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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy July 4th!

Well, the past couple of days have been somewhat painful. Monday I had a migraine all day and the girls were really good to me. They let me just lounge around while I stuck out the migraine. At times I felt like puking but didn't. I had some close calls, but it was okay. I felt so bad b/c we didn't do anything that day. Tylenol didn't help and it stunk b/c I can't take anything else. This baby better be a boy!!! heehee

Yesterday it took an eternity just for the fireworks in Inverness. The girls were so anxious from the time they woke up. We finally met my niece and her family around 6 to go over to the park where the festivities would be. BUT the weather wasn't looking in our interest. In fact, we had to take cover twice. DH wasn't sure if he'd make the fireworks b/c of work and eventually a little twist of his arm over the phone got him to the park just in time. But he brought more rain with him! The kids were a little disappointed b/c they knew that the rain would stop the fireworks. In fact, the 3rd shower changed a lot of people pack up and go home. Just as they all got their chairs in bags, coolers packed up and blankets folded the fireworks started!!! The girls were in awe and it ended up turning out perfect! I'm just glad that we stuck it out.

This morning my husband and decided to wake up Sydney around 630am to sing her Happy B-day. Only b/c DH was leaving for work. She got up and ran outside the room and stood behind a wall while we sang to her. I think she was a little embarrassed as well as sleepy. Then when we stopped she ran back into the room, fell on the floor next to the bed and hid. We had to pick her up and lay her back to sleep!! It was soo funny. She's still sleeping now, 1 1/2 hours later!! :) Morgan didn't even budge when we tried waking her up. And to think it was her idea to do this!! Oh well.

I can't believe Syd's 3 today. Today is my 3rd year being a SAHM and retired from work too. WOW, time flies. Only to start the diaper and formula thing all over again in 7 months. :)

Well, hope all has a Happy 4th and enjoy the fireworks!!

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