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Monday, August 31, 2009


Let me start off by saying that I am excited to finally have an official order in my Etsy store as of tonite/this morning. So excited!!! A member from my message board (Lyla) also placed a special order. This is so cool! I can't wait to put more things in my store and to make more things...I have some projects that I need to work on and can't wait!

Here are a few sneaks of what's going in the store next:

Can't tell you what they are but you'll see soon!!!
OH...I forgot to mention...
Well, gotta hit the's too late and I could stay up still for hours if I allow I better go to bed!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Calling all scrappers!

Do YOU have what it takes to be THE MOSY SCRAPPER'S next Designer? Try out for PROJECT DESIGN TEAM and see if you've got what it takes....

TMS is looking for ONE
chatty &
creative scrapper
to join it's team! {and there might be GDTs picked too ;) }

TMS wants you! Are you crafty, trendy, up-to-date on techniques and/or latest products? We want someone that is ready to challenge and inspire it's members using the kits and items provided by it's sponsors; get us scrapping "outside our boxes", "testing the waters", just being creative!

Here are the details:

•Call will last for 3.5 weeks. This will be a 3-round contest with each round ending with runners-up. Runners-up will ONLY be allowed to continue on to the next round of the call.
•Participants must register at THE MOSY SCRAPPER message board and have at least 10 posts in order to be accepted into round 1.
•ALL scrappers are welcomed!
•Past TMS DT can participate as long as last reign was more than 6 months prior to current DT call. Past GDT members are also welcome to apply!

Round 1:
Use the Page Maps sketch provided (see TMS Blog) as inspiration and create a layout (6x6 or larger) using:

1.) at least 3 manufacturers on the page
2.) the theme be about YOU
3.) must have journaling

Turn creation to (subject: Round 1 DT) no later than September 6th at midnight ET. Round 1 runners-up will be announced on the TMS Blog, message board and via email on September 7th. Please include item description with your creation you submit.

May the best Project Designer win!! Good luck! :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

School Bus oh my!

Well today I woke up to the girls begging to ride the school bus. They wanted to go to school on it and we compromised and they ended up going home on it.

I just don't like the idea of the school bus. I remember my days riding the bus (though it was short-lived). I didn't like all the noise, the nonsense and was hot! I just worry about the influence and attitudes they will see (even though they will see it at school) I just didn't want ONE more detail added into their innocent little lives thus far.

Well, school got out at 330 and the bus was to be dropping them off around the corner around 425pm. So Colton and I took off in the stroller and walked to the bus stop. Practically 30 minutes later they arrived! UGH! It was so hot outside and well...they were getting home late! I know that that tends to happen, but they already get out of school late, now they really didn't have enough time to play before the whole dinner, shower, settle down for bed routine started.

They liked the bus. From what I saw, the bus had tinted windows and a gust of cool air came out when the doors opened. AND the noise level was at a stand still!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I was shocked. They did say they liked it and wanted to do it again, but Sydney was falling asleep on the bus!

Well, they will do it again, but not every day. Maybe once a week. They didn't like the fact that they didn't have much time to swim and then our neighbors wanted to play with them. They only got 30 minutes to do all this before dinner.

So...that may have changed their minds. {I can only hope LOL} I really don't mind waiting in the long, windy line at the school. Just happy to have my babies home. :)


Well, it's official. My ETSY store is now open!

I have so much to load into the store so please bare with me. Please also tell your friends. I will have tons of different crafty items in there. I have so many ideas and only 2 hands. If there is anything you see that you like or a style you like but would want in a different color, shape, size, etc please CONVO me on ETSY!!!

You can click on the link to the right and see what I have in the store now. Thanks for looking!

Friday, August 21, 2009

ETSY sneaks is something that I'm really excited ETSY banner that was made by LemonCherryBlogs!!! I just {love} it!!! I can't wait to start adding things to my store. I have so much to do and so many's a good thing I have my handy notepad by my side with scribble all inside!!

Here is the banner

Make sure to check it out...I have a blinkie over to the right of my blog you can click on. I'm still working on the front page of it, but you don't have to worry...I'll announce it here when it's open!

Here are just a few items that I will have going in my store. They are just sneaks and I'm not going to tell you just which funky category they will be going in. You'll just have to wait! LOL to get creative!

