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Monday, March 31, 2008

We have a monkey!

On Friday Morgan got a haircut (finally). She wanted it much shorter but her daddy and I was a little afraid of getting it cut too short. I think it looks much better on her now than it did with the longer hair.

Colton is growing!! He's such a little angel. I love looking at babies when they are sleeping so peacefully!
Today we went over to my inlaws for my DH's father's bday. My SIL and her family were there and the kids had a good visit. Morgan though woke up to a very sore throat and runny/stuffy nose and just achy!! GREAT!! At least she is on Spring Break, but still...not fun having a sicko in the house. Hopefully it's nothing bad, but the doctor will let us know tomorrow. Anyways...we go to my inlaws and she's pumped up with Motrin/Tylenol and of course she feels better, right? So much better that her cousin and her a playing frisbee outside and they get the frisbee stuck in a magnolia tree. Morgan decides to be a little monkey and climbed this

No, nothing bad happened. She just reached the top of the tree (Neal was at the bottom of the tree just in case). I swear she looked like a monkey!! Got some great shots of it. Also got a great shot of Colton smiling and trying to talk to me. Sydney wasn't in any pictures today...she was off with her other cousin playing dress up and acting! Another drama Queen!!

The weekend is finally over...back to the grind of chores, cooking, and taking care of a sick kiddo. I've been working on my scrap site and it's coming along. We have 15 members so far for the first week! You should go check it out and join we'd love to have ya!

Well, it's 2am and Colton should be waking up here shortly. Morgan just got some more meds and Sydney is wanting me to sleep with her...oh boy. Bet I'll be sick come this weekend...just watch!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Okay, so I'm a sap. I caught the last bit of Celebrity Apprentice the other night while nursing Colton and Trace Adkins was singing a song...I'm not a country music fan, but I started balling at this song he sang..."You're Gonna Miss this"'s down on my playlist if you haven't heard it...go click on it! The lyrics hit me. I started thinking of my oldest daughter and how much she wants to grow up soo fast (and she's only 5!). Boohoohoo!! So, I liked the song so much I went to my playlist and linked it!

It's been an eventful couple of days. Friday my oldest got her hair's actually cute short!! She likes it, but she wishes it could be shorter!! YIKES!

Saturday I went to the Scrapbook Expo in Orlando. It wasn't all that and a bag of chips, but at least I got to get out and do something by myself for myself (with Colton in tote). He was sooo good...slept the ride there, ate, slept the 2 hours I was there and 3/4 of the way back home!!! Then when I got home, DH was out with the girls and my niece's family so we all ordered Outback and went to my niece's house for the evening. The girls played while we veged and watched American Gangsta. Do you ever rent movies and the movie like pauses in mid frame and then starts again? Do you go get a new one and complain? Well, normally we do, but we sat and watched the entire thing!! NUTS I tell ya. The movie was long to begin with (and good), can you imagine every like 2 minutes the movie stopping/pausing!! Great for bathroom breaks...heehee! The girls stayed in a room watching their movie, playing, coloring and then at one point my oldest decides to go to the bathroom and THUD!! We heard a noise but didn't think anything of it...then out comes Morgan holding her head up and blood coming down her forehead. WHAT THE HECK!? She said she was throwing away the toilet paper roll and banged her head on the corner of the counter. HELLO!!! Nice gash on her forehead to show for it!! Luckily it stopped bleeding instantly. My heart dropped when I saw her in pain. To top it off...she was loosing her voice and started coughing when we arrived at my niece's...great...a cold during Spring Break!! I know what the week after Spring Break will yield...a house full of sick-os!! ERRRR!!!

Well, after the LONG movie we finally arrived home at 1am. The kids were all sleeping!! Didn't get a chance to check out my scrap site...which has 14 members now!!! See my previous blog to check it out!!

Today we are going to the inlaws to spend time with FIL (his bday is on Tuesday). My SIL and her fam will be there. Have a great rest of the weekend.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My dream coming alive

I can't believe 6 weeks ago I was in labor awaiting Colton. Man time's sad actually. What used to be my little chicken-legged baby (heehee) is now my "Chunk-a-munk" or "lil'man" as I call him. He's cooing and smiling at me. And he's definately a hawk b/c he watches my every move! We love our new addition and the girls are really getting used to having a brother!

