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Sunday, December 23, 2007


Well, Morgan had her soccer game today and she did good. They won...GO BLUE THUNDER!! With the weather so dreary today that is how I pretty much felt! I didn't do much wrapping like I wanted to yesterday and today was not the day. My tiredness finally caught up with me, so after we got home from her game I just vegged on the couch, watched a movie w/ DH and rested. It was well worth it. Then we went out w/ my niece and her family to the Festival of Lights at the Wildlife Park and my other niece and nephew were there with their family and SIL and her family were there too. It was nice. The lights were very pretty and the kids had a great time. DARN...have pix but didn't upload them yet! Oh well...they'll be plenty of time for that later! After the lights we went back to our house (minus SIL and family) and ordered Chinese!! YUM...and no cooking for me!! ;) The kids tore up the rooms and well, I'm cleaning tomorrow so I can put everything back it's original spot only to be moved again the next day. That's okay, I'll feel better that everything is I think DH is taking them out tomorrow for the entire afternoon. I've already made my cleaning list! HAPPY, HAPPY, JOY, JOY!!!

I submitted for a DT postion on Savvy n Sassy....keeping my fingers crossed. You know, after having such a tiresome week I actually got to scrap a layout yesterday!! Yippee for me. AND I can add it to my AAM album! Well, I'd post that LO too, but want to wait until the the DT is picked in another week.

Well, gotta get some sleep and hope that I only have to wake up once during the night versus 3!! And I pray that I don't get a charlie horse in my calf like I did last night (I got one 4 times IN A ROW) UGH!! DH ended up taking my leg and massaging it...I was trying to be quite and bite my pillow until it went away, but my emotions got to me when he took my leg and I broke down in it hurt like heck!! BUT, not as much as labor!!! hahaha

Anywho...GOOD NIGHT!

1 comment:

janet said...

OMG! I got charlie horses when I was pregnant all the time...they hurt so bad. Sorry you arent' getting good sleep.
Good luck on the DT call! Hope you get it!

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