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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What happened this weekend & a DT call

Well, on my birthday the girls and Neal made me some brownies and Sydney made sure her daddy put candles on it and they sang. It was cute...and the brownies were yummy!!

And on Sunday, that morning, Neal and morning put the crib together (finally) and it's funny...the 3rd time putting the crib together was the fastest!! Morgan was so excited and gung-ho to do it. She made sure the bedding was on correctly too!

Then that afternoon we went over to my niece's house for some 4wheelin'. From left to right: Bill (niece's husband), Lindey & Colleen (my other niece and her husband), Tamra & Drew (SIL & BIL) and Neal (my DH). Oh, and Garette is standing next to our RZR (he's our nephew). Just a year ago there were only 2 bikes, the 1st 2 shown, but since then this hobby has grown and practically everyone has a bike!! The kids are next! That'll be funny to see! :)

The kids were occupied w/ playing in the backyard. They had a new tree swing to play on and they dug a hole and made a fort. Not a spot on them without dirt...they had TONS of fun!

Well, last night I scrapped a little and cleaned my desk off. Today just doing some chores around the house and catching up on the message boards.

This new site I'm on is having a DT Call...go check it out!

The DT call deadline is midnight February 23rd and the new DT members will be announced on February 25th. GOOD LUCK!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

1st sketch and turning 32!

Today I turned 32! YIKES!! Nothing special going on today, just scrapping. I actually had some mojo and did a LO in 30 minutes and did a quick card w/ my scraps (gotta love your scraps!) Tonight the girls and Neal are going to make me some brownies (I overheard my oldest whispering into my cell phone telling her daddy! It was too cute). Other than that, that's my day.

Report cards came out, I'm so proud of Morgan. Granted she's only in kindergarten, but she's really excelling...couldn't ask for more!


On a new site I'm on, Priceless Scrapbooks, Shana (a.k.a. yayaprincess) and I posted some sketches. Come check the site out every Friday for a new sketch. We will be throwing in some different one's each week. This week was 8.5 x 11 LO's. Shana's is in the blue and mine is the one with the star. Make sure to register with the site. We have LOTS of fun challenges and just lots of chit-chatting going on. The gallery is finally up. So, when you come down, make sure to mention that I sent ya! ;)

Hope you all have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

37 weeks...and counting

Oh come on already!! Can't he just come out!! heehee

I am 37 weeks and 2 days and still growing! I had my doctor's appointment today and at least I can say that I'm 3cm now and still 70% effaced. I am sooo sooo ready to hold Colton and start the sleepless nights (since I'm there already) and hours of feeding and changing diapers. I'm so anxious to see how the girls are going to deal with the new schedule. I just hope he is a happy baby!

Well, off to check out my scrap sites and then go pick up the girls from school. Busy day house later after an early dinner.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Priceless Scrapbooks

Come check out a new site and be sure to mention me when you sign up!! All the ladies on here are soo nice and we are looking to get new members!! Come see for yourself!!
See ya on the message boards! ;)

Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm on a blog for a scrap site!!!

I just joined a new scrap site like last week and it's awesome. The ladies are awesome, the blog is awesome...did I say it's AWESOME!!??

Well, I just checked their blog and noticed that one of the MB members is helping and she's even doing an awesome job. At the beginning of the week I was told that one of my LO's was Memory of the Week (MOTW) and it made it on the blog! I'm really excited!! Just had to share!

Here's the blog:

Pregnancy update

Okay, went in for my 36 week check up on Wednesday and I'm 1-2 cm and 70% effaced! That really doesn't mean much though b/c I could be that way for another 2 weeks. BUT I've been cramping and baby Colton has been moving a little less. Very uncomfortable and LOTS of keeping my fingers crossed he comes a little early. My family says that he'll be here on my bday next week...all I know is that the full moon is before my bday so I'm shooting for that day. BUT, my history w/ pregnancies is that it'll be a while...don't think it'll be on the due date though!

Not much going on here. Just icky, gloomy weather. Trying to get some pages together to scrap which I so want to do after I'm done here. The girls are in school, but it's early day today. Morgan is doing a "Jump Rope Camp" next week at school and it leads into "Jump Rope for the Heart" put on my the American Heart Association. She'll be doing that on Friday at school. Come check out her webpage: It's kind of last minute b/c I just got the paperwork for it like on Wednesday, but she's excited about it.

Soccer game tomorrow and then I don't have anything else planned for the long weekend. Which is a good thing...lots of rest and chores and maybe get some scrapping in...hopefully!

Well, off to scrap!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My latest projects

Okay, like I are some of the pages for my January '08 album. I have pictures in my computer waiting to be printed to do up to date. I just need to get more photo paper!!

