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Monday, December 31, 2007

Inspriation from SNS

Okay, it's 1:35am here on Monday morning and I just created something that inspired me from I don't know if I'll be able to complete the idea for the ENTIRE year of 2008, but I'm going to try and at least get the month of January done! It's a great idea really, very neat and it seems like it would be easy, but I have to see! How hard must it be to take a picture and day, print it and then scrap it??

Go check out this blog: and scroll down to the entry on Dec 29th titled "January 1st DT Tutorial — Katie’s Photo-A-Day Album". It's really neat I tell ya! I just excited that I got inspired from this article and I had some things to get started. I didn't use the items on the list, but I improvised and this is what I came up with:

*I used some leftover chipboard from packaging and it was the perfect size (I had 2 of these) and then I found some papers and created. I used BG Motifica I had in my PP box and some cardstock (cream, white and olive green). I figured there were 31 days in January so I just alternated page colors. Traced my pages and cut those.

*Glued the BG paper to 1 chipboard, inked the edges w/ Colorbox brown ink,

*found a 7Gypsies card that was perfect for this, inked those edges and added the dates of January '08,

*had some SEI cardstock stickers and used that for my alphas and then I found some number stickers that I had purchased at Lowe's once for our mailbox and cut around the #'s a little closer.

*I then found some CI coasters and chose this one, used Glimmer Mist (latte) and let that dry. *Then took my SU scallop punch and punched a green piece, used pop-dots on the coaster and then you get that little flower.

*I then punched little teeny holes in each of the pages and then stuck black brads to bind it.

*I found some coordinating fiber for this, and see what I got!!

Now hopefully I can keep up with this. I might not get the pages done "daily" but I will eventually print my pictures and put them in for the ENTIRE month! these pictures from my niece who went with some family members (including DH) today to the HORSE HOLE (mud boggin' place). They tooled around in the 4wheelers and had a muddy time!! :) This is definately a place I want to go 4wheelin' when my time comes!!! Can't wait! Need to designate a set of clothes as my "riding" clothes!! This is what happened to our RZR and my DH!!!

Where was I during all this? I was dropping the kids off at my parents in Orlando till January 1st. Tomorrow DH and I (along w/ 2 other couples) are going to Pleasure Island for New Year's Eve. This will be the first time we've done anything like this and well, I hope it turns out okay! I'm sure I'll have some pix from fact, I need one for the my mini album, right?!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas in review

Okay, here are the pictures I mentioned. I finally got them uploaded onto the computer. This is a pix of the girls with their cousins at the Festival of Lights the Saturday before Xmas. They had a great time seeing the pretty lights in the Wildlife Park. It was a short and sweet night.

This is a pix of the girls playing around in the side yard. DH took this pix and it turned out great with the lighting in the background. Sometimes these 2 take great pix! Gotta love em!
This is a pix of my foyer with our stockings hanging. I had to make a stocking for baby #3 (Colton) even though he's not here yet! Santa didn't leave him anything b/c he didn't know what Colton likes yet! ;)
And here is the tree "after" Santa came to visit. He must have been eating his cookies in the kitchen b/c I didn't get a pix of him!
This is Morgan Xmas morning under the tree trying to read the labels and distribute the presents. It's nice now that she is starting to read b/c it makes it easier on Neal and I trying to go thru each present and hand them out. She did a great job!! heehee
Later on that morning when my parents came they got these silly Rudolph noses and antlers from Mema and Pappap. The noses actually blink. TOO CUTE!
Well, more pix tomorrow if I can remember. Stay tuned!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Being practical now these days

Okay, Xmas has come and gone and well...still trying to play catch up with the house and cleaning! How is that!!??

Today I'm planning on putting some of the Xmas decor away b/c DH wants to get the garage organized and all those Xmas boxes put away. Most of the "stuff" that's still in the house is his that go in the garage and he wants to clean the garage and yada-yada-yada...

So, hopefully I can get it all done today, we'll see.

I still need to get the pix from the holidays uploaded...oy vey! Maybe I'll do that later today when the girls are down for a nap.