Sydney's first day and cards

Yesterday was an exciting day for Sydney. She could NOT wait for the day to come. KINDERGARTEN!!!

She was bright eyed and bushy tailed! The night before I had made one of my special treats for the first day of school, KISSING HAND cookies. The idea came from the book, "The Kissing Hand". I just love that book and the girls have heard it every year now for the past 3 years. It's such a cute book about a little raccoon going to school for the first time and about nerves and worries. His mother kisses him on the hand and says that no matter what she will always be there for him, just remember the kiss that she placed in his hand and hold it near and dear to him. Then everything will be fine.

Well, I have a hand cookie cutter and away I went. I only made 2 cookies this year because there were no already made sugar cookies at the store. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? But what kid is going to complain with chocolate chips in their cookie, right! LOL I then add a little Hershey kiss and viola...YUM!

And before we left we had to take the 1st day of school picture. I love this outfit I found the girls at Target. Just glad that they liked it too!

Sydney didn't want me to walk her to her classroom but thank goodness for today's technology, I just told her that we had to take a picture for Daddy and send it thru the phone. Hahahaha Snagged this picture. First thing she did when she entered her class was hug the teacher! Too funny! She then went to her desk where she was instructed to empty the contents of her bag and then hang the bag and lunch bag up. She was ready to go. Ready to kiss be good bye and shoo Morgan away to her class! So glad that she wasn't scared!

Morgan didn't want me to "kiss" her goodbye...she is at that stage now of being embarrassed. Muahahaha...only if she knew how embarrassed she is going to get! HAHAHAHA

Last night I felt a little scrappy. I haven't had mojo in a while to scrap. So many other things that are crafty that I've been working on too for my Etsy shop that will open soon!!! Here are some cards that I made for my scrap sites charity for the month...little note cards for our members on the site. This month we took a break from making cards for charities...Lori decided that we needed some cards too!

Today I am just a cleaning fool. Laundry in the dryer, swept, vaccummed, scrubbed, wiped, decluttered....all done now and a baby napping. I think I'll eat lunch and play a little in the office before he wakes up! Enjoy your Friday and I'm glad it's the weekend!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dora, boat and school

Well, I'm a little late writing about this. I wanted to do this Sunday but life caught up and here we are on Wednesday.

Let's see....

Last week I took the kids school shopping....NEVER AGAIN!!! LOL I think it's because I had all 3 of them and the fact that one child is just picky!

Saturday we did NOTHING!! It was nice to just vege and do nothing. I did help the girls organize their school supplies. I also decided that this school year (or at least the first week anyways) I was going to make them breakfast every morning. No more "what do you want to eat for breakfast?" Because that always ends up 30 minutes later with a "I don't know" and then we are rushing out the door. NO MORE I say!

So far I can say that it's working, no complaints and the kids are eating a meal before school...and we haven't rushed yet. Granted it's only the 3rd day of school for Morgan, Sydney starts tomorrow, but it's looking good.

So here is my menu for them that was supposed to go up this past Monday:


B: pancakes (Morgan's fave, w/ a couple chocolate chips for the first day of school), sausage links

D: soft tacos, black beans and yellow rice


B: biscuits and gravy

D: sloppy joes, tater crowns, pickle and carrots


B: cereal

D: ham steak, mac n cheese, steamed broccoli and cornbread


B: blueberry muffins (Sydney's fave for her first day of school)

D: chicken quesadillas


B: bagel with cream cheese

D: pork chops w/ cream of mushroom gravy, rice and corn

Hopefully we can do this next week too!

Sunday the boys took us girls to see DORA LIVE! Sydney had been counting the days till this day. It was a nice production. She loved it. Morgan was a little bored with it at times but what do you expect...she's 7. I'm just surprised that Sydney still loves Dora. Here is a picture that was taken at the show:

Then after we decided to go out on our boat. We could see gray clouds out in the west but didn't think none of it. We figured it started to rain on the way out to the boat we would just head north back home. So, no rain. Called our friends that were out on North Ancolote Key and they said it was just overcast and the water was nice. So, we went. Not knowing that there was a tropical storm moving out there in the Gulf! If we knew that we'd have not gone! I guess we should watch the news more often! hahaha

Here are just a few pictures I got to snag. They are only of Colton b/c the girls were off playing with their friends Madison and Manny in the sand and Colton was by my side the entire time. I will have to get some of the girls next weekend.

