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Monday, August 30, 2010

Menu Monday's

It's that time again...time to make a menu plan for the week. It's definately a good to look forward too b/c the weekend (a 3 day one) is near!!!

Here is the menu for this week:

Breakfast - cereal
Kids lunches - PB & J, pretzels, applesauce/mandarin oranges, Cakesters (I caved), drink
Dinner - Chicken and sun-dried tomato bow tie pasta, garlic bread, salad

Breakfast - blueberry muffins
Kids lunches - salami/ham sandwiches, cucumer/green bell peppers/carrots and ranch, chips, drink, Hershey Kiss
Dinner - Grilled hot dogs, saurkraut, baked beans, fries

Breakfast - waffles and fruit cup
Lunch - sliced cheese, crackers, deviled eggs, fruit, drink
Dinner - chili and cornbread

Breakfast - oatmeal
Lunch - turkey sandwiches, cheese balls, drink, cookies, fruit
Dinner - beef stroganoff, green beans

Breakfast - cereal
Lunch - PB & J, string cheese, drink, fruit, pretzels, Hershey Kiss
Dinner - sloppy joes, chips, pickles

Saturday, Sunday - parents are coming but I think one of the days we are having some Filipino egg rolls (lumpia) and fried rice. It's Labor Day weekend so we'll have to see what goes on. I'm ready...are you?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Fill-Ins

It's that time's FRIDAY!

1. You do your thing; I do mine and sometimes I end up falling asleep on the couch!

2. This weekend is what's been on my mind on and off all day.

3. Remember when things were simpler and you had no responsibilites and just played all day long?

4. Zumba, the internet and making jewelry are three of my favorite obsessions :-) (at the moment)

5. During the last year my kids have grown up lightening fast before my very own eyes. :(

6. Colton's goofy facial expressions puts a smile on my face.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to tomorrow with our out of town guests The Bryson's, tomorrow my plans include boating with the Bryson's/date night w/ hubby and 3 other couples and Sunday, I want to hung-over-FREE!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Surprise...look what's at the front door!

So...when you come home from running an errand with your son, do you expect to almost step on this by your door mat at the front door?


I know I live on a canal, but the canal is in the backyard. And if this is a baby, where's Momma?

I thought it was pretty cool. It was a little fiesty when I spoke to it and Colt trying to grab it. EEEK! I ran inside, got my camera, took pictures of it and also got one on my phone before realizing that I should keep him!

Yes, I said 'keep him'. heehee

I want to make sure the girls get a good gander at this little fella before we release him tonite in our canal. But did he get here? Are there more?

And I just noticed that Mr. Snail had to get in this photo shot too or else he was slowly trying to get away! haha

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Have you had your daily does of Lycopene today?

So I was craving some homemade spaghetti of Neal's yesterday. Sent him to the store with a list as well w/ what he had on his list. He makes spagehetti homemade, but still uses cans of tomato sauce, whole tomatoes and tomato paste. Well, he decided to be all Julia Child and try and do it 'homemade' with REAL tomatoes! And this is what he came home with:

...minus about 7 or 8 tomatoes!


Now what am I gonna do with all these tomatoes? Yes, I them. But there are only 7 days this week for dinner and I already sent him to the store to get some ingredients for Sunday's dinner (shrimp and rice scampi). OY VEY!

If you have any ideas I'd be glad to hear them. We already used about 2 today when we had some out of town friends come over for a quick hello on their way back home. Had french bread slices, fresh mozzarella and sliced tomatoes. YUM! But still...the fridge has the same amount of tomatoes just about!

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions!

I guess for now we will cut back on the ketchup and just know that we are getting our daily dose of Lycopene! LOL

Saturday, August 21, 2010


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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kid's lunches

I love going to Sam's Club because I can get some items at a great price and it's all in bulk (i.e. diapers). Well, I made the mistake of bringing the girls with me last week. We were there to get just a few items and of course this caught there eye.

I didn't want to argue and I figured why not. LOL We'll be cheese ball eating for a while! LOL

Thought I'd post one of the lunches that I made the girls this week for school. I really like those BENTO BOXES but I just can't get over the cost. I's an investment and they don't have to use ziploc baggies, which is good if you are going green, but still. I think I'll stick to my Ziploc containers. As you can see, I can get a good amount for their little tummies. They love their lunches so far this week. And it's not boring. I'm actually having fun planning them and trying to mix what they get every day. Still working on my little note cards for their lunches too. I want to include one note for each lunchbox every day. I've got some note card making to do this weekend!

