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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Got Milk?

Well, this post is a couple of days late. I usually take a picture each month of my kids 1st year of life so I can document it in their scrapbooks. Well...I tell ya, Colton knows when that funny looking gray box comes at him with a red light that's mesmerizing! He has a smile or wiggles and then when the light appears...a deer in the headlights look comes upon him!! It's so hard to get a picture of this smiley baby...and that he definately is!!

Well, I was manning my scrap message board with him in my lap, kicking at the roll out that holds the keyboard...he's pretty strong...pushes the keyboard under the table sometimes if I'm not careful...anyways, he decides he needs to show me what he just ate!! Well, I turn him around to wipe his face and this thought came to mind...

GOT MILK? So of course I had to take a picture of the little guy (sorry if the thought of my milk on his face bothers you!)

See, told ya...a deer in the headlights!!

Well, then I're 3 months today!! So I wipe his face and take him out to the family room where I took his picture. What a cutie patootie...all wiggly. Like his onesie? Mr. February, something I made before he was born!!

Well, that was Wednesday. Friday my niece came over after dinner so we could go over what we needed to bring on our RV/4wheelin mini vacation this coming weekend. I sooo can't wait. It's going to be interesting getting 8, no 9, well...8 1/4 people into a travel trailer!! It'll be fun and the kids will remember the fun we will be having.

Yesterday she and I went shopping for the trip. What should have taken 2 hours lasted 4 hours and Colton did really well shopping with us! I am sooo done shopping at Walmart...for at least a week anyways! I hope time goes by quickly this week though. I still need to make my list of what I need to bring and pack for everyone. How is it the mom packs everything? And then when you forget something, mom is the one that gets blamed? I swear...pack your own crap!! Anywho...

My site had it's first Guest Design Team call and we had a few submissions. My partner in crime and I have picked our GDT, but we can't say who we picked until the 20th!! heehee We had some good layouts turned in...can't wait to see what our GDT creates with the goodies coming to her from CREATEMYKEEPSAKES.COM!!

Well...until next time...

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