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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sundy

Hope everyone had a nice Easter. We had a very nice, quiet day. The girls were up at 7am trying to get us to let them outside to get the eggs. YIKES! We eventually convinced them that they had to eat breakfast first and get ready before doing so. So we made a big breakfast, Neal and I, and then after that it was onto the eggs. The Easter Bunny left them nice baskets (and not full of candy this year!) and they both got t-shirts that they've been wanting. It's funny b/c they aren't even allowed to watch these shows. Morgan with her High School Musical 2 shirt and Sydney with her iCarly shirt. Colton got 2 outfits and then some squishy sports balls and toy motorcycles. It's amazing how an almost 14month old can already know to make the VROOM-VROOM sound and push toy motorcycles on the tile floor! Here is a picture of the girls before their hunt:

Before they went out to find eggs we let Colton go out first so that he could figure out what an egg hunt was. He just wanted to pick up the eggs and throw them! ACK!

I love this action shot that Neal got of Morgan. You can tell the excitement in this picture.

And this is a shot of what happens when you leave an baby with a basket of eggs and time. heehee We were so caught up with helping the girls find their eggs...some of them were hidden really well...that we left Colt sitting by himself. It dawned on me and I ran to him and saw this...had to have Neal take the picture. Colton didn't have a look of YUM on his face!!

Later after lunch we finally cut into this cake that I made the night before for Sydney's "bunny". She's had this bunny since Easter before she turned 1. Mema and Pappap gave this to her and who would of thunk that she would carry this bunny EVERYWHERE with her! Poor bunny doesn't look 4 years old! hahaha So, last year we started this tradition to sing Happy Birthday to Bunny b/c Sydney wanted to know how old he was. She just loved this idea and has been counting the days till bunny turned another year. This year she asked for a strawberry shortcake cake for bunny and it be pink! So...this is what bunny got...and the cake was yummy too! ;)

A little after lunch I had a thought of us going out to the local beach just to get out of the house. Even if it were just an hour. Didn't think that it would be that busy there. Well...we pulled up to Fort Island Beach and it was packed! There went that idea of a quiet walk on the beach! But the kids had fun and Colton got used to the water and his feet sinking in the sand! Here are some pictures of our hour there.

All in all, it was a pleasant day. Now, it's Spring Break for the girls...what to do!?


janet said...

Colton ate the eggs??? LOL! Love the pictures. The action shot is great and the girls look so pretty! Glad you had a nice Easter!

Alteredego said...

Looks like you had a nice Easter, such cute kids, the beach looks really nice and what a nice thing to do for the bunny. That cake looks so yummy.

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