This week has been nothing but filled with piles of laundry, the usual chores, little defiant cuties (errr...Sydney), and a little creation I've been working on with the help of a scrappy friend (April...Mamadriggers). This was something she and I had talked about doing when we were on the same DT that went stale at the beginning of the year and I just didn't think it would be feasible at the moment to do it (and financially), but I got off my "ars" and said, what the heck...why not add more to my plate, right? I mean, I just had a baby, why not make another one!! NOOOO...not a real baby, an online baby...a scrap site!!

I'm still doing LOTS of research and trying to figure out just how in the heck to download some things (which it's all Greek to me), but it's coming along. We already have a message board and a blog which just opened up this past Monday and we have 10 members (plus me and April = 12). I'm excited and I hope to get an online store up by the summer...I know that the members would like that would be a perk!

This is a dream I've had and have been telling my DH, but he'd just hear it, say okay and then nothing was done about it. It was to his surprise when I told him Sunday evening what I was planning on doing and that I was following thru with it. I will say that it's a bit scary, but it's worth it. I'd rather say I gave it a try then say "I hope to one day...".

So the website is: Come and check it out. Give me suggestions or email me at We'd love for you to join our "peanut gallery".

Well, today I'm going to do the bills and then tomorrow I'm going to The Scrapbook Expo in Orlando. I sooo can't wait to fill up bags of pretty papers that say "pick me, pick me!!" heehee I'm excited!!

Anywho...that's all for now.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Bunny

Well, this week was fun. It started off on Monday taking the girls, last minute, to our county fair with my niece and her kids. The girls had a blast, and for $1 admission for anyone 6 or older and $1 tickets, who couldn't pass this up. Wish that we could have had stayed longer...we didn't get there until 6pm and the kids were tired from a long day, it being a school day and all, and Colton was just not having it that the girls could only be there for about 2 hours before we had to leave. We had fun though and I got to go on a ride with the girls!

On Thursday I had the girls color some Easter eggs. That was a lot of fun and the girls loved it. I just love the bright colors!

Saturday we went over to Cocoa Beach for our niece's 1st bday party. The weather was that all good (windy and gray) but the actual day was great. The kids had fun (well, Colton stayed asleep for most of the festivities) and Aubrey (our niece) made out on some gifts! Got some good pix of everyone and this one was my favorite...

Sunday was EASTER...hope everyone had a great day! It was also Sydney's Bunny's bday (she got this bunny 3 years ago from my parents and this bunny is soooo goes EVERYWHERE!). She made a point telling us that Bunny had a birthday on Easter and asked how old he was...well, we did the math and he turned 3. So, we had a yummy Otis Spunkmeyer (spelling?) chocolate chip chocolate cupcake and made that Bunny's cake! My mom doesn't have birthday candles at the house anymore, but she did have a tealight!! worked and we all sang "Happy Birthday" to Bunny...Syd felt sooo special and it was actually very cute!

Now, the end of the weekend is here and ready to start a new week!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


This weekend was a jam-packed weekend.

Saturday Neal wasn't feeling good at all...FLU like. But we had to pick up our boat at the storage place b/c we had to clean it for his Grandmother's service on Sunday. Boy, the boat can collect so much dirt when it's not in use...yuck!! I had my work cut out for me b/c I wasn't about to let Neal clean it when he was sick...don't want him to land in the hospital w/ pneumonia or something! But first, we had a birthday party to attend to and I had to pick up some butterflies I had ordered for the service the next day.

Thank goodness Saturday ended fairly quickly...lots of driving (to the party and back) and then cleaning (the boat). The butterflies arrived safe and sound too which I was glad...I'm getting to that part.

Sunday we woke up fairly early with the baby. Got some cute photos of the girls holding him.

