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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Well...this weekend I made a layout using up some old scraps of mine. It turned out pretty of my favorites so far that I've done. Anyways, I decided to send it in to the manufacturer (Basic Grey) and see if it was worth enough to go into their "gallery" online. Well, got an email today about the page I had and they want to put it in the gallery!!! TOOT TOOT!!! I was sooo excited to get the response back so quickly! Here is the layout:

Now, for today...did some last minute shopping for our camping trip. I'm getting excited and a little nervous...just because it's a new place that I haven't been before. And I'm also nervous because I don't want the kids to catch a cold or get hurt while we are away!

Anywho...hopefully the next time I blog it'll be after our trip! Toodles!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The cherries are coming, the cherries are coming!

Does anyone know what this is?

My SIL and I got one of me out here Andrea...about 1.5 years ago was it?? We were at a really neat kitchen store near her house and HAD to get this. We just LOVE gadgets are so neat!! The reason why I post this picture is b/c I got a grocery ad in the mail and saw that cherries are back!!'s summer already!!! I can't wait to buy my first bunch of strawberries...the girls love them too. (really...just want to use my gadget! heehee)

Well, Neal's been on vacation since Saturday and we've been laying low. Getting anxious for our camping trip this coming weekend. Trying to get last minute things (he's out getting a helmet for Sydney!) and waiting for a part to come in for our Excursion...RRRRR!!! Thank goodness he and Lindey noticed something wrong with the bracket connected to the front axel!! It just stinks that it's the week of our journey. Will the part come in on time? If it does, will it be fixed on time? PLAN B???

Other than that, the kids, Neal and I are getting the you see signs here for us not to go?? WE'RE STILL GOING!!

The other night I was working on scrap stuff (as usual) and Neal was on the computer. He looked over at what I was doing and he asked if that's all ya do...start with paper and work from there. So he got a wild hair and said he was going to make a page! WHAT?!! Cool I thought. He did pretty good too, I will say. Pretty impressed. After about an hour of working on his masterpiece here is what came about:

I wish I had a pix of Colton too, but didn't have one for him to use. He could always add to this layout or just do another one!! ;) I will definately be looking into a 12x12 frame for this and putting it in my scraproom!!

Well, little man just woke up...gotta get my cutie!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Got Milk?

Well, this post is a couple of days late. I usually take a picture each month of my kids 1st year of life so I can document it in their scrapbooks. Well...I tell ya, Colton knows when that funny looking gray box comes at him with a red light that's mesmerizing! He has a smile or wiggles and then when the light appears...a deer in the headlights look comes upon him!! It's so hard to get a picture of this smiley baby...and that he definately is!!

Well, I was manning my scrap message board with him in my lap, kicking at the roll out that holds the keyboard...he's pretty strong...pushes the keyboard under the table sometimes if I'm not careful...anyways, he decides he needs to show me what he just ate!! Well, I turn him around to wipe his face and this thought came to mind...

GOT MILK? So of course I had to take a picture of the little guy (sorry if the thought of my milk on his face bothers you!)

See, told ya...a deer in the headlights!!

Well, then I're 3 months today!! So I wipe his face and take him out to the family room where I took his picture. What a cutie patootie...all wiggly. Like his onesie? Mr. February, something I made before he was born!!

Well, that was Wednesday. Friday my niece came over after dinner so we could go over what we needed to bring on our RV/4wheelin mini vacation this coming weekend. I sooo can't wait. It's going to be interesting getting 8, no 9, well...8 1/4 people into a travel trailer!! It'll be fun and the kids will remember the fun we will be having.

Yesterday she and I went shopping for the trip. What should have taken 2 hours lasted 4 hours and Colton did really well shopping with us! I am sooo done shopping at Walmart...for at least a week anyways! I hope time goes by quickly this week though. I still need to make my list of what I need to bring and pack for everyone. How is it the mom packs everything? And then when you forget something, mom is the one that gets blamed? I swear...pack your own crap!! Anywho...

My site had it's first Guest Design Team call and we had a few submissions. My partner in crime and I have picked our GDT, but we can't say who we picked until the 20th!! heehee We had some good layouts turned in...can't wait to see what our GDT creates with the goodies coming to her from CREATEMYKEEPSAKES.COM!!

Well...until next time...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fun-filled, tiring weekend

This weekend went by too fast for all of us! It was so much fun...not enough sleep that's for sure!

Saturday Amy and Rob came over early to watch Colt for us while we (my niece and her family) took the boat out for a couple of hours. It's hard to say "just for a couple of hours" when you're talking about the boat. The time came and gone too quickly. The kids had so much fun though and that's all that mattered. The weather was beautiful too! After 5 hours on the water it was time to head in with our sunburnt shoulders. I was ready anyways to get back to my little man (nursing was calling too!)

Colton had so much fun, just smiling the entire time for Rob and Amy...they are going to make AWESOME parents! Can't wait till the end of November till their little bundle comes out to play!!! :)

Well, they left and my niece and her fam...her name is Colleen, stayed over swimming and just hanging out...our usual weekend thing. Just hanging out eating, joking and watching the kids make their own memories. We watched a movie while the kids watched theirs and fell asleep to Cinderella in the office...great picture!
Notice Sydney never made it out of her Princess outfit!

The next day, Mother's Day, was good. It started out as a very quiet morning!! I asked for one thing...for everyone to sleep in FOR ONCE!!! Well...wish was granted!! With the exception of Colton waking me up at 7am...but I won't complain. He kept me company for about an hour and a half and then was off to nappyland! I got to play on the computer with my website and just reading up on emails. Then at 10am, the first one woke up...Morgan. Then later followed Sydney and Neal. I was glad because I was getting a bit hungry....they were supposed to make me breakfast. My stomach was starting to eat my backbone!! Shhh...don't tell them, I snuck an apple in before they woke up!!

The pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream where AWESOME!!! YUM-O! MMMM!! Thanks girlies and hubby!! Love ya! Sydney looks so into the pancake making here!! heehee She was monitoring for the "bubbles" in the pancakes!

Opened up some cards that the girls made me...some scrappers in the making...and a present from my folks. Gotta love em.

Then Neal and I decided to go window shopping for patio furniture...everywhere! Headed to Home Depot and then stopped at his parents for a little and dragged them with us to do more window shopping. After 3 stores we decided to take them out to dinner.

It was a good day...good weekend. Can't wait for the next! Only a week and a half till our mini vacation 4wheelin'/camping in Georgia...WOOHOO!!

Gotta add a pix of Colton during all this this weekend...what a cutie-patootie!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What's going on at my site?!!

WOW...I sure am glad that NSD weekend is over! I had tons of fun chatting with my girls on my site and seeing some awesome creations! I even got a tiny bit of scrapping done after "manning" the boards and not having a "mommy-free" weekend like I was supposed to...ERRR!!!

Here are the creations that I DID get to complete. There are some awesome challenges from April (by girl) that I didn't get to tackle yet...but have the ideas stashed back in the cobwebs of my brain!

Here are some cards that I made also this weekend:

There is so much going on over at the site. You should stop by and say hi and check out the challenges that we have going on. We also have what's called our SCRAPPY VENTURE!! Lots of tips on keeping your scrap space organized. OH...and there is one more thing...there is a Guest DT call for June!! We are on PageMaps (the contest section) and at PubCalls for the details. OR you could just check us out at:

Well...gotta go keep house. I've neglected it for a week trying to organize the crop and scrap some this weekend. Laundry calls...BLAH!!

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