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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dora, boat and school

Well, I'm a little late writing about this. I wanted to do this Sunday but life caught up and here we are on Wednesday.

Let's see....

Last week I took the kids school shopping....NEVER AGAIN!!! LOL I think it's because I had all 3 of them and the fact that one child is just picky!

Saturday we did NOTHING!! It was nice to just vege and do nothing. I did help the girls organize their school supplies. I also decided that this school year (or at least the first week anyways) I was going to make them breakfast every morning. No more "what do you want to eat for breakfast?" Because that always ends up 30 minutes later with a "I don't know" and then we are rushing out the door. NO MORE I say!

So far I can say that it's working, no complaints and the kids are eating a meal before school...and we haven't rushed yet. Granted it's only the 3rd day of school for Morgan, Sydney starts tomorrow, but it's looking good.

So here is my menu for them that was supposed to go up this past Monday:


B: pancakes (Morgan's fave, w/ a couple chocolate chips for the first day of school), sausage links

D: soft tacos, black beans and yellow rice


B: biscuits and gravy

D: sloppy joes, tater crowns, pickle and carrots


B: cereal

D: ham steak, mac n cheese, steamed broccoli and cornbread


B: blueberry muffins (Sydney's fave for her first day of school)

D: chicken quesadillas


B: bagel with cream cheese

D: pork chops w/ cream of mushroom gravy, rice and corn

Hopefully we can do this next week too!

Sunday the boys took us girls to see DORA LIVE! Sydney had been counting the days till this day. It was a nice production. She loved it. Morgan was a little bored with it at times but what do you expect...she's 7. I'm just surprised that Sydney still loves Dora. Here is a picture that was taken at the show:

Then after we decided to go out on our boat. We could see gray clouds out in the west but didn't think none of it. We figured it started to rain on the way out to the boat we would just head north back home. So, no rain. Called our friends that were out on North Ancolote Key and they said it was just overcast and the water was nice. So, we went. Not knowing that there was a tropical storm moving out there in the Gulf! If we knew that we'd have not gone! I guess we should watch the news more often! hahaha

Here are just a few pictures I got to snag. They are only of Colton b/c the girls were off playing with their friends Madison and Manny in the sand and Colton was by my side the entire time. I will have to get some of the girls next weekend.

He just loves the water and playing in the sand.

Monday was Morgan's first day of school. A 2nd grader all ready. {boo-hoo} She loved the first day. Here 3 friends are in her class too. Lucky her!

She's all ready! And look at all that pink! LOL

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