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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Being practical now these days

Okay, Xmas has come and gone and well...still trying to play catch up with the house and cleaning! How is that!!??

Today I'm planning on putting some of the Xmas decor away b/c DH wants to get the garage organized and all those Xmas boxes put away. Most of the "stuff" that's still in the house is his that go in the garage and he wants to clean the garage and yada-yada-yada...

So, hopefully I can get it all done today, we'll see.

I still need to get the pix from the holidays uploaded...oy vey! Maybe I'll do that later today when the girls are down for a nap.

Last night it occured to me that we don't have much time till Colton arrives. Technically, if babies were actually born on their due dates (well, Morgan was and she was our first child) that I would have about 6 weeks. But we all know that babies can come early (like our 2nd) and I'm good to deliver like in 2 weeks without having to worry to much of incubators and daily visits to the hospital. YIKES!!! I still need to get things for him!! EEK! Okay, now I'm stressed. The room still needs to be painted from purple to blue (used to be 2nd DDs room) and his crib needs to be put together, luckily DH has had practice twice on it with our other 2 girls (heeheehee) and well, need to get the following:
  • bedding set
  • hamper
  • changing table
  • towels (I have regular one's which those will do)
  • hair brush (that's wishful thinking really, both girls had little to no hair)

I think it's sooo funny that with your first child you have to get ALL the things and stock up on clothes up to like 12 months. The 2nd child either has hand-me-downs or you just get a little bit. But it seems like any child after #2 you just get it as you go! I'm not in a rush (like I was w/ my first child) to get clothes for 6 months...I'm like "I'll wait till he grows to that point". Not that I'm not thinking about him, just a little more practical this time around. BEEN THERE DONE THAT! And I thought with it being our 1st boy that I'd be a little different.

Well, going to do some bills and then get the day started. Stomach is growling at me. Need to feed the baby! Tata for now!

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