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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The things kids play

Well, today the girls just had a fun day playing around and just doing what sister's do best. Before dinner they both decided to play hair dresser and Sydney became the customer. LUCKY HER!!! Morgan took some towels, wrapped it around Sydney's back and got our step stool so that Syd could have a place to sit in front of their bathroom sink.

Syndey sat real still while Morgan did her thing. After tons of water this is the product.

During it all, Colton was playing on his bedroom floor nearby. One day I'm sure one of his sister's will have him on that stool!

And before you know it...Morgan had accessorized Sydney's hair.

And then not 5 minutes later...they are off again playing another game.

Such silly girls!! Oh, to be a kid again!

One last thing before I finish this post....wanted to share some cards Morgan made for a card charity (LOVELETTERS) I'm donating to this month with my scrapbook message board... I just love how she is so into scrapping...can't wait till the day that she can come with me to a crop!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another 4wheeling outing

Well, we had some fun on Sunday 4-wheeling again. Morgan got to take her bike out once more and have some fun. Learning to do hills in the pit and just riding. Here is a video:

My parents came over later that evening and we had some fun just hanging out. The kids enjoyed them too and didn't want them to go. It was a nice visit and now it's back to the grind....laundry, chores, getting business started and enjoying the summer. Only 19 days to go (20 if you count today). CRAZINESS!! Where has the time gone!

Well, got to go see what's making my youngin's such sleepyheads!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Design Team/Guest Design Team Call

Come check out my sites DT/GDT call for September!!

Lots of great things happening in the coming months for The Mosy Scrapper! I just can't wait. Waiting on shipment of products, spending too much money (EEK!) and just organizing things to get them out!! It's been a long process and I just can't wait for it all to get here and share you all!

Come check out the blog and enter!! You just never know what happens!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm getting dirty and old!

Well, in a week...Colton turned 5 months. Here is a picture of him with his tiny mohawk (it's a stretch) at the Horse Hole this weekend.
This is a picture of me driving our RZR in the mud with Colleen as a passenger. We said we were going to get dirty and we sure did! Didn't think we would get that dirty!
Here is a picture of Morgan (top) and Zoe with their new toys...they both got these on Saturday. They were very happy to see their daddy's riding down the side of my house to show them while they were in the pool! Morgan got a 50cc and Zoe got a 90cc. We told them that these were their 'racing numbers' so there would be no competition. BUT, figures...Morgan said that Zoe's #'s were higher so that must mean that her's goes faster! What a stinker! They had fun at the Horse Hole but they need to do more riding before our trip again in Georgia.
This is a picture of me and Colleen again after our mudding.
And this is what it looks like in the mud! Thanks for the pictures Tamra!! :)
And yesterday my oldest turned 6!! I can't believe it. Time has gone by so fast. I still remember rocking her to sleep in her nursery and falling asleep with her in my arms in the middle of the night. (sniffle) Boy am I getting old!
And here is the cake she asked me to make for her. It's nothing like my sister-in-law would make, but it's a cake. (click on "Cake Walk" over to the left...that's my sister in law Andrea). Now she makes some cakes!
And had to add this picture of dear Sydney. She was so excited it was her sister's bday yesterday. She actually enjoyed sitting there watching Morgan open her presents.

Where's Colton? He was asleep for the evening. He went to sleep at 5pm!! Lucky me, he didn't wake up until 645am!! He must be growing.

Well, that is it for this past week. Me, just trying to get all my orders in for my scrapbook online store (Link to the left). It's crazy. Lots of paperwork and hair pulling. It's getting there though!

Till the next post and more pix!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cave seekers

Well this past weekend we thought we'd take our toy hauler out for a camping adventure for the first time. My sister-in-law, her hubby and his son brought their RV and my niece and her family came with us. We had a good time...but boy it sure was HOT!!! We didn't go very far...we were only about 20-25 minutes from home, but it was nice to just get away. We went hiking and caving searching (thanks Tami). The girls (all of them) had so much fun. You'd think that they'd be scared going into some black hole, but nope, not them! Here is a picture of my niece Colleen with me and Colton. He was great the entire time!
Here are the kids looking up at Colleen's camera. That was too far of a drop for me to even look down...I'm so scared of heights!
And here is the rest of the group going into one of the many caves that we found. And to think this is practically in our back yard.

Next camping trip will be in Georgia again. Can't wait. T minus 6 weeks and counting!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I have been busy since the last time I blogged. Morgan started swim lessons (she can swim already, I just want her to learn all the different types of strokes), fireworks came and gone, Sydney celebrated her 4th bday, we visited my SIL and family and the usual everyday things.

For Sydney's bday, she asked me to make her Dora cupcakes. Well, I'm no Ace of Cakes, so I just stuck with what was simple and comfortable...cupcakes!! Here are her Dora cupcakes she requested... We took these cupcakes to the park where the fireworks were being held. Since we aren't doing bdays for the girls for a while now, cupcakes at the park with her cousins was good enough. Zoe, Mallory and their cousin Kaitlyn were at the festivities (as they are every year) and we had to get a photo of the kids I was a little worried with the heat and Colton but surprisingly he did GREAT!! He stayed up to watch the fireworks and was so calm and watched the entire show! Here he is with the glow stick my niece gave him...she took an awesome picture too!And of course, a picture of one of the fireworks. I think I paid too much attention this year on taking really good pictures instead of enjoying the show.

The next day, Neal had to work so the girls and I went along for the ride, dropped him off and then headed to my SIL's house for a bit. The good thing is that we were staying over at their house and Neal worked near their house. We just enjoyed the day swimming...which Colt did awesome in...such a water baby! We also lit some fireworks, watched their neighbor waste hundreds and hundreds of dollars blowing into smoke from the fireworks! Andrea made Sydney some ice cream cone cupcakes and a mini cake for her. Here she is waiting for us to finish singing.

And here is a picture of the sparklers while playing around with my camera.

****My scrapbook message board is having a Guest Designer Team spot...actually spots...yep, 2 Guest DT members!!! Deadline is July 13th midnight ET!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Random Act of Kindness...want some?

Today I feel, who wants a RAK ("random act of kindness" for the non-scrapper)? If you go check out you will see all the details!!

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