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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Soap go bye-bye

Here is my little cutie patutie on Thursday when we were at my SIL! He is such an angel...just talking and smiling. Well, at least he was doing that b/c he didn't want to take his naps that day or the day before. And the ride home showed it!! Not only did it pour down rain for the 2 hour drive, my oldest was crying b/c she had some growing pains in her ankle and the radio was blaring...he cried 3/4 of the way home...and there was nothing we could do about it. BUT he did sleep from 9-5 that that was a good thing! Today he was back on schedule and still talking and smiling!

As for my other 2 rugrats...well, have you ever wondered what happened to that full bottle of shampoo or bodywash? Take my 2 girls for instance...told them to go get an early shower so we could eat up and then watch a movie for movie nite tonite. They loved that idea...20 minutes later..."where's your sister?" I ask Morgan. "She's still in the shower." WHAT? WHY? I go looking in on her and she scrubbing the floor which is filled with bubbles. Then she hands me the bottle of shampoo (empty) and I ask, "did you wash your hair?" And I get a "yes, and MoMo used it all up!" Don't you just love how siblings are quick to point the finger on each other?

ERRR!!! Then I noticed my Bath & Body Cucumber Melon body wash was gone too!! I had only used up 1/4 full!! A 2nd ERRR!!!

They had a nice talking to (or should I say yell-fest) and then it was to the table to eat, brush their teeth and off to bed! They knew they did wrong and you could see the seriousness (is that a word?) in their faces! I didn't get any cries, whines or begging either. to the store tomorrow to buy shampoo for my dirty head!


KarenB said...

I would have been livid as well!!! Especially the B&B stuff - that is my fav!!!

April Driggers said...

awww... you slave driver...send them to scrub the floors then yell at them.... shame on you! BWA HA HA HA HA!

I can so relate/sympathize/empathize with this whole scenario. :)

Jenn said...

ugh sorry! James does the same thing but doesn't seem to remember that there are consequences! DUH!! lol! Hopefully they'll learn! But at least she was scrubbin the floor right?!! LOL!

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