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Friday, January 11, 2008

A week has gone by and I don't feel accomplished!!!

Boy oh boy!! I'm slacking!!! I have been taking my daily pictures for my January 2008 album but I haven't really jotted anything down. I need to work on this tonite!! I MUST!!

So far a week has gone by and not much really going on. Morgan had her soccer game on Saturday and then on Sunday I was cleaning like a mad-woman!! :) I even washed Colton's clothes finally and put those all away. Didn't get the room painted like we wanted. Neal was very busy doing garage and yardwork. That's okay, he was out of the house so I could do my thing! ;)

Monday Sydney started back at school and she wasn't clingly like she ALWAYS is! I was impressed!! Then Morgan and I headed over to the LSS to scrap!! It was her idea and she was so excited. She got to work on her LO's...which are just too cute for a 5 year old and one of the ladies there let her do some cut outs on her Cricut!! That's not fair!! Mommy wants a Cricut for her bday OR Mother's Day!!! HINT HINT!! :) On Tuesday I went down to my SIL's house and had a nice relaxed day w/ the girls and her girls. School started for Morgan on Wednesday. That was really weird having the house to myself. I went to the grocery store and played in the scraproom. Figured I better get in what I can! Thursday it was just picking up clutter in the house and organizing and the soccer practice in the evening. Today, well, I had my last hair appointment before baby. That was nice. Then I went to the new LSS for their grand opening. It's a smaller store with a lot of ladies trying to do some make and take. It was nice being pregnant b/c everyone was offering me a chair!! heehee. I sat down and did something with DREAMWEAVER paste and a stencil and glitter. Then my cell phone rang!! UGH!! DH needed me to fax something to him and the form was at home!! WAAAA!! Luckily the house is like 5 minutes from this store. Did that and just stayed home! It was getting kind of crowded anyways. Didn't buy anything which was probably good!!!

Tonight I want to clean my scrap desk, work on my Jan '08 album and get my Feb one cut up and put together so that it'll be easier for me when that month comes! Maybe make some cards w/ the leftovers too!

This weekend...let's see...Morgan has a soccer game tomorrow and then going over to some friends house in the evening for dinner. Sunday...I have nothing planned...probably tape Colton's room for painting and get my hands into the paint for some wall hangings I want. Laundry I'm sure could be done! IT COULD BE DONE RIGHT NOW!!!

Well, only 31 days to go!! He's really running out of room and the hourly bathroom visits in the middle of the night have got to stop!!! I just hope that the feeling of being accomplished kicks in soon, b/c I'm not feelin' it this week!!!

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