Monday, August 16, 2010

First day of school

First day of school today. I was ahead of the game. Made their lunches the night before. My friend sent me a site about lunchbox packing and the 'green' way of doing it. (Bento boxes) Those are cool, but I had already purchased these cute lunchboxes the girls really liked and some Ziploc tupperware containers w/ separate compartments in them, so I was going to stick with that. I asked the girls what they wanted for their first day of school. Morgan said a turkey sandwich and Sydney asked for a salad. So I did that. I also make them their traditional Kissing Hand cookies from the book "The Kissing Hand". I have been doing this for 4 years now. They love this tradition. So glad that they can expect that every year! Wonder when they won't like me to do that anymore?

I even made a little note card for them the other day. I want to make more. Pretty simple. Just got a 4x3 piece of cardstock as the base. Cut a smaller piece of coordinating patterned paper to go atop the cardstock. Then cut an even smaller piece of white cardstock to go over the 2nd sheet (I had stamped an image many times on the white cardstock with colored ink, then a message stamp in the corner). Then it was a note card to be put in their box. I want to make enough to go each day of school. Even if it's a simple word stamp like "I love you" or "You make me smile". Simple cards are good. But I have to get my scrap supplies and just go to town one day.

Woke up early this morning because I think I was just as excited as the girls were. They are getting so big now. So proud of them for what they do in school and how they are just so smart. Thankful! Just hoping that the day they don't want to be seen with mom, or the preteen attitudes to ignoring their mom never occur.

I made them a big breakfast. Chocolate Chip pancakes and sausage links. The usually can eat like 2 or 3 pancakes, but today they could barely eat ONE! They were just ready to get into their new outfit. Do you remember when you got new clothes for school and you couldn't wait to wear them? Were you the kid that picked out what you were going to wear the first day or week of school? I was. And so were they! :)

Before we left I had to take pictures of the girls. Here they are at the front door.

And then I got close ups of each. So amazed how they are in 1st and 3rd grades now.

Pretty soon Colton will be following in their footsteps. Colton was ready to ship them off today. LOL I thought it would bother him that they weren't hanging around the house today since being with them all summer long. NOPE. Didn't phase him. He was a good helper today. I managed to run some errands, do some laundry, vaccuum, mop, do dishes, declutter some area of the home and do bills. He did take a nap too. He was tired from waking up early like me. But he was sooo happy to see his girls when we picked them up.

Hope the rest of the week goes smoothly. I didn't make their lunches yet, will wait to do it tomorrow. The first day was good to be true. So, I'm ready to wake up fast and the last minute to make a quick lunch for them, make a breakfast and sound like a drill sergant getting the girls out the door!

Menu Monday's

It's that time again. This time though, I have to figure out school lunches!

B: chocolate chip pancakes, sausage links
L: Morgan - turkey sandwich, chips, yogurt, clementines, kissing hand cookie, drink
Sydney - salad w/ ranch dressing, chips, yogurt, clementines, kissing hand cookie, drink
D: soft tacos, refried beans, yellow rice

B: cereal
L: tuna sandwiches, pretzels, applesauce, mini brownies, drink
D: roast, potatoes, steamed green beans

B: bagels and fruit
L: PB & J, chips, strawberries, string cheese, drink
D: Chicken Cacciatore and rice

B: waffles
L: block cheese, crackers, mandarin cups, zinger, drink
D: Leftovers

B: cereal
L: Morgan - chicken sandwich, chips w/ dip, plum, cookies, drink
Sydney - Pizza from school
D: Easy night (adults Pizza, kids - popcorn chicken, broccoli and mac n cheese)

B: biscuits and gravy
L: ???
D: pulled pork sandwiches, macaroni salad, baked beans

Now...hopefully we can stick to this b/c my pantry is stocked!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Last day of summer

Last night was a good night spent with some friends. Neal made some mini burgers (sliders) and homemade french fries. Those were yummy! I did some of my famous tequila shots and we all played the game TABOO. I am now officially the 'TABOO QUEEN'. haha

