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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rough night...great day so far

Just found out that I got 3 sales in my ETSY shop and I also have a blog review that was done on my shop! :) Here is a link to it.

Let's see...what's going on now...

I have one sick little man. He had a fever last night and we both didn't get much sleep. He ended up falling asleep on my lap last night on the couch. That is NOT like him at all. He's always so go-go-go. So I knew that he wasn't feeling that well. When he fell asleep I layed him on the couch and I got up to make popcorn for Neal and myself. He ended up waking up and got up to sit next to me. We were watching Monday Night Football and he just sat and watched football and asked for popcorn. LOL He wasn't feeling too bad then. the night went on his fever spiked up again. DRATS! Finally when I was ready to go to bed (of course he wasn't) I took him in my room and he feel asleep on my bed...for like 20 minutes. I was soooo tired. We ended up on his floor in his room. I was dozing on and off while he played with all his toys. You should have seen the mess this morning! I finally gave up and told him to go to bed (after I gave him more meds) and left the room. He fell asleep and I my bed!

This morning he had a low grade fever and we've just been hanging out, doing laundry, cleaning house with the windows open. Enjoying the nice breezes that are coming from TS Ida. He seems to be doing much better. Thankfully.

Girls are in school, nap time is near and I've got one hungry belly! Gonna be productive now. Tata.

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