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Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday

Today is the last day to get in on a steal!

Visit DOOHICKIES & SUCH for your one stop gift buying! Jewelry for all the women in your life. There are some scrapbook supplies still left too! There are even cards to send with the jewelry you purchase!

20% OFF ENTIRE ORDER all day today! Jump on it, take a peak. Hey...make your wish list and give it to your significant other to purchase! LOL

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Weeks Review

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day. I know I did. It went by quickly. We went to my folks for the holidays. The girls brought everything they could think of with them (like we were staying there for weeks) but they kept busy. I think we all had a good time. But one thing I forgot to do was take a picture. :( I will have to make up for it in the coming weeks leading up to Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas...I DID NOT go Black Friday shopping...I was sleeping! Well, until about 630 when my youngest daughter decided to wake me up. Grrr. Why do they do that?

It was my 10 year anniversary yesterday. Can't believe that 10 years we did this:

No not married! hahaha Happy 10 years honey!

Today we are having a little UF vs. FSU get together with some friends and family. Just something low-key b/c I thought of it (duh) on Thursday. Next year we'll have to plan something a little early. Going to the store to pick up a couple of things for it this morning with the kids. Neal's gotta work for a short bit.

I've been adding things into my store to for my Black Friday Weekend Extravaganza. Here are some pieces:

You can find these and many more pieces at Doohickies & Such. All items have been marked down 20%! There are even scrapbook supplies in store too!

Support your handmade stores!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Start shopping today!

Doohickies & Such has reduced it's prices by 20% and is having a sale today November 25th and lasting thru Cyber Monday!!! Lots of jewelry, scrapbook supplies, cards and buttons. AND there are more to be listed!

Become a fan on Facebook (Doohickies & Such) and receive an extra added bonus....FREE SHIPPING!! Just mention it on the notes to seller at checkout!

You can follow on Facebook, twitter (http://twitter/doohickiesnsuch) or on the etsy shop.

Banner giveaway

This week's review/giveaway goes to an Etsy shop called SIMPLE WHIMSY.


Kristen, the owner, makes beautiful fabric banners that can go in any room, with any theme and any saying. She even does custom orders! I can think of a couple of words I'd love to have made for the coming holiday season! Here are just a few pictures of what she can do, but please take a look at her shop.

The following pictures are what you could win for this giveaway:

If you look closely, you can see some sparkle on the fabric. Well, because there is! LOL
Now, here is what you'll have to do to win this lovely, festive Xmas banner:

1.) Comment to this post
2.) Visit Simply Whimsy...make your wish list!
3.) Become a follower of my blog...Scrap3
4.) Visit my Etsy shop (Doohickies&Such) and heart it
5.) Twitter about both shops (extra points if you tweet) ;)

ONE lucky winner will be announced next Wednesday, December 2nd! Make sure your entries are in before midnight (Eastern time zone) Tuesday, December 1st!! Good luck

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Storewide Savings!

Become a Fan of DOOHICKIES & SUCH on Facebook at receive an extra savings during my Black Friday Weekend Extravaganza that starts tomorrow!!!

November 25th - November 30th
Storewide Savings!!!

There are tons of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, buttons, cards and scrapbook supplies waiting to go home with you. All my items make great stocking stuffers too! I can do custom orders, just 'CONVO' me on!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

FREE SHIPPING on scrapbook supplies!

Come down to DOOHICKIES & SUCH today!!! Free shipping on all scrapbook supplies:

  1. Pink Paislee
  2. Maya Road
  3. Scenic Route
  4. Luxe Designs

As low as $.75! Come on get them before they are gone.

Friday, November 20, 2009

What's in store?

Here are just some of the items I listed this week in my Etsy store

Doohickies & Such

Come down to the shop. BIG sale coming starting next Wednesday ---> BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND EXTRAVAGANZA!!! Lasting till November 30th!!! Follow me on twitter, my blog and Facebook Fan page to get all the details and more sneaks!

This week is a goner

This week flew by so fast! It seems the days are getting shorter and the nights even shorter.

I've been working on projects getting ready for my big sale next week (starts Nov 25th) on Etsy. I can't wait. I hope that I get some sales. {keeping my fingers crossed}

I'm about to work on some more in a minute. Just wanted to come on here first. Just a few reminders:

1.) Don't forget my giveaway over at (see past post for the link) could be the winner of FREE earrings.

2.) PrincessDiva Bowtique's giveaway (post below)

3.) And there is a sale in my shop (Doohickies & Such) today ONLY...$5 off $15 order (before shipping). See each day for different sales! Gearing up for Black Friday!!!

