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Monday, August 25, 2008

Slacker...10 days later!

Well...I haven't blogged since the 15th so that means it's been.....10days. Okay...what has happened...

Colton started scooting, really Army crawling and boy is he determined! He turned 6months too and is growing. The girls started school. The house is quiet for about 3 hours each day and I can get some stuff done because Colton goes down for a nap during that time for about 2 hours. I'm trying to get into a schedule again with school being in. Morgan loves her new school she's in. Here's a sweet picture the girls took for the 1st day of school. Neal had his gallbladde surgery and was out of the hospital in the evening. They had him walking right after recovery. That's the criteria to get out of the hospital after gallbladder, drink, pee and walk! He's a little sore. Not bad though. He started work again today.

We aren't going on our camping/atving trip to Georgia over Labor Day weekend like we wanted to. Instead we are going to Jellystone Park in Madison, FL which is about 2 hours north of here. Still camping/atving, just not that far. And we can save a little too. The kids will have fun and I know the grown ups will too. Just scrambling around here now trying to figure out what we are going to pack for the trip and figure out the grocery list that I have to do sometime between tomorrow and Thursday since we are leaving on Friday. EEK!! Need to make sure I have my batteries charged and plenty of clothes to bring. I can't wait!!

I'm also launcing my scrapbook store when I get back. Just bagging up all these products into a monthly kit. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I'm sure I will be pulling my hair out as the weekend nears and when we get back b/c now I am launching the store on September 2nd. So...if you go click on my site over the weekend the store will be closed because I won't be here. But come September 2nd (also Neal's bday...ahhhh!! Gotta get a gift!) the store will be opened!! YIPPEE SKIPPY!!! Here's a few sneak peaks of the my two monthly kits that will be coming out:

Please spread the word of THE MOSY SCRAPPER ( Thanks!

Friday, August 15, 2008

My first Design Team!!

I'm really excited that things are booming over at my Scrapbook website (The Mosy Scrapper...go ahead, you know you want to click on the link over to your left!). We just had a 3 week long contest to see who could be TMS's first ever Design Team. Well...Round 3 ended last night with the members of TMS voting on their fave creation and we have winners!!! I'm soooo excited to have 3 Design Team members, 1 card kit designer and 5 guest designers!!! Come on over, if you haven't already, and join our fun message board. Weekend crops happening every weekend! We are gearing up for TMS's 1/2 Birthday Bash Cyber Crop coming in September!!! You'll have to see the message board for all the details!! I am also anxiously awaiting on some more shipments to get our Monthly Kit Club going!! YEAH!!

Here are your the sites (or you can just click on the links to the left):
Message Board:

Friday, August 8, 2008

The "gall" of some people!!

See that green thing? That was the word of the day yesterday! After going to bed at 130am Friday morning and being woken up at 150am it was the start of a crazy day! Poor Neal had to go in extra early to work b/c of some ballsy burglar, well, aren't they all?, anyways...he went to work VERY early and at 545am I get a call that he has pains under his right rib cage area that radiates to his back and nausea. He had this same feeling 4 days prior and then also 4 days before that! So, he went to the ER and long story short...found out that he has gallstone!


So, now we have to wait for his regular doctor to give him a referral on Monday so that he can meet with a surgeon and schedule that! As for the time being, our diet, all of us, will change. It will be for the better, although I don't eat many greasy/fried foods. It'll be a somewhat healthier household.

Well, along with that yesterday the microwave goes out (shoot forgot to call GE!) and my SIL and kiddos, MIL and FIL came over. That was a nice visit. The kids had fun in the pool and just enjoying each others company.

Neal came home early and we thought we were all gonna have an early night except poor Colton got sick. He threw up all over himself in the crib and then a little more thruout the night. He didn't want to really go back to sleep and I don't blame him. I ended up giving him a little Gatorade to help his belly out. But he finally went down at 430am!! Talk about a long day!

I'm soo tired but I have ton of things to do today and places to go. I can't wait till tonite when the kids are in bed! I have to wake up early though for a garage sale I'm having with Colleen, which I'm hoping doesn't get rained out and one that makes some $$$!! Not looking for much, just want to get rid of some of the things...which I STILL have to go thru some time today. more thing (gotta plug my website) the announcement for the Design Team/Guest Design Team will be later today! Go check out the site. The store is ALSO open!

Okay...till next time!

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