Tonite I worked on my Feb '08 mini album...that was fun. I found an old kit I had gotten from TSC and used it. It had some Rusty Pickle and MME papers in it w/ some other goodies too. I figured I better use up the kit now before it's REALLY old!! Here is the front cover:

I also worked on a quick card w/ some scraps and I'll post that in a couple of days in case I need to post it in a gallery on some site I frequent. I can give a little hint though: it has lace, ric rac, glitter and a heart on it!

Well, enough for tonite gotta go to bed!

Monday, January 14, 2008


Okay, just noticed that my little Lilypie banner for the baby says that I have 28 days left! ZOIKS as Scooby-Doo says! EEK is more like it! Oh boy. I wonder when the day will be. I'm trying to make sure that all my ducks are in a row and getting last minute papers done (bills), getting things from the grocery store so we don't have to make trips as much (except for the usuals...milk, eggs and produce) and just trying to get some of what's left of "me" time in.

On another note...just got word that one of my LO's made the "Memory of the Week" on This is a NEW and GREAT site that's been up since November. I have to thank one of my DT members on another site who introduced me to this site (Thanks Karen!) :) The owner of MMFY ROCKS!! She showed me a couple of days ago how to scan and stitch my 12x12 LO's and how to make my pix of my work, work better on the computer! Like I said she ROCKS!!

Well, let's see...
Oh, since last time I blogged...there was an escaped convict that well ESCAPED from our local jail (which is about 5 miles away) and this happened while I was in the line to pick up my oldest DD from school! The school was on lock down and all the parents waiting in line had to wait until word got out from the Sherriff to lift the lockdown. Well, after 30 minutes they let the "car riders" go home but the poor kids that ride the bus! I finally got a call from the school around 5pm that the "bus riders" were then being released and escorted by police. It was crazy. Just on the drive home from the school there were cops all over the place...police dogs, undercover cops in their regular clothes w/ bullet proof vests and binoculars. In a distance there was a helicopter.

Well, they finally caught the guy today at 945 only a couple of miles from the school! I'm just glad they got him. The weather was warm this weekend and it rained pretty much all day yesterday so that slowed the search down a bit and the dogs lost his sent. Just glad that he's back in jail! He was in jail for robbery/burglary and something else...not like murder or anything, but STILL!

Saturday Morgan had her soccer game and she scored 3 goals. She started off slow but woke up in the 3rd quarter! Then that night we went over to some family friends. Sunday it was rainy and gloomy. My niece had her 6th bday party at a bowling alley so that's were I was in the afternoon. DH was coming down with something, but I thought it was from drinking a little too much the night before! hahaha Needless to say, I pumped him up with some constant hot tea and medicine. He felt sooo much better this morning and he thanked me. I think it was partly from the drinking and the weather. Just glad he's not sick!

Well, gonna go check out the message boards, scan some things and do some stuff around the house. UGH!

Friday, January 11, 2008

A week has gone by and I don't feel accomplished!!!

Boy oh boy!! I'm slacking!!! I have been taking my daily pictures for my January 2008 album but I haven't really jotted anything down. I need to work on this tonite!! I MUST!!

So far a week has gone by and not much really going on. Morgan had her soccer game on Saturday and then on Sunday I was cleaning like a mad-woman!! :) I even washed Colton's clothes finally and put those all away. Didn't get the room painted like we wanted. Neal was very busy doing garage and yardwork. That's okay, he was out of the house so I could do my thing! ;)

Monday Sydney started back at school and she wasn't clingly like she ALWAYS is! I was impressed!! Then Morgan and I headed over to the LSS to scrap!! It was her idea and she was so excited. She got to work on her LO's...which are just too cute for a 5 year old and one of the ladies there let her do some cut outs on her Cricut!! That's not fair!! Mommy wants a Cricut for her bday OR Mother's Day!!! HINT HINT!! :) On Tuesday I went down to my SIL's house and had a nice relaxed day w/ the girls and her girls. School started for Morgan on Wednesday. That was really weird having the house to myself. I went to the grocery store and played in the scraproom. Figured I better get in what I can! Thursday it was just picking up clutter in the house and organizing and the soccer practice in the evening. Today, well, I had my last hair appointment before baby. That was nice. Then I went to the new LSS for their grand opening. It's a smaller store with a lot of ladies trying to do some make and take. It was nice being pregnant b/c everyone was offering me a chair!! heehee. I sat down and did something with DREAMWEAVER paste and a stencil and glitter. Then my cell phone rang!! UGH!! DH needed me to fax something to him and the form was at home!! WAAAA!! Luckily the house is like 5 minutes from this store. Did that and just stayed home! It was getting kind of crowded anyways. Didn't buy anything which was probably good!!!