Have a wonderful weekend! Don't eat too much...gotta make room for Turkey Day next week! ;) LOL

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Charm Bracelet and Sanitizer winners!!'s time to pick a winner for each of the giveaways from last week. And the winners are:

EcoChicHandKnits - Charm Factory

Robyn Schaub - The Little Yellow Yarrow

Congrats followers!!! And a big thank you to both stores for doing a giveaway for Scrap3 followers!!!

BOWtique giveaway!

This week's review/giveaway comes from an Etsy shop in New Orleans.

PrincessDiva Bowtique has a catching phrase, "A little sweet, a whole lot sassy!" All of PrincessDiva's items in her shop make wonderful stocking stuffers. There are some cute bows and clips and even some clip holders! Who would of thunk of clip holders? I like that idea. I have 2 girls of my own and let me tell ya, those bows and other hair accessories have taken over their bathroom. What a great gift for a little girl. Here is a link to the bow holder (and she even can custom make them for you!).

The prices are OUTSTANDING!!! Start making your xmas wish list now...or even ask for a special order!!!

Here are the bows that PrincessDiva Bowtique is giving away from her shop.

Meet 'Lolita' clips:

And this is all you have to do to win these pretty clips:

1.) Comment to this post
2.) Visit PrincessDiva Bowtique...make your wish list!
3.) Become a follower of my blog...Scrap3
4.) Visit my Etsy shop (Doohickies&Such) and heart it
5.) Twitter about both shops (extra points if you tweet) ;)

ONE lucky winner will be announced next Wednesday, November 25th! Make sure your entries are in before midnight (Eastern time zone) Tuesday, November 24th!! Good luck

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Back to the grind...WIN, WIN, WIN!!!

Well, I'm back from a nice (but short) little weekend getaway with the hubby. Kids are in school. My parents just left after watching the kids all weekend long (so thankful for them) and well...I'm about to get kicked out of the house for a house showing. Will this house showing business ever end??? Hopefully with a sale (keep your fingers crossed)! It comes in spurts. Two weeks ago we had like 5 showings, then last week nothing and now today I get a call. Ugh...well, house is clean and I'm about to head out the door with Colton to do some bday and xmas shopping. What will I come home with now? hahaha

But first...want to remind everyone of the giveaway that is still going on until midnight tonite! DON'T FORGET TO CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE AT THE TOP OF MY could win either some Germs-A-Go-Go or a beautiful charmed bracelet!! GREAT giveaways!! You don't want to miss out!

And lastly, I was featured here today:
Network Witches Come check out the link here.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tomorrow isn't getting here fast enough!

Tomorrow will be here before I know it. Going away for the weekend with not an idea of where we are going or what we'll be doing. I DON'T LIKE NOT HAVING A PLAN!!! I'm excited to just be getting away, not 100%...maybe 50% (right now...ask me tomorrow). I'm sad that I'll miss Morgan's game. I'm sad that I won't be there to make her all pretty for her pictures. I know she'll be fine and that she'll look cute regardless of what her hair looks. I just like have an idea of my destination and maybe some incling of an idea of what there is to do where we are going. Oh well...let it be. I'm sure it'll be fine.

Well, I'll be back Tuesday. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Latest pieces in my shop

Here are just some the recent items I've listed in my Etsy shop. I also listed some Scenic Route and Maya Road items as well.

Stop by Doohickies & Such! More pieces added daily. Start making your Xmas wishlist! BIG sale coming Black Friday Weekend ;)

Charms to Therapeutic Salves

This week I am doing a review from one store and a review/giveaway from another great shops. Two very different stores.

Review/Giveaway #1

THE CHARM FACTORY is a great shop filled with pretty charms for all types of women...mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, nieces, children, you name it! LOTS of selection too! Here are just some of the charms that you can find at THE CHARM FACTORY:

Fast shipping and great service. This is a great shop for those that are jewelry makers too. Lots of selection! Kathy, TCF's jewelry designer, is giving away a sterling silver custom charm bracelet with up to EIGHT charms of your choice if you do the following:
1.) Comment to this post
2.) Visit THE CHARM FACTORY...take a gander!
3.) Become a follower of SCRAP 3 (my blog)
4.) Visit and 'heart' my ETSY store (Doohickies & Such)
ONE lucky winner will receive a sterling silver charmed bracelet with up to 8 charms of your choice!!! WOW! You have until November 17th midnight ET to be entered into this drawing. ONE winner will be announced next Wednesday, Nov. 18th!
Review/Giveaway #2

