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Saturday, March 28, 2009

May GDT call over at THE MOSY SCRAPPER!

It's crazy over at THE MOSY SCRAPPER!

Soooo many challenges are going up as we speak and there are more to come! I'm talking about TMS's 1st Anniversary Crop!!!

If you haven't gone down yet to TMS you need to! You could win a great big LOOT!!! Go see!


May GDT call

Are you a scrapper and want to get on a kit clubs design team? Want to be the clubs "guest designer"? Well...check this out: It's just a click away!! Good Luck!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Blog Hop Challenge!!

Tonite is the BIG crop at my website because it's our 1ST ANNIVERSARY CROP!!! WOO-HOO

Well, to kick start it, we (the designers and myself) have a blog hop that we want you to partake in (as well as all the other challenges going on this weekend at THE MOSY SCRAPPER).

Here is my "blog hop" challenge:

Since I love seeing how everyone interprets others work in scraplifts, I found an awesome creation by 'MissyGinCT' and would like you to scraplift it! BUT, I want to see the following with it:

*Vibrant colors like pink, lime green, neon yellow, bright orange, etc.

The layout can be anysize 6x6 or larger, photo(s) can be any color. THIS CHALLENGE CAN NOT BE DONE WITH OTHER CHALLENGES!

DUE: Noon Monday March 30th ET here and the TMS gallery in the Online Crop folder
Point value: 20pts


Have fun with this one! To check out the other DT members blog hop challenges go to the message board and see the Blog Hop Challenge!!

Janet Tagged Me!

I've been tagged by my friend Janet! (thanks! LOL)

Here is what you have to do:

You have to go to where you store your pictures. Go to the 4th folder, post the 4th picture and explain what it is. Then you can tag 4 of your friends.

Okay...I did found this...

This is a picture of my sister in law Andrea, my niece Tiffany and niece Colleen. heeheehee They are going to kill me for posting this. Aren't they cute though?

Okay, gotta tag 4 people...let me see....April, Heidi, Melissa and Dalis!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Busy weekend! And another to come!!!

This weekend was a fun, filled weekend. We went over to Jetty Park and brought our travel trailer and camped out and then went to our nephews wedding on the beach! It was very windy! The kids had a great time and they were very good. Here are some pictures of the kids with their cousins (who also stayed with us!)

Then on Saturday evening we went to our nephew's wedding that wasn't too far from the campsite. This was the girls first time at a wedding at let me tell you...they had a blast! Dancing at the reception and making friends with the bridal party. The wedding was gorgeous. It was just perfect. When Delora came out with her father the song "Some Where Over the Rainbow" (by the Hawaiian singer) played and in the backdrop of the beach there was a rainbow. Talk about a goosebump moment! My sister in law made their wedding cake and it was just beautiful. So if anyone wants a cake...just email me and I'll get with her! ;) Here are some pictures from that evening.

But on Sunday we had to go home. :( It was a nice quick getaway. We really need to use our travel trailer more often! Well, we got GREAT news on Monday from Neal's work too! Looks like we may be using that travel trailer more often!!! He got a promotion at work which means more traveling (not to keen on that but whatcha' gonna do). And since summer is coming we might just tag along with him and bring our trailer with us to some places. Not too bad!!! We'll see.

OH...and we booked a cruise for June!!! So excited. Not as excited as the girls are though. They have been wanting to go on a cruise thanks to the Carnival commercials they see. All Morgan wants to do is climb the rockwall, but we told her that the ship we will be going on doesn't have one. She's okay with that. Sydney is just excited to join the Carnival Camp they have on board. She calls it a "school". We will be going with a couple friend that we know to Mexico and Grand Cayman. We've done this trip before and I hope that this time we can swim with the stingray! OR ELSE!

Okay...well, gotta promote my scrapbook know... That's the message board. Can you believe that it's already 1 year old? CRAZINESS!!! I am having a cyber crop starting tomorrow March 27th (at 7pm ET) till Sunday March 29th (at midnight ET). There will be a GRAND PRIZE, door prizes, RAKs, plenty of things to work on and inspiration! Come down to the message board. OH, and one more thing...there is a SALE at my scrap store too!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The LUCK of the Irish

Well, on St. Patty's Day we all woke up to a mess in the house. A GREEN MESS!!! The Leprechaun's struck again!!

