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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Busy weekend! And another to come!!!

This weekend was a fun, filled weekend. We went over to Jetty Park and brought our travel trailer and camped out and then went to our nephews wedding on the beach! It was very windy! The kids had a great time and they were very good. Here are some pictures of the kids with their cousins (who also stayed with us!)

Then on Saturday evening we went to our nephew's wedding that wasn't too far from the campsite. This was the girls first time at a wedding at let me tell you...they had a blast! Dancing at the reception and making friends with the bridal party. The wedding was gorgeous. It was just perfect. When Delora came out with her father the song "Some Where Over the Rainbow" (by the Hawaiian singer) played and in the backdrop of the beach there was a rainbow. Talk about a goosebump moment! My sister in law made their wedding cake and it was just beautiful. So if anyone wants a cake...just email me and I'll get with her! ;) Here are some pictures from that evening.

But on Sunday we had to go home. :( It was a nice quick getaway. We really need to use our travel trailer more often! Well, we got GREAT news on Monday from Neal's work too! Looks like we may be using that travel trailer more often!!! He got a promotion at work which means more traveling (not to keen on that but whatcha' gonna do). And since summer is coming we might just tag along with him and bring our trailer with us to some places. Not too bad!!! We'll see.

OH...and we booked a cruise for June!!! So excited. Not as excited as the girls are though. They have been wanting to go on a cruise thanks to the Carnival commercials they see. All Morgan wants to do is climb the rockwall, but we told her that the ship we will be going on doesn't have one. She's okay with that. Sydney is just excited to join the Carnival Camp they have on board. She calls it a "school". We will be going with a couple friend that we know to Mexico and Grand Cayman. We've done this trip before and I hope that this time we can swim with the stingray! OR ELSE!

Okay...well, gotta promote my scrapbook know... That's the message board. Can you believe that it's already 1 year old? CRAZINESS!!! I am having a cyber crop starting tomorrow March 27th (at 7pm ET) till Sunday March 29th (at midnight ET). There will be a GRAND PRIZE, door prizes, RAKs, plenty of things to work on and inspiration! Come down to the message board. OH, and one more thing...there is a SALE at my scrap store too!!!!

1 comment:

janet said...

So glad you guys had a great time. It sounds wonderful. Love the pictures! You can tell it was windy. You look great!
Hey, I tagged you on my blog for a little photo thingy. (nice word, huh? Thingy!
I want to go on a cruise!

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