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Monday, January 14, 2008


Okay, just noticed that my little Lilypie banner for the baby says that I have 28 days left! ZOIKS as Scooby-Doo says! EEK is more like it! Oh boy. I wonder when the day will be. I'm trying to make sure that all my ducks are in a row and getting last minute papers done (bills), getting things from the grocery store so we don't have to make trips as much (except for the usuals...milk, eggs and produce) and just trying to get some of what's left of "me" time in.

On another note...just got word that one of my LO's made the "Memory of the Week" on This is a NEW and GREAT site that's been up since November. I have to thank one of my DT members on another site who introduced me to this site (Thanks Karen!) :) The owner of MMFY ROCKS!! She showed me a couple of days ago how to scan and stitch my 12x12 LO's and how to make my pix of my work, work better on the computer! Like I said she ROCKS!!

Well, let's see...
Oh, since last time I blogged...there was an escaped convict that well ESCAPED from our local jail (which is about 5 miles away) and this happened while I was in the line to pick up my oldest DD from school! The school was on lock down and all the parents waiting in line had to wait until word got out from the Sherriff to lift the lockdown. Well, after 30 minutes they let the "car riders" go home but the poor kids that ride the bus! I finally got a call from the school around 5pm that the "bus riders" were then being released and escorted by police. It was crazy. Just on the drive home from the school there were cops all over the place...police dogs, undercover cops in their regular clothes w/ bullet proof vests and binoculars. In a distance there was a helicopter.

Well, they finally caught the guy today at 945 only a couple of miles from the school! I'm just glad they got him. The weather was warm this weekend and it rained pretty much all day yesterday so that slowed the search down a bit and the dogs lost his sent. Just glad that he's back in jail! He was in jail for robbery/burglary and something else...not like murder or anything, but STILL!

Saturday Morgan had her soccer game and she scored 3 goals. She started off slow but woke up in the 3rd quarter! Then that night we went over to some family friends. Sunday it was rainy and gloomy. My niece had her 6th bday party at a bowling alley so that's were I was in the afternoon. DH was coming down with something, but I thought it was from drinking a little too much the night before! hahaha Needless to say, I pumped him up with some constant hot tea and medicine. He felt sooo much better this morning and he thanked me. I think it was partly from the drinking and the weather. Just glad he's not sick!

Well, gonna go check out the message boards, scan some things and do some stuff around the house. UGH!

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