Our 2nd shop is LITTLE YELLOW YARROW. This store is filled with 'handmade therapeutic salves and blended oils'. NO chemicals used! These would make great stocking stuffers and you still have time to order these before the mad rush of holiday shoppers start shopping in a couple of weeks!
Come on down to LITTLE YELLOW YARROW and start shopping today! Tell a friend :)
Here is one of the items you can find in the store...Germs A-Go-Go...what a fun name! And very affordable too!'s an item that you could win too! Just do the following:
1.) Post a comment in this post
2.) Become a follower to Scrap 3
3.) Visit the LITTLE YELLOW YARROW...heart her shop
4.) Visit my Etsy shop and "heart" it. Make your Xmas wish list! ;)
ONE lucky winner will win this Germs A-Go-Go from THE LITTLE YELLOW YARROW. Make sure to do #1-4 above and have it done by midnight November 17th, Eastern time! Good luck!

***Want your store reviewed? Want to bring traffic to your shop, possible sales? Followers to my blog, facebook and twitter fans will see it (great time to be reviewed before the holidays!) Contact me at if you would like the opportunity!

Banner and Soap Winners!

Thanks for the comments, following, hearts, etc from all the commenters!

I have picked a winner for these ( has). And here are the names of the winners....

For Jessie's Banner - va!!
For Outtabody's soaps - jerseygirl137!!

Congrats bloggers. Just need to get your addresses so I can let our sponsor know and you will be able to redeem your FREE products! Woohoo!

Cards for Noah

Saw this on Facebook and Lori on my scrapbook message board has graciously posted there to get scrapbookers/cardmakers to do this deed. Here is a link to Noah Biorkman's Christmas Card Wish. This is not a hoax and has been checked on and also on You can google it if you need to.

Here is the address that you would need to send these cards to:

Noah Biorkman
1141 Fountain View Circle
South Lyon, MI 48178


to say THANK YOU to all military vets today and those that are still in uniform.


(thanks Dad)! ;)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rough night...great day so far

Just found out that I got 3 sales in my ETSY shop and I also have a blog review that was done on my shop! :) Here is a link to it.

Let's see...what's going on now...

I have one sick little man. He had a fever last night and we both didn't get much sleep. He ended up falling asleep on my lap last night on the couch. That is NOT like him at all. He's always so go-go-go. So I knew that he wasn't feeling that well. When he fell asleep I layed him on the couch and I got up to make popcorn for Neal and myself. He ended up waking up and got up to sit next to me. We were watching Monday Night Football and he just sat and watched football and asked for popcorn. LOL He wasn't feeling too bad then. the night went on his fever spiked up again. DRATS! Finally when I was ready to go to bed (of course he wasn't) I took him in my room and he feel asleep on my bed...for like 20 minutes. I was soooo tired. We ended up on his floor in his room. I was dozing on and off while he played with all his toys. You should have seen the mess this morning! I finally gave up and told him to go to bed (after I gave him more meds) and left the room. He fell asleep and I my bed!

This morning he had a low grade fever and we've just been hanging out, doing laundry, cleaning house with the windows open. Enjoying the nice breezes that are coming from TS Ida. He seems to be doing much better. Thankfully.

Girls are in school, nap time is near and I've got one hungry belly! Gonna be productive now. Tata.

Giveaway reminder

Last chance to get in on these great giveaways I have going on on the blog! Just click here for all the details! I know ONE person will want to change the look of their blog or store! I definately know ONE person wants to be smelling good too! ;)

Good luck. Winners will be announced tomorrow and a new giveaway(s) will be on tomorrow as well. Stay tuned!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

To Tweet or not to Tweet

Yep, I finally took the plunge and signed up for a Twitter account. What was I thinking? LOL

I'm doing it mainly for business and promotional purposes. So, if you have a twitter account, FOLLOW ME!

I'll be there! Promoting! :)
Giving away a RAK (random act of kindness) to ONE lucky follower of my Twitter page. Just comment on here now thru November 15th for an entry in to this RAK! **must be a follower to my blog as well**

Friday, November 6, 2009

Gearing up for Black Friday!

Just wanted to post something about what's going on over at Doohickies & Such in about 3 weeks. Gearing up for the busy holiday season and trying to stock up on some products for the store.

I've teamed up with some other Etsy sellers for this big weekend, Black Friday thru Cyber Monday there will be SALES!!! Come visit Doohickies & Such during those dates (Nov. 27-30th) to see what sale is going on!!!

I can't wait!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall Card Giveaway Winner!

Well, we have a winner to the Fall Card Giveaway....

winner is....

Sheabalina!!! Congrats :) Sheabalina...just email me at mosyscrapper [at] hotmail [.] com with your address so that I can get THE LEFTOVERS OF TONYA your address and you can receive that lovely fall card!!!