Tonight I want to clean my scrap desk, work on my Jan '08 album and get my Feb one cut up and put together so that it'll be easier for me when that month comes! Maybe make some cards w/ the leftovers too!

This weekend...let's see...Morgan has a soccer game tomorrow and then going over to some friends house in the evening for dinner. Sunday...I have nothing planned...probably tape Colton's room for painting and get my hands into the paint for some wall hangings I want. Laundry I'm sure could be done! IT COULD BE DONE RIGHT NOW!!!

Well, only 31 days to go!! He's really running out of room and the hourly bathroom visits in the middle of the night have got to stop!!! I just hope that the feeling of being accomplished kicks in soon, b/c I'm not feelin' it this week!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Sydney, Sydney, stubborn! :)

Today I felt went by so fast! It started out w/ going to the groceries w/ the girls (remind me why I go when they are in school again?) and then home to unload. Then right back out to Sydney's doctor appointment. I thought for sure she just had a cold b/c of her raspy cough, but low and behold...she's got an ear infection...darn left ear. So, after the appointment it was home for lunch and naptime. Syd refused to nap and just kept fighting me on it while Morgan had no problem...I think she's either lacking in sleep or she is growing! As for Syd...the rest of the day was not good. She had her last free trial for karate and refused to get on the floor and practice w/ all the 3 and 4 year olds. I was livid!! I felt like she wasted Morgan's time and mine. We sat thru the long 45 minute practice just in case she decided to step out onto the floor but nope...she sat there and watched. DEFINATELY not going to put her into karate until she's 5 like Morgan. She did so well with her first free class and loved it! She looked and acted interested. NOT TODAY!!

Tonite was "movie night" for the girls, but b/c Syd didn't nap she skipped out on the movie. Morgan didn't mind. So, while the movie was playing I was working on some scrappy projects which I can't post up yet. I so want to b/c I think they are fun, but I just have to wait!

Getting ready to work on my January '08 book b/c I finally got a picture and printed up 4 for the 1st 4 days of Jan. Going to do that and then hopefully post something this weekend. I need to get as much scrapping in as possible. Colton is weighing in on my hip area and I just have a funny feeling he might want to come out and play before February! EEK!

Anywho...have a good evening!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Colton at 34 weeks

Today I went to my 34 week doctor check up. The girls had to come with b/c there was no school and they did very good. Just brought them some things to do while I was being checked. This was Morgan's 2nd time coming w/ me and Sydney's 1st time and they were in AWE! They like the heartbeat.

Colton was moving around so much each time my doctor tried to freeze the pix on the 4D machine he'd move! It's almost like he's shy!! Take a peak at the 4D pix...he's getting cheeks!! heehee I so can't wait to meet him and find out what color eyes and hair he has. Only about 5 1/2 weeks to go. I have another appt in 2 weeks then I start my weekly check up (urgh!!). I can go at any point after that next appt!! EEK!!! Hopefully we get his room painted this week.

Anyways, that's it for now! Trying to make sure I update my blog daily! TTFN!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ringing in the New Year

Well, our little baby got to ring in the New Year in style!! He got to go to his first concert, got to dance and party down, saw (heard) fireworks and just have fun! Yep, we went to Pleasure Island for New Year's Eve with my sister-in-law, her hubby, his sister and her hubby and of course my hubby. We weren't sure if we were going to have fun b/c we aren't the partying type anymore (maybe 10 years ago!) but we actually had a blast! My SIL and BIL's sister had this idea that it was their job to collect as much beads as possible for the "pregnant lady" and I ended up with like 9 of them!! They didn't even have to "show" anything for them either! heehee

Here is a pix of me and hubby at Mannequin's. That was just fun watching everyone get on and off the rotating dance floor. I did make it out there and it was fun!

And here is my BF/SIL on the left w/ her SIL Leah. They were a hoot that night. Having fun at a pirate club and a band playing. Talk about wanna-be-groupie's Leah is!! haha!! She worked it for those beads! ;) THANKS FOR MY BEADS GIRLS!!

We ventured into several clubs and yes, I got down and danced, as much as my belly would let me. I wasn't even tired at the end of the night, which ended for us at about 2:30am! The next day we had breakfast at IHOP...yummy strawberry pancakes and headed back to my parents to go get the girls. It was so nice to see them and then get home to normalcy!!

Have to get one of the group shots from SIL. It turned out good so I can't wait to see it and post it on this thread!

Now, off to the usual!

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