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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Scrap busy

Well...what's been going on for the past week or 2? Lots of planning for my message board's very first Cyber Crop!! I'm excited and nervous at the same time!! April and I have been working on challenges, looking for RAK, and just the planning! It has been fun IMing each other and finally hearing each other's voice on the phone! I haven't really scrapped...well, I've worked on the projects and in fact I still need to get one more done!! My scrap area is a total reck and well...I need some Calgon...I plan to do that after the crop and sleep!!! Just glad that DH is so willing to watch the kids (minus Colt) for the weekend. I'll be sure to take some pix of Colton hanging out with Mommy in the scrap room!

Speaking of pictures...I took some pix of the kids the other day and here is one that I'm glad I captured...

Colton is doing really well...always having something to say and not much crying. The girls are just loving up on him and he's milking it too! is a link to my message board in case you have nothing scrappy to do this Friday thru Sunday!! We'd love for you to join us!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Here ye, here ye!

Okay, just wanted to say that! LOL Well, Colton turned 2 months the other day...sniffle...he's getting big! Here is his pix (he's so gonna love this in 15 years...heehee He got his first round of shots on Monday and has been sleeping a lot, well until this afternoon. And that was when I needed him to sleep the most! WHY? Well, we got some new furniture for our bedroom and the girls got a bunkbed. They were so happy! I'll be happy once all the toys are put back in their room, the clothes away where they are supposed to be and life can go on as normal!! Today was just not the day for all that to work out! ERRR There's always tomorrow! Well, I've been meaning to upload this video of Colt talking, but kept forgetting. This was him 2 weeks ago. Wish I had the video my SIL got of him, but there will be more.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Calling all popcorn kernel's...stay away from SYDNEY!

Well, last night was movie night for the girls and they chose FREE WILLY. Do you know how old that movie is? I couldn't believe it when I saw the date...the movie is 15 years old!! WOW...times is going by way too fast!

Anyways, I can't remember if I posted back in November last year of our little circus with Sydney and the famous toilet paper that was stuck up her nose incident but you would think the kid would have learned her lesson!!! Well, during the movie last night they had their usual popcorn and juice and she comes to me in the office and says, " nose hurts!" She raises her head up to show me inside her nose and I said, "what did you do now?" She said that she had popcorn stuck up her nose. Oh for heaven sakes kid! I was like "didn't you learn your lesson the last time?" She just said she forgot about it! FORGOT ABOUT IT?! This time I didn't panic, I just had her blow her brains out until it came out...thankfully it did after 5 minutes of nose torture and here is the poor little kernel
Aren't you glad I had a pix of it?!! heehee I couldn't camera was sitting on my desk in front of me!

And this is what Colton felt like this morning
After a long nap, some milk and some lovin' he's all better now.

Not doing much today. Just looking over my emails, my blog and message board. Getting some scrapping done, but can't show (it's for the upcoming online crop...I can't wait) and that's all. Morgan had a play date this morning and Neal is doing what's on his "honey do list". I guess he's having a 'guys nite out' tonite...that's fine with me! I'll have a "mommy scraps tonite' nite! ;)

Well, have a great weekend!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Scrap busy

I am loving my new line up I have for my music list!! Finally fixed it late last night!

Well, not much going on really, just the everyday usual. I think I'm finally done with the mountains of laundry. Only to start back up again on Monday! UGH! I've been working on my scrap site trying to get things together for our GRAND OPENING weekend crop! I can't wait. I've already got a line up of some of the fun things that we will be doing. I worked on a project last night and finished it. Started another...lots of scrapping going on! I'M LOVIN' IT!! Going to the scrap store next week to finalize my list of what I need to do for it...can't wait to see all the new yummy papers in person too!

I did a LO for myself this week as well...this was what I thought off when driving back home from the Scrapbook Expo a couple of weeks ago. Just glad that my pix came in and that I was able to keep this vision in my head with the many crazy things stirring up inside there!

Can't believe that this little booger is going to be 2 months next Tuesday. YIKES! He also goes in for his first set of shots...OUCH!! I'm sure I'll post about it!

Nothing fun and exciting going on this weekend coming up...that I know of. Taxes still need to get done (way to go hubby!), yardwork (MAJOR UGH!) and fixing up the master and girls rooms. OH...forgot...duh!! DH got us a bedroom set (finally after 8 years) and the girls bedroom set the other day. They'll be delivered on Wednesday. I'm soo looking forward to it! The only thing is, I'm not looking forward emptying everything before the delivery guys get there. PLUS, we're keeping it a secret from the girls b/c they've been wanting a bunkbed and well...they're getting one! I just hope that bedtime rituals won't change! BUT I'M SURE THEY WILL. ERR!

Well, going to finish up my scrappy projects!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Soap go bye-bye

Here is my little cutie patutie on Thursday when we were at my SIL! He is such an angel...just talking and smiling. Well, at least he was doing that b/c he didn't want to take his naps that day or the day before. And the ride home showed it!! Not only did it pour down rain for the 2 hour drive, my oldest was crying b/c she had some growing pains in her ankle and the radio was blaring...he cried 3/4 of the way home...and there was nothing we could do about it. BUT he did sleep from 9-5 that that was a good thing! Today he was back on schedule and still talking and smiling!

As for my other 2 rugrats...well, have you ever wondered what happened to that full bottle of shampoo or bodywash? Take my 2 girls for instance...told them to go get an early shower so we could eat up and then watch a movie for movie nite tonite. They loved that idea...20 minutes later..."where's your sister?" I ask Morgan. "She's still in the shower." WHAT? WHY? I go looking in on her and she scrubbing the floor which is filled with bubbles. Then she hands me the bottle of shampoo (empty) and I ask, "did you wash your hair?" And I get a "yes, and MoMo used it all up!" Don't you just love how siblings are quick to point the finger on each other?

ERRR!!! Then I noticed my Bath & Body Cucumber Melon body wash was gone too!! I had only used up 1/4 full!! A 2nd ERRR!!!

They had a nice talking to (or should I say yell-fest) and then it was to the table to eat, brush their teeth and off to bed! They knew they did wrong and you could see the seriousness (is that a word?) in their faces! I didn't get any cries, whines or begging either. to the store tomorrow to buy shampoo for my dirty head!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

So many things, so little time.

Today isn't even 1/2 over and I feel like I've tackled a days worth!! Carpet cleaning, laundry, dishes, cleaning up the office, bills, and working on my new's almost 2pm and I feel like it's bed time!! And to think that we still have to go and do 2 errands before dinner time...great!

Well, over at The Mosy Scrapper ( we are having so many challenges for the month of April. You should go check us out. And many ways to receive a RAK!!

This weeks events:
*Be Kind to Spiders Week
*Week of the Young Child
*Medication Safety Week
*Astronomy Week
*National Public Health Week

Today's events:
*April Fool's Day
*Once Cent Day
*Conrail Bday 1976
*Dollar Sign Bday 1778
*Sliced Bread Bday 1954
*Apple Computer Bday 1976
*American Firefighters Day
*Boomerang Bday (TV station 2000)
*Meat Loaf Appreciation Day
*Do Something Undignified Day
*General Hospital's Bday 1963
*Yo-Yo Bday 1929
*Palm Sunday
*Dishwasher Bday 1889

Hope ya'lls Monday is good and the rest of the week treats you all good!

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