Banner and Soap giveaway!!!

This week's review/giveawy goes to TWO very talented Etsy ladies. I'm very excited to be reviewing these two!

Giveaway #1
The first one is JESSIE'S DESIGNS.

She designs premade and custom-made graphics for Etsy shops, business, personal use, etc. Her banners can be used even on blogs! And the nice thing is, her products can never be used again...they are one of a kind!

Just click on her link and take a gander at her work and see for yourself.

This week she is giving away a custom banner of your choice (see selection below) to ONE lucky commentor. But you have to follow along with the direction on how to win down below. Here is a sample of the choices you would get to pick from if you are the lucky one:

And can use these for your blogs, business cards, Etsy shop, you name it! Good luck!

Giveaway #2
Our second review/giveaway spot goes to OUTTABODY.

Outtabody's shop makes 'delightful bath time soaps'. These soaps are vegan soaps that are made with shea butter, so it's leaving your skin so soft and smooth! You should take a look at her shop to see all the different types of scents she offers...some sound so yummy good enough to eat! **Caution: please don't eat them...I was only kidding, but you can imagine the smell that they give....MMMM!

Outtabody is giving away TWO of her items:

Lemon Pound Cake Soap Bar

Don't forget to stock up on her products for Christmas...everyone in the family can be covered!
Now here's what you will need to do to be entered in these giveaways:
1.) Comment to this post (make sure to say which one you are commenting for since there are two).
2.) Visit Jessie's Designs and Outtabody (and hopefully purchase from there stores!) ;) Add them to your favorite once on Etsy.
3.) Become a follower to SCRAP 3 (my blog)
4.) Visit and "heart" my Etsy store (Doohickies&Such)
TWO lucky winners will be announced November 11th! Good luck and happy shopping!
**Want your shop to be reviewed? Followers to my blog and Facebook will see it! (Great time to get in before the holidays). Contact me at if you would like to send in item(s) to be reviewed.

Monday, November 2, 2009

November Monthly Contest

Over on my scrapbook message board there is a contest going on this month.

November Monthly Contest
THE MOSY SCRAPPER wants to get you ready for Christmas and what better way to do it.Our November Monthly Contest is going to be filled with challenging ideas to get you ready sending out those Christmas cards! And we've got 12 ideas for you too (well, our designer Julie does anyways!...thanks Julie for coming up with these) ;) Come to the TMS blog starting November 1st and for the next 12 days stay tuned for a new challenge...EVERY DAY!!!
Each entry gets you a point toward the monthly contest prize which is sponsored by SCRAPBOOK STUDIO!!! At the end, if there is a tie, the TMS Designers will cast a vote on who they think will receive the top prize!
All entries must be NEW and NEVER BEFORE seen. DT and current GDT TMS members are not eligible. Must be a TMS member and register on the TMS message board to be eligible with at least 10 posts. Come on down...register with us and find TONS of fun! Contest ends NOON November 13th, ET!! Don't forget to check back EVERY day till November 12th for the challenges.
"Bells will be ringing" - Create a card using either one of the follower:
bell image, bell paper, bell stamp or even a real bell
Upload your creation in the TMS gallery (in the Monthly Contest Creations) located on the TMS message board no later than November 13th, 2009 at midnight ET.
GOOD LUCK! and can't wait to see your other 11 creations that follow!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween '09

Halloween was fun! The kids had a great time and I think so did the parents. Colleen brought over the trailer and we hooked it up to the RZR. Then we decorated it with purple and orange lights and of course cobwebs. Ewww!

The kids loaded up, including the dog, and off we went to an neighborhood w/in ours. There were tons of kids, golfcarts, trailers like ours and even floats! Oh, can't forget the haunted houses made in peoples garages and porches. So much fun. Here are some pictures of the evening:

Sydney was a senorita

Colton was a Lil' Ninja. Look at him trying to smile for the camera!

Morgan was a bride.

And Tallulah was getting a ride on the trailer with Aunt Tammy. Our little butterfly got hot quick and a little tired.

The most funniest part of the evening was when we all came back to our house, freshened up a bit and decided to do more tricking down our street. There was this one house all decked out with orange lights, tombstones on the front lawn, spiders and webs and then up at the front door was a caldron with candy and a note. Above the candy was a dummy dressed like Jason (hockey mask and all). Well, when the kids were reading the note to take candy the started to grab and then all of a sudden this dummy starts moving and hacking away and they girls just screamed and ran!!! WHAT A HOOT!!! It was like watching a blooper or funny video on TV!
HILARIOUS! And I'm still chuckling thinking about it! Good times.

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