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Thursday, March 29, 2007

I feel like I'm going to wake up from this dream!!!

Well, about 4 hours ago and many tissues later I found out from my hubby that he got a promotion!! I'm VERY excited that this has happened but also VERY sad. It's kind of bitter sweet really. We've just moved into this house last January, his family lives here, the girls are in good schools and well, I like my life here.

Yesterday I was dreaming of starting my own personal scrapbook business trying to make scrap albums for those that can't or don't want to and today...we'll we have to move. He got the word about his position just before noon and it wasn't a "would you like this position?", it was "you are Regional Manager and here are some of your stores!".

See, Neal works for Aaron's Sales & Lease and he "was" the Assistant Regional Manager. The company had a meeting this morning discussing the change of regions in FL and well, they need a boss for a region and my AWESOME hubby got it!! This is an awesome opportunity for him and I'm elated. I guess I went thru some tissues b/c I had sooo many emotions going thru me all at once. Scared. Worried. Happy. Sad. You name it.

I love his family and it's so cool that they pretty much all live really near us. I'm an only child so it's nice to have to go thru the "family politics" and "drama" that come with having a huge family. I love hearing childhood stories of siblings b/c I didn't have that. And the best part of it all is that my kids get to go thru it!

The move isn't very far, just not in the same county anymore. What stinks is that I have to pack again!!! At least we don't have much clutter beings that we've been here a little over a year. AND summers approaching so we don't have to worry about switching schools yet.

Neal will be commuting until we sell the house. Hopefully that won't take forever. It's going to require some drive time for him, that's part of his job anyways, so hopefully he can get thru this peacefully.

Well, off to do some laundry. Like I said, "I feel like I'm going to wake up from this dream!!" :)


Jenn said...

well girly I am very happy for your hubby!! HUGE congrats!!! Sorry you have to move. But now at least you can redo your scrap room again! LOL!! Good luck with scrappin for others! You are good at that and I am NO good at doing stuff for others! LOL!!

Audra said...

WOW, what an awesome oppertunity for you guys. sorry you have to move again. That stinks. I hope you r house sells quickly, and that the move is easy.

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