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Monday, September 8, 2008

One of those "flip-flop" days

Ever walk out of the house in a frenzy and can't remember how you got on what you put on??

Well...that happened to me today. I went shopping with my niece Colleen for our friend, Amy's, baby shower...we first went to Hobby Lobby only to find out that they are closed on Sunday's...BUMMED!!! Then we decided to just go to old faithful - Michael's. We were in the store for about 45 minutes (with my sick son...poor man...he had a low grade fever, but he did awesome as usual...I think he likes shopping with mommy personally)...anywho...I'm at the checkout and as I was paying, Colleen says...

"you do realize that you have 2 different flip flops on?"


I look down...OH LORD!

"and you now tell me this?!"

DOH!! I had one silver flip-flop on and one brown flip-flop on. Now how in the world did that happen? I could have at least matched them in some odd way! I automatically go into back track mode and remember putting on flip-flops but not looking down. THAT WOULD BE THE PROBLEM! They luckily were the same brand and make so that is why I never noticed a different feel! Call me a dumba*@...DUH!

No one noticed during our ventures out to 4 MORE stores. I stood in line at Walmart and Bath & Body (so that wasn't one of our original spots nor a place for the baby shower gifts...but we had to take advantage of being in a town where the store is located) and not one person looked down at my feet...not like I'd want them too nor did I really want them to notice me. I mean...not even one of the teeny boppers noticed. THANK GOD!!! If I did this about 2 or 3 years ago I would have marched into a store to buy shoes that didn't care one bit! That is how I know I'm getting older! hahaha

So...when I arrived home I stood in front of my two girls that were planted on the couch and said...

"what is wrong with mommy's outfit."

I got a weird look from my oldest and my youngest daughter just pointed back and forth to my shoes. I told them what I did and they had the cutest expressions on their faces! Then a good laugh!

Glad to be a comedian today!

Moral: Make sure you do the up and down look before walking out of the house...even if you are wearing flip-flops! ;)


Alteredego said...

thanks for the laugh today... I so needed it. That sounds like something I would do. I hope the baby is feeling better.

janet said...

Well, you made me laugh!!! That is so funny, Christa! I have done it with sock but never shoes!
Check the mirror before you go out next time!! LOL!

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