Today I woke up at a good hour considering the time I went to bed and the amount I consumed from last night. Not feeling like making breakfast this morning though (mostly because the pork sausage didn't thaw like I had biscuits and gravy for us). Not sure what we will be doing (all depends on how much that tequilla shot affected Neal last night. And if you know Neal...he DOES NOT drink tequilla. Had a fight with her one night back in his early twenties! LOL It was BAD! But he drank it last night b/c he lost a bet and I found such humor in it! heehee

Sydney is still sleeping as well. I guess she stayed up late past her bedtime dressing Tallulah, the poor dog. The dog is wearing something different every time I see her it seems this weekend. I found out that if I put on a small tshirt on this dog she ends up being calm and really not wanting to move around. I think I found the cure for her hyperactivity! LOL Guess I have to go shopping for 18month shirts! haha This morning Tallulah was in my bed (along w/ all the kiddos!) and she was wearing a different shirt AND a necklace that belongs to Sydney. What a goofball!

So now, I sit here watching a DVR'd show with Morgan, Tallulah and Colton. It's 9am and I'm hungry. I want something greasy (can you tell I had been drinking?) LOL Luckily no consequence from the night before. Outside is looking so inviting. The sun is shining, some clouds out there and it's low tide right now. I want to go out in the water today since it's the last day of summer for the girls. Excited for them and sad at the same time. I have to remember to make my traditional cookies I make every year since Morgan started school (Kissing Hand Cookies) and have batteries in the camera for tomorrow!

Today is going to go by fast I think. Lots that I wanted to do with my kiddos but didn't get to. :( I'll have to save it for our fall weekends when it's less hot and maybe a breeze or two that goes by.

Gonna enjoy the day. Hope you do too!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I am so tired this morning. It's my fault. I stayed up till 2am playing on the computer and catching up on all my shows I had DVR'd. Then I wanted to go outside and see the Perseid Meteor Shower. Missed a better time to view it Thursday/Friday evening, so last night had to do. I woke up the girls like I had promised and layed a blanket out on the grass in the backyard. Got a huge pillow so we could lay our heads on it and some more blankets. We stayed out there for an hour. We only saw 2 meteors but that was worth it. It was a good hour (even if it were wee in the night) having some quiet time w/ my girls. We kept getting distracted though b/c of the sounds coming from our canal. Morgan swears she saw some fins, but I think she was seeing reflections. There would have been more noise if it were a dolphin (or shark like she thinks! LOL). Just fish.

I can't wait for another meteor shower (one that is nice to Earth please). I want to spend some more quality time with my girls again like that!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Fill-Ins


1. Music has been on my mind today; I keep saying that I want to find that channel on the tv so we can hear music but I keep getting distracted!

2. My kids smiling faces is what I like first thing in the morning.

3. The first thing I said this morning was: well at 520am was, 'what are you girls doing up this early and out here w/ the tv on? But then I went back to bed.

4. Irish Nachos; it's what's for dinner tonight.

5. It's all been a lazy day today....beach, showers, Sam's Club, PIZZA, tv/computer and laughing w/ the kiddos and now this.

6. Going to the fridge is what I feel like doing right now.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to those Irish Nachos, tomorrow my plans include hopefully going on the boat w/ the fam and then having some friends over in the evening and Sunday, I want to sleep in a little and vege before the girls go back to school Monday. It's been a quick but fun summer!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Menu Monday's


I haven't done this in a while (at least on my blog) and I thought I'd add it to the blog today. I like to make 'tentative' meal schedules so here is our menu for the week (the last week before school :( sniffle-sniffle)

Monday: breakfast - cereal; lunch - hot dogs, chips and dip, strawberries; dinner - Monteray Chicken, wild rice and salad

Tuesday: going to Grandma's house but drop off daddy at work first (real early)

Wednesday: breakfast - blueberry muffins; lunch - PB&J sandwiches, fruit cup, pretzels; dinner - Cobb salad

Thursday: breakfast - oatmeal and fruit; lunch - turkey subs, red grapes, mandarin oranges, wheat thins; dinner - baked chicken breasts, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, cranberry sauce and rolls

Friday: breakfast - cereal; lunch - cheese quesadillas, sliced apples, yogurt; dinner - Irish nachoes

Saturday: breakfast - pancakes (chocolate chip ones for the kiddos!), scrambled eggs, bacon; lunch - probably on the boat..snacks; dinner - brats, saurkraut, baked beans

Sunday: still undecided b/c not sure if hubby is having his work bbq picnic or not.