Got ourselves ready and waited for our friends to come over to watch Colton while we met the rest of the fam out on the river to send Grandma's ashes out to sea. The weather was beautiful (but hot). We get the boat in the water and start it up and the it wouldn't we started it at home to make sure and it worked fine there. EEK!! Some nice boater ended up giving us a jump and then we were on our way with the 2 other boats accompaning the rest of the family. We had a nice slow ride out of Crystal River out into the Gulf and found a nice spot to put Grandma and said a few things. I had ordered those butterflies b/c Grandma just loved butterflies. It was really a beautiful site. Each couple got to release their own butterfly. It's amazing how these butterflies arrived. They are shipped individually in clear envelopes and put in a box w/ ice packs. They're wings don't work unless it's 60 degrees...amazing. And the other thing is they know not to fly out into the ocean...they can sense land. AMAZING!! Some butterflies stuck around for a while, while others just flew away. It was a nice touch for the occasion and my mother-in-law got all choked up. I got all choked up reading a little poem while everyone released the butterflies. I told myself that I would never speak at a funeral service and now I know why...that was so hard.

Here is a picture of me, Neal w/ Sydney and my SIL and her DH on our boat watching a butterfly.

After the water outing we all headed back over to my MIL's house. But first we had to pick up our little guy and drop off the boat. I don't know how we managed to do all that in 40 minutes but we did!!

All in all it was a good weekend. Today, it was the normal...groceries and chores (still not done w/ laundry...ugh!) Last minute my niece calls to tell me she was taking her kids to the fair in town. I thought it didn't start till this weekend. And with it being a $1 EVERYTHING DAY today I thought, what the heck. So we went tonite and the girls had fun. Colton wasn't having fun. He just wanted to eat (even after I fed him!!) I tell ya, he's a growin' machine! ;)

Well, that's all for now. Going to head off to bed!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

1 month already!

I can't believe it's been 1 month already! Today my "lil' man" turns 1 month old!! He had a doctor check up and everything turned out great. He was in 2 weeks ago for a regular check up and again today. Two weeks ago he weighed 8lbs 6oz and today he is 10lbs and 22" long...he grew!!! And it sure shows it on his chin!

I've been trying to play catch up with the house this week and trying to find time to scrap, but no luck on the scrapping. I find myself on the computer and message boards and just trying to keep my scrap desk clean and free of papers collecting from the office part of the room.

I'm hoping I can find time this coming up week to scrap. We'll see!

Well, that's all for now. I'm tired and need some sleep. We've got a big weekend!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Back on the 4wheeler again!

Well, the weather this past week was all over the place!! It was warm then it got too cool and then now it's back to warming up again!! I'm just glad that we made it thru this week without getting sick!!! KNOCK ON WOOD! Here are some photos of us this past week. The girls had so much fun w/ a bubble set I got at Walmart!! What is it with bubbles that makes a kid so giddy? Here are some shots of Colton. One with me (sorry for the funny angle...I had to take this one!) and one with his daddy this weekend! Definately his father's child!! Yesterday we went out 4wheelin and I actually got to do it this time!! My legs are soo sore today from riding. It was a lot of fun to be out again and riding. Colton did very well too. There were enough of his auntie's and uncle's to hold him while I took a spin and he was just a little angel...all he did was sleep! The kids had fun. Morgan got to ride her cousin's little 4 wheeler. It's so weird seeing her on it...she looks younger!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Well, since the last time I blogged a lot has gone on. Well, not really.

Just the usual...nursing, sleeping, pooping for Colton! I've gotten into a groove with our beautiful addition and the girls are doing great. Everyone is doing fine. I finally checked my email, read up on the message boards I frequent and cleaned off my scrap desk last night. We FINALLY got a new monitor for our computer and moved some things around on our desk and my table. That's the closest I've gotten to scrapping though.

Here is a picture of Colton last week. He's wearing one of the onesies I made an iron-on for.
That's all he does...sleeps, but I'm not complaining! My parents were over for most of the week last week and my mom, grandma and I made some Filipino food that I have been wanting to make for a while. Everyone was doing lots of eating last week!

Saturday the kids, DH and I hung out w/ my niece and her family at the Strawberry Festival. Talk about yummy-eats!! There's something yummy about carnival/festival foods. AND the best part is that they had tons of strawberries to go around! The girls had a lot of fun looking at all the crafts, the food and the best part...the pony ride. Here they are:

And all Colton did was sleep!! AWESOME!

The next day, after turning in REALLY late hanging out w/ my niece, everyone, except Colton and myself, slept in until a little after 9. My oldest was the first to wake up after that and she HAD to hold her brother. So glad I took this shot. This is definately worth scrapping!

She's such a good big sis!

This week I don't think anything big is going on. Just the usual. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of doing some scrapping.

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