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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Colton!

Well, this weekend was so jam packed and lots of fun!

Saturday was our little man's 1st bday, Valentine's day, and soccer extravaganza!!!

I had made cupcakes the night before for all the guests to Colt's bday party, which was after the soccer games. His theme was frogs of course, the poor boy has a room full of them and well, he loves them, so why not a bday party with them too!

I also made some baggies for the kids for Vday. I was inspired by a member of TipJunkie. The version I saw was a tote that hung behind a chair (I believe that Pottery Barn makes them) and I thought, well, I would like to start a tradition for the kids besides the usual candy and cards. So I bought 3 fabric totes from Michael's, some foam sheets, a wooden letter per each kid, paint, some ribbon, wooden hearts and some sticky glittery foam hearts. Then I just had fun decorating each bag and viola! In it were yummy candies and of course a card. Colt's wasn't filled only because it's his first Vday (and birthday mind you...LUCKY DUCK!) and well, he just doesn't need candy yet, in my opinion!

Then we were off to the soccer games. My mom had come the day before so she was a ton of help while I ran around like a chicken at home getting things together for after the games. I HAD to see my girls play soccer. It was Sydney's last game and well, if you saw her play, you would say she runs "like a girl"! hahaha Well, for her last game she actually got into the game and was in there with the rest of the kids kicking the ball! I was so proud of her! She wasn't just a "benchwarmer!" I could tell she was proud of herself too! After the game they received medallions for playing. I thought that was very nice! She loved it...she called it her "Golden". What a cutie!

Morgan also had a soccer game going on at the same time as Sydney's....see why I was running around? Her game was good and the team won!! They had a 2nd game scheduled but she wasn't able to make that because of her brother's bday. But that was okay. The next day, Sunday, was full of soccer!!!

At the park, where the party was held, we had a pavillion that I thought was going to be ours. Well, we had to share it with another bday, but that was fine. The kids didn't mind, they were out on the playground for the most of it. Colton enjoyed walking his little toy and just being a ham!! We ordered pizza...MMMMM...and Colton thought so too!!! He ate like a monster that boy!! What a cutie!

Then of course came the cake!! Hahaha The mustlooked at (dreaded by mother's because of the mess) cake! Just something simple. A chocolate cake (messier the better) with a lily pad and his favorite squeaky toy frog on the top. He wasn't sure what was going on and he kept eyeing the cupcakes because he devoured one a couple days prior. But, he eventually dug into the cake. What a mess!!

He had a great day and it was a quiet, close turnout. Just family and friends. He loved the swing at the park and every last gift he received. It was a good day!

Sunday, we spent the entire day at the park watching 3 games of soccer. Our butts were numb and the poor kids got a GREAT workout!! They didn't win, but that's okay. Going to do this again this Saturday for a 2nd tournament. Is soccer ever going to end?

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Amy Wilges said...

sounds like it was a great (busy) weekend! such a cute b-day theme and that little man is sooo cute! your girlie looked like she was enjoying soccer too!

have a creative day,


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