which we still don't know where) and I've got some items that I still have to list. I'll save it till next year! ;) But for now....

today is the last day of my MOVING SALE on Etsy All my items are 50% off in the store. Just have to mention 'MOVING' in the notes to seller at checkout for a PayPal refund! Get on it...there are some scrap supplies that are already under $2 and you get an additional 50% OFF!! I have some buttons and of course....JEWELRY!!!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Houdini in the house!

Nothing like wanting to sleep in but instead being woken up by your 21 month old climbing into your bed....naked. we go Houdini!

Colton started climbing out of his crib the other day. Just one day decided that he was done with his nap and walked out with a big smile. Then the next day he decided to get out of his crib by himself again while Neal and I were sitting on the coach watching some tv. RISE AND SHINE!

And now this morning, thinking I was going to sleep in, I feel the dog jumping back and forth at the foot of the bed so I look and I see Colton smiling and trying to climb up. I then nudged Neal to wake up and gave him the "look at the foot of the bed" with my eyes. He looked and then nudged me to look too. HUH? So I did and Colton was up on the foot board...naked. LOL!

Oh boy! I asked him where he put his diaper and PJ's and all he said was "Momo. Nidne." That's Colt-talk for Morgan and Sydney. I thought either his sisters did that to him or that he left his clothes in their room.

So I get up and take him to find if he made a mess thruout the house, thankfully he didn't, and then I saw his diaper and pj's at the girls door to their room.

LOVELY! So, it looks like we have a problem on our hands! Stay tuned....

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Twitter Sale

If you follow me on twitter than you may have already seen the sale I have going on today in my Etsy store, Saturday, December 12th!


Just mention 'TWITTERSALE' after checkout (in the notes to seller) for a Paypal refund!! Jump on it. All orders made today, Saturday, will be mailed out on Monday for your Xmas sweetie! Spread the love!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Whirlwind week

Ah, it's Friday. Another week has gone and I don't feel like I've accomplished much. Well, I guess I have. I've started Xmas shopping. Gonna wrap it up in the next couple of days (I hope). Just realized that I need to start wrapping. I hate the chore of wrapping the presents in secret and getting scared at every little noise I hear thinking it's one of the kids getting ready to catch me. So nerving! This week has gone by so week I'm sure will go even faster.

I have to start the dreaded packing up of the house too. UGH! It's bittersweet really. Our house has been up for about 6 month on the market and it is finally under a contract. Things are running smoothly shockingly and fast. Already had a pest inspection, home inspection and an appraiser come out this week. Not sure when we have to be out but it's gonna be soon I suppose. Xmas is coming though! Kids will be out of school soon too. I have to make sure to get the kids paperwork in before the winter break. They are excited and not so excited. I can understand.

So what are my plans for today?
1.) Maybe venture to Walmart and get a few things for xmas
2.) Promote an auction that I donated to that ends @ 5pm today BlogBidHope. Very happy to see it's up to $40 already! WOOHOO!
3.) Gather boxes and 'maybe' start packing
4.) Watching my 2 nieces this evening for a few hours.

Well, gotta get the kids ready for school. Off to my day.....

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Red Rock Memory Bracelet

Look what is up for auction at Adventures in Babywearing's blog!

Come on down, place a bid. Bids are done in $2 increments (or more if you'd like) and it goes to a great cause. Auction closes at 5PM PST December 11th.

Make sure to check out the link above to find out what discount you can receive at my shop (Doohickies & Such) during the duration of the auction. It's a GREAT one!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Looking for Scrapbookers!

Have you heard?

There is a contest going on at The Mosy Scrapper for December! AND you could be the lucky winner of some yummy loot from!

Look at the loot

Come down to the TMS Blog and find out all the details. Hope to see your creations. Be sure to spread the word to all your scrappy friends.


On Wednesday, December 9th thru December 11th, around 80 products from the Tip-Junkie Mom-preneuers (including Doohickies & Such) will go on auction to raise money for TWO very good causes:

1.) Anissa Mayhem - is a blogger, mother of 3, that has recently suffered a massive stroke over Thanksgiving.

2.) Liz Logelin Foundation - founded by Liz's husband, Matt. Matt lost his wife 27 hours after the birth of his daughter. Matt wants to assist families suffering similar losses. The goal is to “financially assist these families as they deal with the loss of their loved ones, and struggle to move forward.”

