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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The cherries are coming, the cherries are coming!

Does anyone know what this is?

My SIL and I got one of me out here Andrea...about 1.5 years ago was it?? We were at a really neat kitchen store near her house and HAD to get this. We just LOVE gadgets are so neat!! The reason why I post this picture is b/c I got a grocery ad in the mail and saw that cherries are back!!'s summer already!!! I can't wait to buy my first bunch of strawberries...the girls love them too. (really...just want to use my gadget! heehee)

Well, Neal's been on vacation since Saturday and we've been laying low. Getting anxious for our camping trip this coming weekend. Trying to get last minute things (he's out getting a helmet for Sydney!) and waiting for a part to come in for our Excursion...RRRRR!!! Thank goodness he and Lindey noticed something wrong with the bracket connected to the front axel!! It just stinks that it's the week of our journey. Will the part come in on time? If it does, will it be fixed on time? PLAN B???

Other than that, the kids, Neal and I are getting the you see signs here for us not to go?? WE'RE STILL GOING!!

The other night I was working on scrap stuff (as usual) and Neal was on the computer. He looked over at what I was doing and he asked if that's all ya do...start with paper and work from there. So he got a wild hair and said he was going to make a page! WHAT?!! Cool I thought. He did pretty good too, I will say. Pretty impressed. After about an hour of working on his masterpiece here is what came about:

I wish I had a pix of Colton too, but didn't have one for him to use. He could always add to this layout or just do another one!! ;) I will definately be looking into a 12x12 frame for this and putting it in my scraproom!!

Well, little man just woke up...gotta get my cutie!

1 comment:

janet said...

He did a great job on the layout!!! Love that title! So great that he did it!
I hope you guys don't get sick for your fun weekend. Enjoy and have a GREAT time!!!

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