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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Meet Finley and one hungry little boy

This is Finley...our new pet. I know...I've said that I didn't want any more pets, but I couldn't resist yesterday. I dropped the girls off at dance camp and then off to do place was the pet store to get Simon some food. Colton was with me and I thought it would be neat to walk around the store with him and show him the animals. He liked the bunnies and the birds. And then there were the fish! He just watched them swim. So, I decided to get a Beta fish. I have no clue how to care for fish so I asked so many questions and got the most east to maintain fish there is. I surprised the girls when I picked them up from camp and Morgan asked if she could name it Finley. Sydney liked it too so that's his name. Now I wish I could keep him on my scrap desk. We'll see how it goes. Maybe Sydney and I will get one too. MAYBE!

And then last night at dinner, Colton was sitting with me (it was near bath time and he get's cranky around then) and we were just eating when he starts to lean forward towards my spoon! I thought it was weird. Then when I grabbed my cup he started in on that too! So, I thought, what the heck, let's try some rice cereal. Sat him in his bouncey seat, and fed him some cereal. The boy LOVED it!! He wouldn't let go of my hand so I could get more spoonfuls! When I pried my hand away from his grip he screamed! It was too funny. The girls were VERY excited that he is interested in food. They just want to feed him. It's not the same like feeding your babydolls! Here is a pix of him:

He'll be 4 months on Saturday and he has a doctor appointment on Monday. He's growing up too fast!!


janet said...

Hey!!! We just bought Kate a Beta Fish!! His name is Buddy the Beta! Love the story of Colton and the cereal. Sounds like he loved it!

KarenB said...

Wow!!! Look how much he has grown - just a doll!!!

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