The green cupcakes that I made for the girls' classrooms were decorated by the little stinkers.

Then when we decided to use the restroom first thing in the morning...this is what we saw:

Then in the kitchen there was more!!! At the nook table, all the chairs were turned over and on the floor. Green silly strink hanging from the lights and what's this? Some green items? A green shirt, a green apron and a pack of green gum!!!

And then, it was time to make the girl's lunches. COULDN'T FIND THEIR LUNCH BAG??? The kids noticed the silly string on the door leading out to the garage. So they followed it and it led them to the refrigerator in the garage. WHAT'S IN THERE?

Sydney's Lunch: frozen meal (in a green box), grapes, a green juice box, sliced green bell peppers a sliced cucumber.

Morgan's lunch: sandwich shaped like a clover, Sour cream and chive Pringles, Chocolate pudding

It definately was messy!!!

Hopefully next year we catch a Leprechaun!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Arm up and back...uh-oh...BAM!

Well, tonite the kids and I went to the fair with my niece Colleen and her kids. They had tons of fun!! Colton even enjoyed himself. He got to go on a couple of rides. He wanted to go on more but he wasn't big enough. OH WELL!

Well, Colleen dared me to ride a Mechanical Bull and of course, I couldn't pass on the dare. So, I did! hahaha

About an hour after we get home I see that she sent me and some of the family pix of me on the bull!! I definately got a good laugh. I have GREAT understanding for bull riders now b/c my wrist was hurting trying to hold on for dear life! How do these men do it? CRAZY! I didn't ride for the entire 8 seconds (at least I don't think so) but I do know that my back feels a little achey!! LOL

Enjoy these lovely photos that she so dearly took!! Thanks Col! ;)

Now, gotta go get the house "leprechaun proof!"

Friday, March 13, 2009


Tonite is my first time taking calls for my job with West At Home. Well, not really the first nite. I did have a job with them about a month ago and I ended up with no calls (which was EASY money!). Yesterday I completed my training with Whirlpool for the recalls they are having with their refrigerators. Well, when you call the hotline, it could be me on the other line. So, if you have a Whirlpool from 2001-2004, make sure to find out and see if your fridge is recalled.

Well, I'm "working" right now...waiting patiently for a call.

The office is quiet.
The door is shut (I hate when people hear me talk on the phone...kind of self-conscious of how I sound, not like I'm saying anything wrong, just feel weirded out by it).
The TV is on, but it's muted.
I'm bored!
BUT, I am getting paid $12/hr to sit here! :)

So, what do I do?

BLOG!! hahaha

I have some orders for my scrap store to fill but I'm too scared to get up in case the phone will ring. Don't want to jinx myself. After all, it IS Friday the 13th! ;)

So, I'll just sit here, play on the net, listen to my one of my daughters run her fingers around the wall next to her bed which is on the other side of this wall. After my shift is over, I think I'll scrap. Everyone SHOULD be asleep by then!!

Leprechauns spotted at The Mosy Scrapper

OH MY!! Leprechauns have recked the TMS store!!! Slashing prices here and's everywhere! It's gonna take me a couple of days to clean things up so you better get to THE MOSY SCRAPPER STORE to grab what you can before they are gone!!!

If you go to the TMS Blog ( you can enter yourself in a chance to receive a RAK (random act of kindness) from mio!!! :)

AND don't forget...the TMS message board is smokin' with challenges this month because of it's 1 year anniversary!! WOW, can't believe it's been a year already!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Mosy Scrapper BIG NEWS!!

Have you seen the latest at my message board? Lots of things going on...ways to win RAKs, tons of challenges (and I mean at least 2 daily) and of wonderful March kits that are in the store!!! AND...I hear from a little birdie that leprechauns have been scouting the store and may just start slashing prices by the end of the week! BUT, that's just a rumor!!! heehee

Go on over to the TMS blog or even to the message board to see what's going down!! We have a GDT call too for April. Still have time to get your entries in!!! Here is a link to the details:

My Scrappy Creations


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