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Friday, August 21, 2009

Sydney's first day and cards

Yesterday was an exciting day for Sydney. She could NOT wait for the day to come. KINDERGARTEN!!!

She was bright eyed and bushy tailed! The night before I had made one of my special treats for the first day of school, KISSING HAND cookies. The idea came from the book, "The Kissing Hand". I just love that book and the girls have heard it every year now for the past 3 years. It's such a cute book about a little raccoon going to school for the first time and about nerves and worries. His mother kisses him on the hand and says that no matter what she will always be there for him, just remember the kiss that she placed in his hand and hold it near and dear to him. Then everything will be fine.

Well, I have a hand cookie cutter and away I went. I only made 2 cookies this year because there were no already made sugar cookies at the store. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? But what kid is going to complain with chocolate chips in their cookie, right! LOL I then add a little Hershey kiss and viola...YUM!

And before we left we had to take the 1st day of school picture. I love this outfit I found the girls at Target. Just glad that they liked it too!

Sydney didn't want me to walk her to her classroom but thank goodness for today's technology, I just told her that we had to take a picture for Daddy and send it thru the phone. Hahahaha Snagged this picture. First thing she did when she entered her class was hug the teacher! Too funny! She then went to her desk where she was instructed to empty the contents of her bag and then hang the bag and lunch bag up. She was ready to go. Ready to kiss be good bye and shoo Morgan away to her class! So glad that she wasn't scared!

Morgan didn't want me to "kiss" her goodbye...she is at that stage now of being embarrassed. Muahahaha...only if she knew how embarrassed she is going to get! HAHAHAHA

Last night I felt a little scrappy. I haven't had mojo in a while to scrap. So many other things that are crafty that I've been working on too for my Etsy shop that will open soon!!! Here are some cards that I made for my scrap sites charity for the month...little note cards for our members on the site. This month we took a break from making cards for charities...Lori decided that we needed some cards too!

Today I am just a cleaning fool. Laundry in the dryer, swept, vaccummed, scrubbed, wiped, decluttered....all done now and a baby napping. I think I'll eat lunch and play a little in the office before he wakes up! Enjoy your Friday and I'm glad it's the weekend!


Julie said...

She looks sooo cute, love that outfit... you did good. Great cards by the way.

Rachel said...

aw, Morgan is a cutie pie!

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