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Monday, June 29, 2009

What's on today's agenda?

What to do today?

  • go get some supplies for camping this weekend
  • laundry (is this chore EVER complete?)...gotta change a load real quick...brb!
  • watch the girls swim
  • get girls "school" subjects ready for tomorrow
  • help the girls with their "schooling"
  • send out some emails for THE MOSY SCRAPPER
  • read emails and respond
  • play with Colton
  • take Morgan to swim practice
  • rush to get dinner and bedtime rituals done
  • play on the computer, talk to hubby on phone, scrap some cards for work
  • then I think I'll sleep!

Calgon take me away!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pictures from our cruise

The girls were so excited for this day! They could not wait till the day they got to go on a big ship. are some pictures of our trip on Carnival Inspiration to Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico! Sydney was not photogenic this trip...she kept shying away from the camera. Morgan hammed it up! We went with some friends and you will see them in the photos too.

In the Cayman's we took the girls out to see stingrays and pet them in the water. I don't have any of those photos yet, waiting to use my waterproof camera for this weekend on the 4th of July out on the water. Can't wait to see if I got any good shots!

In Cozumel, we took Morgan with us while Sydney stayed at Camp Carnival on the ship. She didn't want to walk around town and she wouldn't have liked it either...she gets "tired" fast. She had fun though with her friends. We did some souvenier shopping, took a break at Fat Tuesday's because it was very hot and then made it to Carlos N Charlies for some chips and salsa and some drinks. Then back to the ship for the rest of the day in the water and down the slides.

And here are the pictures we took on board for the "dress up" night. The girls loved doing these as well as many others we did that night but we just didn't buy them all!

So sad that the trip is over. Can't wait for the next cruise...maybe in 4 years when Colton can come and enjoy it too.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Back to Reality

Glad to be back from our 5 day cruise. It was a lot of fun sitting out by the pool/slide sipping on my fruity drink and watching the girls make friends and swim their little hearts out. So sad that it had to end. I was glad to get back though to Colton.

I can't wait to download some pictures to the computer so I can post here. I also took some pictures when we went on an excursion in the Grand Cayman Islands...swimming with stingrays. So neat! Those creatures are so gentle!!! Soft and friendly...well, the one's that swam all around us. And we didn't even have food to feed them. They just swam up to us, giving them kisses and getting back rubs from weird but it also felt good! heehee

Now it's back to reality.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our little swim star!

I thought I'd add a video of Morgan's 1st swim meet. This is her doing a 25m breast stroke. She did really well at her meet and we're very proud of her. Looks like we found her sport! Enjoy!

My Playlist

Had to rearrange my playlist today and add a couple of songs to get in the "cruise" mood!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What a slacker!

I am soooo bad. I said I was going to keep up with this and I haven't!

shame on me!!!

Well...let's get a quick summary...

  1. school's out
  2. we have our house up for sale b/c Neal got a promotion
  3. Morgan is on a swim team
  4. Morgan had her first swim meet and raced in 4 events and placed in all of them!!
  5. I colored my hair magenta/hot pink. Well, I didn' stylist did. I wanted something different and funky...I sure got it! LOL
  6. Colton is 16 months old now and still a cutie
  7. Sydney stopped using her "nite-nite" on the last day of school (nite-nite: it's a diaper cloth that she has been carrying around chewing for a year...I do wash it, it just doesn't look like I do...and it turned out to be like 3"x3" at the time of it's burial...GROSS)
  8. We are going on a cruise in 3 days to Mexico and Grand Cayman with some friends about a quick summary. I just need to update with photos now!

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