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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Buzz-buzz and 12 tequilas!

Well...on Saturday it was time for Colton to get his first hair cut!! NOW HE LOOKS LIKE A LITTLE MAN!! :( I thought he'd freak out with the sound of the buzzers so Neal made sure he heard the clippers before doing anything and viola...surprise, surprise...he's such an awesome baby!! He just sat there! We didn't want to do anything fancy w/ his hair do for the first time...just a regular trim on the sides and back. He still needs to fill in the front areas (thanks Dad! Love ya!) ;)

This weekend we had a fun time spent with Neal's co-workers at a house on the water. It was so nice! It was almost like a mini-vacation. The kids had fun, even though Colton was sporting a low grade fever...nothing big...I think teeth are next! But the girls had fun with Neal's co-worker's little girl and big sister. The adults managed to go out to eat with more co-workers and bring the "party" back to the house. There I had a total of 12 shots only because 2 of Neal's co-workers thought I couldn't hold my tequila. WELL...I did! HA! I may have been buzzing after the 12th shot, but hey...what do you expect. Everyone left and Neal and I decided to go into the hot tub and that's where I really don't remember much! I just remember being in my PJ's and then waking up the next morning feeling like I needed to eat something FAST!

When we left the girls remembered (of course) that we mentioned putt-putt golf on the way home and Neal was trying to talk them out of it because he new that I was going to get sick. Well...I did. Poor parking lot at some building! YUCK! But I felt so much better once I picked my head up and closed the car door. Then I said...let's go play golf! Well...I didn't, neither did Colton. In fact, he and I sat in the car at the golf place while Neal took the girls to play. Colt was sleeping and I was, well, resting. I felt so much better by the time we got home! Needless to say...I can take the tequila, just not that much in that short of time. Although...I did pretty good for myself considering one of the guys taking shots with me was a pretty big guy!

Anyways...back to the grind here. Doing laundry, chores and taking care of my scrap business! It's doing alright I guess. It could be better, but it's only the beginning. ***There's a "12 weeks before Christmas" contest at THE MOSY on the link to the left for details!*** for now...gotta feed these kids some dinner!

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