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Saturday, April 11, 2009

A week in review

I finally got the pictures off my camera from last week and so need to post them. Last Saturday, what am I think...last weekend was CRAZY! But in a good way. After Neal being gone the whole week w/ work Saturday came and we were all ready to do some fun things with the kids.

Saturday Sydney had "Carnival Day" for her school at a local park. The school puts this on every year raising money for the school. A cake walk, silent raffles, face painting, food and a big haystack for kids to just sit and find goodies throughout the day. Here is Colt sitting in the middle of the stack trying to figure out why we put him there.

We stayed there for a couple of hours and then we were off to Colleen's house to drop off Sydney and Colton for a few hours because it was "Morgan's Day". Earlier in the year I started something I took from JON AND KATE PLUS 8, taking one child out for the day to a place they liked or had interests in and spend a couple one-on-one time with them. Then go out for either a bite to eat or some ice cream. Well...Morgan picked roller skating. I thought that was a great idea! AND I don't know why I hadn't taken her yet being that I skated competitively for so many years as a child myself. to the local rink we went.

I think all rinks look the same. Walking in (without my skates...I must get them next time I'm at my parents...even if they are 2 sizes small...I'll just deal!) brought back so many memories and also nerves. Could I still skate? Would I injure my knee again? Is Morgan going to get hurt? OH...the questions. Well, got some rentals...EW, they lack any support and just are...crap! Got them on and it was amazing how easy it was to get back on them. I did miss my skates though. Morgan had a blast. She held onto the wall for a bit but then decided to venture out. Without me. Then Neal decided he would get skates on...oh help us...and WOW...he surprised me. I was stunned! He skated fast and Morgan loved it. She wanted to spend the rest of the time there with him. That was fine by me anyways...I'm the photographer. And I did spend 5 whole days being mommy and daddy...I think I can share! heehee

After our skating venture we found a really nice ice cream parlor in town. YUM! Then we picked up Colton and to the store to pick up the salad that we needed to bring to our friend's the Bryson's. Got home and literally jumped into the shower, bathed Colt, supervised the girls in the shower and then we were out the door in 45!!! We had a great time over at Tracy and Grant's. Love drinking wine with them and enjoying good food. Can't wait till the next time. The guys seemed to have a REALLY good time b/c they decided to go to the Country Club and pay a visit to the bar. Needless to say...when we got home the girls and I had a slumber party on the floor and it began at midnight! Neal was sawing logs and well...we had our girls time!

Sunday we went to Tiff's house for some 4wheeling fun. I had a good time and so did everyone else. Don't have picures of that though. I was too busy driving! ;)

Nothing much the rest of the week. The girls are on Spring Break and we are just laying low for the most part. Not really going many places. Neal will be in DC for a work convention. I may take the kids to Busch Gardens and we definately will be going to Andrea's for a day or two. The pool is still a bit cold but I might talk the kids into going in. Gotta start cleaning the pool now...ugh!

Here is one last picture I captured yesterday of the girls playing in my bathroom. They were all in my closet having their own fashion show and wearing my shoes. They do a better job walking in my heels and pumps than I do!

Well...I better get off this blog thang and get some baskets ready. Tomorrow is Easter (and Sydney's Bunny's birthday...if you knew Syd and her stuffed's a BIG deal!) and the girls have a little set up for Mr. Bunny! Kids are too cute!

1 comment:

janet said...

Great pictures. But I want to see you in some skating pictures too!
Love the heels!!

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