So here is our tentative menu for the week. I hope that we stick with it!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Death of Summertime

I can't believe it's August already. The summer is coming to a close and school is about to start. So much is going to happen this month. We close on our house the 11th (hopefully), summer ends and school begins the 16th, I had a working interview yesterday (it went well), and I possible will be going back to work on the 16th as well. I will find out tomorrow all the details. Supposedly my 'working interview' was good and that they are going to create a spot for me...the thing is...for how much, when and how long?? I will hopefully get all the details tomorrow b/c I need to figure out childcare for Colton and the girls. I have an idea...just want a definate answer.

Before work, I got ready and sat there waiting for my friend to come over to watch the kiddos. I was nervous and anxious to see what I still remembered as a pediatric dental assistant. Is it like riding a bike? Well, I only had one pair of scrubs left and I got those on and then I wished I had clogs and remembered that I had this one pair (not the one's I used to use for work, but they worked fine) and got those on. Went to grab some socks and found this really cool pair I forgot I had. Had to wear them!

When I got home from work, the kids were outside playing with my friend Denise who came over to watch them for 4 hours. Colton had the biggest smile on his face. He was just frozen sitting on his Big Wheel. Sydney was sitting with him and all she said when I got out of the truck was, "how was it? how was it?" They seemed pretty happy for me. Morgan asked, "did you get the job?" haha Well, yes and no. I guess I got an unofficial 'yes' by the office manager yesterday but I haven't been formally asked nor have I given them an answer. All I know is that all our lives are going to change soon.

When we finally got all settled back into the house and my friend left all I could do was stare at the kids. Of course I grabbed my camera and took some photos when they weren't looking!
Then Colton spotted me.
I started to doubt going back to work and doubting myself and wondering if I should have yelled less at them when they were in trouble, or maybe stopped one extra time to see what was up when asked to 'look', I don't know...just realized that this was going to be our last summer together where we are ALL home the entire time. I know that they are getting older and that they will have friends over or vice versa and their extra-curricular activites to go to...but it hit me...I will have a 9-5 job (well, really 8-530). Yes, during the school year they are going to be busy...but what about Sprink Break, Winter Break or even Summer? That really stinks. The program the girls will be in is year round and it's at the that's nice. But really...the SAHM things I have done will cease.

That's sad.

Then I started to think...Morgan will be in middle school in 2 years. Do they even have before/after school care for those kids? I have to look into it for sure! I really need to look into going back to school to get a teachers certificate in less than a year and hopefully land a teaching job so I CAN have that teacher's schedule. Then I'll have the breaks off and summers off to really enjoy my family. Yes, the pay will be less than what my salary will be now, but it's worth it!

I really appreciate those working mom's out there (and father's too). I guess only time will tell how well things go around here w/ me going to work. The girls are excited and can't wait. I don't know why...maybe b/c they get to hang with their friends after school hours. I just hope that attitudes and behaviors don't change b/c of it. There will be some change I'm sure b/c of age (and the fact that they are female!) LOL

So, for the next 11 days I'm going to really relish my time spent with them. I have so much that I still want to do this summer with them and so little time. There are always the weekends, right?

Today we went to the Tarpon Springs Aquarium. That is such a small aquarium, but it was just enough to see and things for the kids to do. We saw a diver go in the big tank and feed the fish and nurse sharks. Then we got to pet the stingrays (they took the barbs out thankfully). The girls remembered their trip last summer to Grand Cayman where we got to swim with the stingrays...they are so cool!

Look at the shark in this picture...small, but still a shark!

Then next door they had an indoor playground and the kids went to town. That was nice just sitting back watching them play.

Then because they were good I HAD to treat them to some ice cream. YUM! Forget about lunch right?! LOL

Now we are snuggled on the couch watching Wizards of Waverly Place waiting for Colton to wake up from his nap. Not sure what we are going to do but it's gonna be something. Gotta go get my spiral notebook that I jotted all the notes down for our 'Summer to-do list' and see what we can do.

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