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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Okay, forgot to blog about this on was an emotional rollercoaster for me. Gotta love hormones!!

Well, I'm sitting in the office w/ Colton in one hand and I'm trying to help Sydney w/ her crafts b/c she wanted to make Morgan and Colton a card. Thought that was a sweet gesture on her part...her idea! Then she decides she wants to show me how she can write her letters. She's working on that, still not good w/ dexterity, but the child can tell you her upper and lowercase letters and their phonics...she's backwards I say! :)

Anyways, I then tell her to make the cards and I'm going to feed Colton. So I get started nursing him and along on my right side I get a tap on my right arm and I turn to look and Sydney is standing there w/ a huge Chester Cat grin from ear to ear! It took me a second to realize what she did and all I could say was "what did you do to your hair!" Her poor smile became a frown, not what I was intending to do. She then looked down and I said "Your pretty hair! WOW! Did you just cut it?" She then said yes. I asked why and she said she wanted it short like her cousin Emma! Oh man!! We've worked hard at her hair growing and her bangs to grow out! She looked like she was sporting a "mullet"! Not kidding. I looked at the floor and there was so much hair I just balled! I looked at her head thinking I could fix it, but that would be a big mistake. So I called to make her an appointment.

Her is the before pix w/ her hair up half way. She's very lucky she didn't cut her ear! I felt sooo bad b/c my back was turned and anything literally can happen in minutes! I'm sooo mad at myself!

And this is the after pix. It's going to take some getting used to! I really like her hair long, it fits her face shape. Oh well. Morgan was surprised to see that her sister had long hair. She'd been asking and begging to get her hair cut. But she wants to grow it out and then donate it. Thank goodness!

Syd is proud of her new hair do and is sporting it like a champ. She now knows that her scrap scissors are off limits for a LONG LONG time!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Snap shots of Colton

This photo cracks me up everytime I see it. Neal took this one at the beginning of the week when Colton was just sleeping in the bassinet. He didn't even prop his arms up or anything. He looked into the bassinet and ran to get the camera. What a stinker! Just relaxin'! heehee

I have been working on this picture for the last hour with Snapfish and I guess this will have to do. I really didn't want the top part to be cropped but for some reason Snapfish cropped Colton's head! :( Oh well, at least I got feet in this!) I had already printed out the cards before his arrival and all I needed to do was to take the pix and adhere to the card. The card just says that "the Weldon family has grown by two feet." Pretty simple! These are pix I took this afternoon while Colt was taking a nap on the floor by our sliders. I love the blues in the pix! I even got a little smile in this picture!! I thought that was really cute of him!
Here is just a close up of the little fella!
Thanks for letting me share!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Heeeeerrrrrrreeeee's COLTON!

Let me take you back 7 days ago...02/13/08...I woke up feeling stuffy, sore throat and by the end of the day my chest was full of some junk. Then on Vday, woke up early to get ready for our big day...getting induced!!

DH and I arrived at the hospital around 7am and didn't get into a room just a little short of 8am. Got into the hospital bed and they started hooking me up to IV's, took my temp and it was 102!! YIKES!! My cold got worse. Got put on pitocin at 830am and just had uncontrollable shivers and then sweats. The shivers were b/c of all the IV fluids they had me on. I also had some antibiotics running thru my veins as well as the pitocin. The contractions were bearable...still 3cm and 70% effaced as the past 3 weeks prior! FIGURES!

Then around 1030am my doc decided to break my bag of water and at that point I was already 5cm. Then the contractions started kicking! There were so many woman on the floor that the 2 anesthesiologist were VERY busy. Finally they got one of them in and she, well, lets just say she was having a bad day and I was her pin cushion! She was a sweet girl BUT, when that needle kept hitting the bone it didn't feel too shabby!! ESPECIALLY when having contraction!! She kept saying she was sorry and didn't want to hurt me and wanted to make sure I wasn't having a contraction while she was doing the epi...the nurse and I both said...JUST DO IT!! Finally her partner in crime came in to let her know where he was going and my nurse, bless her, waved him over and he got it in one shot. If you cold see my back, there are 6 tiny scabs where the needles had gone in!! No bruising, just sore in the lower back area...but he was heaven!! :)

About 30 minutes later I felt this weird feeling that I might need to go to the is ready!! So I called the nurse and she came in to check and maybe have me push but she said "he's right there, hold on, let me get the doctor!" So my doc came in and I only pushed 2 long pushes and he was out!!