He just loves the water and playing in the sand.

Monday was Morgan's first day of school. A 2nd grader all ready. {boo-hoo} She loved the first day. Here 3 friends are in her class too. Lucky her!

She's all ready! And look at all that pink! LOL

Monday, August 10, 2009

Today's agenda

Not much excitement today. Just the usual. Neal left early for the week and I'm going to get things around the house cleaned, in order and ready for the new school year.

Going to the grocery store, cleaners, movie store and then back home. Starting my "a better me" project that I started over on my scrapbook message board. Excited and not so excited about it. It'll be a 2 month + project but it'll be good in the long run.

Just enjoying the last week of summer with the kiddos. Can't believe that school starts on Monday! Still need to go school clothes shopping. I'm such a procrastinator.

Well, want to mention that there is a LIVE CHAT on my scrap message board Wendesday August 12 @ 9PM! Hope that some can attend!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The room is clear!

I made it out alive!!! Still have one more laundry to do (got sidetracked) but I will get to it. I found out that the girls really don't need any more clothes!!! I am going to wait till next weekend to get some clothes for them and get them some shoes. We find out their teachers on Thursday so I want to go thru that first to see if I need to swing to the store for any more last minute things.

I can't believe that they only have 1 more week of summer. Sydney in Kindergarten too! EEEEKKK!!! Poor Colton will be missing his little big sister. That will give me and him to do things just the two of us. I have plans!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Going into dangerous territory

Today I am dreading...

I don't wanna...

It's going to be a crazy, chaotic day...

I'm going into the girls room and may never come back out! I'm going to be "filtering" their clothes...EVERY LAST BIT OF IT. If I come out alive...I'll have to post what I did keep and how much I got rid of. Wish me luck! LOL

Thursday, August 6, 2009

FREE classes

What did I do?

Have you seen the FREE classes with Big Picture Scrapbooking?

I got this in my email: Self-Paced Projects

And of course, I clicked on it and that's all she wrote. YIKES! What did I get myself into!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

What's going on at my scrapbook community

Here are 3 things going on right now at my scrapbook message board:


SEPTEMBER GDT CALL for The Mosy Scrapper….

Let’s see those shaped layouts (6×6 or larger) using only ONE manufacturer for layers of papers (a mixture of manufacturers for embellies is fine), ONE picture (can be any color) and something handcut anywhere on your creation. Get your scissors sharpened and enter this call!

Must be a TMS member to enter and have at least 10 posts to the message board. THAT'S SO EASY TO DO! Participation is a must so that we can get to know you. Winner will receive a special donation from our sponsor for the month… Nikki Sivils!!

WOOHOO!!! {drool}

Please have your entry (new and never before seen) turned in to by August 16th, midnight ET to be considered for this call. Also include an item description of what you used in your creation AND what the creation is about. Winner will be notified via email no later than August 19th.

Good luck!


August Monthly Contest

This month's contest is an alterable.

Do you like to alter things? Can't get enough?

I would like you to create a door knob hanger (can be any size or shape) using:

1.) 3D embellishments
2.) some type of lettering on it, whether it be a word, saying, or an initial(s).

This is a also a great challenge because it comes just in time for the beginning of school. It makes a great first day gift for all those kiddos teachers. Or if you have a scraproom that you haven't put a hanger on is your chance. You may know a new mom or a mom-to-be...why not make her feel special with a door knob hanger for her little angel?

There are so many reasons to make a door knob hanger and a GREAT reason to receive some AWESOME goodies from our August Sponsor:

Please have your creation picture in the new TMS gallery (under MONTHLY CONTESTS) and also sent to by August 20th by midnight ET.
All scrappers must have a minimum of 10 posts to the gallery before entering.

Who is gonna win a loot from this adorable Etsy shop?
Now...let's get scrappin'!

...tell your scrappy friends, whomever....just head on over to the TMS blog and you could be entered into a hat for a FREE RAK by me!!!
YEP....EVERY Monday in August...that's 4 winners!!!
If you aren't a follower today, click on the link provided on the right-hand side of the TMS blog.

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