SEVEN bloggers, plus Laurie Turk (founder of Tip-Junkie) have come together to bring awareness and raise some money for 2 fellow bloggers’ families in need. That's where the "Blog. Bid. Hope" comes in. And I'm proud to have one of my items from Doohickies & Such be a part off this auction.

Here are the other bloggers that are a part of these great causes:

So be sure to spread the word, take a peek at what's on the auction blocks and place a bid. All items will listed on any one of the Blog, Bid, Hope hosting sites (7 listed above) and will begin at $10. They are asking for bids to increase at $2 increments. If you see an item you’d like to bid on, just leave a comment on that item’s post stating your price.

And remember...the proceeds go to two great causes! Please blog about this, tweet about, tell your friends. Just think of the power you have to spread the word thru the internet. Thanks! is the item that will be going on auction. You can find it on "Adventures in Babywearing's" blog. It's a memory bracelet that is one-size fits all. Made of glass beads, seed beads, crystals, pearls on a gold-plated memory wire.

See above and click on link!

Friday, December 4, 2009

My crazy, creative week

This week has gone by so fast and I can't get a hold on anything. Let's see...Sunday was 'lazy' day...didn't do much but my PJ's! Morgan finally lost her first tooth! Woohoo! She wanted me to take a picture of her mouth.

Tooth fairy came that night and before she went to bed she mentioned that the tooth fairy was her parents. WHAT? Who told her such a thing like that? She says she read it in a book (don't authors know not to write that in books until kids are like in 5th grade or something?) Then she said that some of her friends in class say that she's not real. Well, I better have a word or two with some parents out there! DON'T RUIN IT FOR THE OTHER KIDS! MAKE SURE TO HAVE A GOOD TALK WITH YOUR KIDS ABOUT IT...ESPECIALLY IF YOUR CHILD HAS YOUNGER SIBLINGS! Well, tooth fairy came the next day and she was happy but still a little skeptical. Let's just hope that she still 'believes'.

Anywho, I've had 4 showing on the house. Neal has been out of town all week. Got the Xmas trees up and decorated. It's starting to feel like Xmas and the BIG day is getting closer and closer and I haven't even started shopping yet! YIKES! We have such a jam-packed weekend coming so shopping is gonna have to be put on hold till next week.

I've been very creative since Neal has been out of town and staying up VERY late every single night. Tonite I'm gonna sleep early and like a baby...snore!

Here are some of the creations that I put up in my Etsy store:

There are some buttons I made but haven't listed and also some pieces of jewelry that I will list eventually.

OH...did some jewelry for some giveaways coming up:, 4FabFam, TipJunkie, and IndieSmiles. When they are up I'll post a link so you can join in on the contest!

I have a sale in my Etsy shop right now thru December 5th....BOGO!!! Here is a link: Doohickies & Such All you have to do is mention "bogo" in the notes to seller at checkout and I'll do a Paypal refund for the difference! Spread the word!
Well, that's it for now. The 4th showing is about to be coming in so gotta run! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

JPSTYLE giveaway!

This week's review/giveaway is from JPSTYLE by Jenny Presents on Etsy.

Jenny Presents also has her own website here. She is a very talented jewelry designer. All of her pieces are handmade and hand-stamped custom jewelry! Jenny will even let you help design your own piece if you ask her....just 'CONVO' her on Etsy.

Right now she is offering 10% off anything in her Etsy shop to all of Scrap3's readers! WOW...that's AWESOME! Here is an example of one of her pieces you will see in either her Etsy shop or

Don't forget that Jenny is offering 10% on any product in her stores during this review/giveaway (ends Dec 8th). Jump on this awesome deal before the holiday rush! Christmas is only 23 days away!

Now, here is what you'll have to do to receive that 10% discount:
1.) Visit Jpstyle and make sure to leave Jenny a note at checkout about this review/giveaway
2.) Become a follower to my blog...Scrap3
3.) Spread the word to your friends...tweet about it if you can!

You have ONE week to get this great deal! Ends December 8th at midnight ET. Take advantage of it. And when you do make a purchase...make sure to come back here and leave a comment with the link of what you purchased!

Happy Shopping!

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