So, in room #7, weighing in at 7lbs 7oz and 21" long....Colton Scott Weldon arrived at 12:56PM!! Here is the picture of the little guy:

He looks just like his oldest sister's amazing how that happens!! He has dark brown hair and well, dark gray/blue-lined eyes.

As for my health, my fever lingered on till the next day and all I can take is Tylenol and Motrin b/c I'm breastfeeding. Saturday I came home and got a fever again in the evening. It's just been horrible. The junk in my chest is still there, but not as bad, but the head congestion is kicking my butt. AND on top of it all, my voice is's kind of cool Demi Moore's voice...hahaha. If it weren't for this darn cold, I'm back to normal!! My usual schedule (minus the lack of sleep...but scrapbooking trained me for that! ;) ) and my clothes. Lovin' it! Colton is such a great baby!! The girls are loving him too. Morgan (my oldest) has been such a great help...thought she would be the one I'd have to worry about w/ her retailiating. Sydney on the other had, she is 3.5, but she must have her "bell toned down" b/c she has a hard time listening now!! Time will change that. She's lovin' her brother though!

Anyways...I know DH took more pix, I just haven't had the desire to pick up a camera or even go online. Hopefully my cold will "shu" soon so I can be up and about better!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tomorrow's the day!

Well, I guess my little guy is not wanting to come out before Valentine's day!! Although, there is still 11 hours in today so it is still possible, but highly unlikely! Tomorrow morning DH and I will be headed over to the hospital and I'm getting induced at 7am. I hope that it goes smoothly. I'm very excited and scared! This is the first time in this hospital, with this doctor and it's been 3.5 years since I've given birth. Just the usual nerves any new mom gets...will the delivery be bad, will the experience at the hospital be good, will the baby be okay. I hope all goes well!

Got all the girls things in line for tomorrow and Friday. My dad is coming over in a bit to stay till Saturday to be with the girls and be there in case Neal can't be home. He's such a sweetheart! Love my dad! Got a pot roast brewing in the crock pot and dinners for tomorrow and Friday will be easy for the guys. 2 guys and a 2 little girls...wish I could be a fly on the wall! ;)

I'm not feeling so good though myself. A little under the weather. I didn't get a good nights rest. Just anxious, my brain was working on overtime, the weather wasn't good (tornado watch until 7am) and I woke up this morning feeling a little stuffy, slight soreness in my throat and now I'm feeling a little achey. I just hope it's because of lack of sleep. Will find out tomorrow when I go to the hospital!

Today I've been doing last minute things around the house trying to make sure everything runs smoothly for my girls the next couple of days. I scrapped 1 last LO for now and am submitting it for the March Ezine on I wish I could post it but I have to wait until March 1st to do so. Now I'm going to get something to snack on and lay on the couch for an hour before picking up the girls from school.

I can't believe I'm going to wake up in the morning w/ 2 girls and going to bed tomorrow w/ 2 girls and a little boy!!

Toodles for now!

Monday, February 11, 2008

DUE DATE DAY...where are you??

Okay, today is my due date. WHAT'S UP?? Come out Colton, where ever you are!! Actually, I KNOW where he is, he just needs to follow the light at the end of the tunnel and viola! :) I've had the Braxton-Hicks every now and then since Saturday early morning, but nothing. Then boughts of energy and then get tired. Still nothing. A little restless, but that's to be expected. Maybe this little WANTS to come on Valentine's Day. Well, he has no other option unless he decides to show up before then. Come Thursday I'll be induced and that's that! If that's the case my oldest, Morgan, will be a little disappointed b/c I won't make it to her last soccer game. She was so "gung-ho" when the season started and then around Xmas time thru January she had the "oh well" attitude about it...almost like she was getting bored w/ soccer. And now, since Feb. started, she's "gung-ho" again. Hate to disappoint her. Will have to wait and see what happens w/ this fella. We are all walking on pins and needles around the house waiting for signs. The signs are there for labor approaching...just the anticipation...MAN!!

Anyways, yesterday I whipped up 4 cards just from scraps. Saturday night thru Sunday early early morning I put together some page kits...I think about 10, like I'm going to get those done right away ;), but they are ready and waiting for me to tackle them. Kind of a reminder that scrapping can still go on even after baby!