Last night it occured to me that we don't have much time till Colton arrives. Technically, if babies were actually born on their due dates (well, Morgan was and she was our first child) that I would have about 6 weeks. But we all know that babies can come early (like our 2nd) and I'm good to deliver like in 2 weeks without having to worry to much of incubators and daily visits to the hospital. YIKES!!! I still need to get things for him!! EEK! Okay, now I'm stressed. The room still needs to be painted from purple to blue (used to be 2nd DDs room) and his crib needs to be put together, luckily DH has had practice twice on it with our other 2 girls (heeheehee) and well, need to get the following:
  • bedding set
  • hamper
  • changing table
  • towels (I have regular one's which those will do)
  • hair brush (that's wishful thinking really, both girls had little to no hair)

I think it's sooo funny that with your first child you have to get ALL the things and stock up on clothes up to like 12 months. The 2nd child either has hand-me-downs or you just get a little bit. But it seems like any child after #2 you just get it as you go! I'm not in a rush (like I was w/ my first child) to get clothes for 6 months...I'm like "I'll wait till he grows to that point". Not that I'm not thinking about him, just a little more practical this time around. BEEN THERE DONE THAT! And I thought with it being our 1st boy that I'd be a little different.

Well, going to do some bills and then get the day started. Stomach is growling at me. Need to feed the baby! Tata for now!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Well, Morgan had her soccer game today and she did good. They won...GO BLUE THUNDER!! With the weather so dreary today that is how I pretty much felt! I didn't do much wrapping like I wanted to yesterday and today was not the day. My tiredness finally caught up with me, so after we got home from her game I just vegged on the couch, watched a movie w/ DH and rested. It was well worth it. Then we went out w/ my niece and her family to the Festival of Lights at the Wildlife Park and my other niece and nephew were there with their family and SIL and her family were there too. It was nice. The lights were very pretty and the kids had a great time. DARN...have pix but didn't upload them yet! Oh well...they'll be plenty of time for that later! After the lights we went back to our house (minus SIL and family) and ordered Chinese!! YUM...and no cooking for me!! ;) The kids tore up the rooms and well, I'm cleaning tomorrow so I can put everything back it's original spot only to be moved again the next day. That's okay, I'll feel better that everything is I think DH is taking them out tomorrow for the entire afternoon. I've already made my cleaning list! HAPPY, HAPPY, JOY, JOY!!!

I submitted for a DT postion on Savvy n Sassy....keeping my fingers crossed. You know, after having such a tiresome week I actually got to scrap a layout yesterday!! Yippee for me. AND I can add it to my AAM album! Well, I'd post that LO too, but want to wait until the the DT is picked in another week.

Well, gotta get some sleep and hope that I only have to wake up once during the night versus 3!! And I pray that I don't get a charlie horse in my calf like I did last night (I got one 4 times IN A ROW) UGH!! DH ended up taking my leg and massaging it...I was trying to be quite and bite my pillow until it went away, but my emotions got to me when he took my leg and I broke down in it hurt like heck!! BUT, not as much as labor!!! hahaha

Anywho...GOOD NIGHT!

Friday, December 21, 2007

CRAZINESS this week!!

Well, yesterday I finally put together the "scrap holder" I made for the girls for Xmas. I have it stuff full of scrap goodies. I can't wait to see their reaction when they open this puppy up!! It's filled with a scrap album for each, markers, colored pencils, stickers, paper, punches, scissors for each, stencils and templates, glue stix, ribbon and foam alphas!! They are going to love this! Just need to teach them the "right" way to scrap now. Gotta go thru my pix and give them the doubles. I just took a plastic window box and painted it their favorite color and found some Basic Gray alpha letters and glued it on. I had to use some chipboard for a couple of letters, but I just inked it. They have a place in my scrap room for their new scrap stuff too!!

This is a "note box" that I made my niece (she's the girl coach in the pix). She's coach Morgan's soccer team this year. Thought I'd make a little something for her to put on her desk and work. She's always suppling me with notepads she gets from the Pharmaceutical reps, so I thought I'd return the favor and make her a place that can store some these! I just took some square coasters, covered those w/ patterened paper and then punched holes in them. Tied it up with ribbon and a box! Had to make it related to soccer and I'm sooo glad we got our soccer photos in time for this gift!

On Tuesday, Morgan had her Xmas Program at school w/ 3 other kindergarden classes. It was short and sweet. She did very well, singing all those Xmas songs. She's our little performer! She's the little one at the bottom right.

Then on Wednesday, Sydney had her Xmas Concert w/ her preschool/daycare. Of course, she sings ALL the songs at home, but when you put her on the stage...well, let's just say she looked like a deer caught in the headlights!! heehee Every now and then you would see her mouth move, but that was all! She's more cautious!!

Well, today is Friday and it's the end of the week practically. Still need to finish up some of my Xmas wrapping. Not at all looking forward to it. Stayed up till 230 am last night wrapping some presents. I'm either a slow wrapper or a neat one. Well, it didn't help that I was watching all the shows I had on my DVR. I'm finally caught up to the 2nd week in November!! I have LOTS of shows that I like to watch! ;)

Today, I'm going to be "trying" to wrap some if not all the presents (yeah right!) and hopefully get some relaxing done by scrapping!! Keeping my fingers crossed. Tomorrow Morgan has a soccer game and then we are going to see Xmas lights tomorrow night. Sunday hopefully DH takes the girls 4 wheelin' so I can have the house to myself to clean and prep food for our big dinner on Xmas eve!! OH, and more wrapping...grrrr!!!!

As for the baby...Colton...he's moving slowly now. Only 7.5 weeks left till due date. Yesterday the doctor wasn't in for my appointment (she had an emergency C-section to do) so the nurse just took my vitals, answered questions and listened to his heartbeat. I'm officially spoiled by my doctor!! NO 4D PIX THIS TIME!!! That's okay, so I have a "normal" OB visit! :) It's makes it more exciting now to not having to see his face...makes it seem almost near!!

Well, have a good weekend and thanks for visiting!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Just wanted to share this toot of mine...

Check this site out:

It's a new up and coming scrap site. The ladies there are so nice. I was just honored to be picked as their Member's Choice for November. Come check out their site and mention "amooretto" sent ya!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Soccer cutie!

My girl ROCKED today at her soccer game. I don't know what has gotten into her the last 2 games but she has been kicking booty!! She scored 5 goals at this game. Go Blue Thunder!!

Morgan is the one on the right...taking a little breather!

Friday, December 14, 2007

I love my IKEA drawers!!

I remember when I got my IKEA drawers over the Thanksgiving holiday and I planned on wrapping them up for Xmas. WELL....I couldn't do it!! I had to alter them and place them in my scrap room and here is the outcome!
Used a mixture of PP's. First I spray painted the boxes (forgot to sand them down...oh well!), then used Mod Podge for the PP's, distressed them and placed thickers on the front of them.

I'm about 90% done organizing and redoing my scrap room. I think tomorrow (hopefully) I can get done. I have to go thru my scrap papers and then viola...I'll have to take another pix!

The room is looking good. My desk is actually cleared off! Just need to add more to the desk once I open up my Xmas present (i.e. new trimmer, Sizzix dies, markers, etc)...can't wait!

Well, check out the bottom of my blog for the most recent LO I did. Geez...that was like 1 week 1/2 ago. Need to get on the ball!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Well, I didn't realize that I haven't blogged for almost a month! YIKES! Let's see...recap November...

*Got a UTV (utility vehicle)...husband's new toy and's so much fun can't wait to try it out fully when the baby is here!

*Thanksgiving was good...spent time at my parent's. Went Black Friday shopping...finished everything! YIPPEE!!

*Visited the new IKEA in Orlando...sad that that is a highlight! heehee

*We finally picked a name for our little boy!

*Had my "baby sprinkle" thrown my my sister-in-law!

Okay, now...let's see...

Oh...the name, right? We decided on COLTON SCOTT for the name! Finally can give him a name and I can put his name on a stocking that is hanging in our foyer! Still need lots of stuff for him but I think I'll wait till after Xmas.

As far as Xmas goes, all the shopping is done and today I started wrapping presents, but after an hour of it...I stopped...this is the part I hate doing at Xmas! Our office closet is full and I'm just staring at everything piled in there. WHY!!!

All the decor is up and I need to get a pix of everything so that I can put it on my blog. I'll have to put that on my to-do list!

Morgan's doing good in soccer... need to remember to bring my camera next time she has a game. I've been slacking!

I'm reorganizing my scraproom...I think it's just me "nesting"! :) I don't know, it's just a mess in the office right now. And some of the Xmas present I will need to finish up my storage, but I'll have to wait until after the 25th.

Well, only 9 more weeks to go and then baby Colton will be here (or maybe less). EEK! I have to get those pix I mentioned and then maybe next week I can post the new 4D pix I get from him after my doc appointment!

Thanks for visiting!

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