Saturday my daughter had a soccer game and they did well. She scored 1!! Then went out to lunch w/ my niece and her family. They came over afterwards and her hubby and mine decided to open up this tent we got back a month ago and see how big it actually is. It's HUGE!! It's got a big dome in the center and 2 little domes on each side. They (DH and girls, 2 nieces and their family...2 kids each, and my SIL and her family) are going camping the last weekend in February. I wish I could go, but that wouldn't be good for me and the baby. They will have a great time, camping and 4 wheeling, and it'll be good on my family as well. It gives me good bonding time with the baby too...and it'll quite in the house, I can get some chores done and maybe, just maybe scrap!!! Can you tell I live and breath scrapping? hahaha ANYWAYS...after they put the tent up the kids had fun exploring. We had them also search for some firewood and had a bonfire out on the driveway. The weather was perfect. My girls wanted to camp out that night, which would have been good if it weren't in the low 40's!! EEK!! Hope their fun weekend won't be cold, b/c that means momma will be working hard that full week afterwards trying to boost their immune systems up again!

Anyways, going to check the boards and maybe scrap some. Easy-peasy day for me.

Friday, February 8, 2008

For this week's challenge on Priceless Scrapbooks I posted this simple card sketch:

And here is my take on it:

If you'd like to participate log in to and register, tell them I sent ya, and post your card in the gallery as well as the sketch forum. We'd love to have new and fun scrappers on the site. Lots of challenges and fun ladies to chat with!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Colton just needs to come out NOW!!

Okay, went to the doctor for a check up today and before she did anything she called the hospital to schedule me an induction date!!

Guess when....Valentine's Day!! UGH!! My due date is the 11th. She says that she thinks I'll go before the 14th, but doc's have been known to be wrong!! Then she checked me and STILL 3cm and 70% effaced. I swear I feel more like 4cm or even more effaced. What's the stinker doing to me!!!???

At least we know when he will be born. Hopefully we don't get to wait till then, but that's just a week away. All I know is that I'm going to scrap my heart out tomorrow as much as I can b/c come the weekend I'm resting! I'll be visiting my scrap sites regularly but as for scrapping...probably going to take a week or so off...unless Colton is nice enough to let me!! heehee

Here is the last 4D pix of him...

Next time you'll see him in the flesh and in BLUE!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Feb week #1 sketch, weekend in review & predictions

One of this weeks sketch challenges on PricelessScrapbooks is this 12x12 LO sketch that I came up with:

And this is my take on the sketch:

This weekend I've been taking it pretty easy. Just ready for Colton to arrive. Yesterday Morgan had her soccer game...they got whooped, but she played well. It was just a long day!

Today, I was going to scrap during the day for a couple of hours, even planned it with the hubby. Well, it didn't quite end up that way. This morning I was in the kitchen for a good hour preparing some spaghetti sauce from scratch, prepping some snacks for the day...after all, it is Super Bowl Sunday, and then finally eating my breakfast. We ended up vegging for a bit and then going outside and just enjoying the weather. The girls loved riding their bikes and Morgan couldn't help jump rope!

When the football came on I was going to get on the computer but DH had to do some work on the computer so I just took that time to scrap. I got 4 LO's and 2 cards done!! YIPPEE!! Well, I'm finally on the computer and the house is quiet...everyone's asleep!!

Since today is the 3rd and I have 8 days till Due date, I want to give my predictions...
* He will be born on Feb 5th
* He will be 7lbs 7oz
* He will be 20 1/4"

Now, I have to see about this!

Going to update my slide over there on the right. Hope everyone had a nice weekend and a great week coming up!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

I have a LO in an Ezine!!

Another weekend is here and we don't have really anything planned this week...just waiting for baby! Morgan has her soccer game today in the late afternoon and DH is working on his RZR. I want to get some scrapping done this weekend, but don't know if the girls are going to give me the chance to do so.

Just checking on the message boards of all the scrap sites I frequent and noticed that on MakingMemoriesForYou I have a LO on there Ezine!! You have to scroll down a bit, but it's there! I was shocked. Pretty nifty!!

Anyways, hopefully I can have some good news within the next week...I can only hope. Hope everyone has a nice and long weekend!

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