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Friday, September 25, 2009

A, B or C?

If you had the choice, which one would you choose? Not like we're getting one, but the thought is there...just don't know if we did, if it would be a puppy or one that's a little older. As for now, I just enjoy looking at the messes to clean up, no walkings, no mouths to feed, no training, all the fun stuff with dogs!

a.) A Pug

b.) A French Bulldog

c.) A Boston Terrier

Now ask yourself WHY and post in my comments!


Erika said...

I pick B. He is just sooooooo cute, I want to snuggle with him!!!

Tonya Boone said...

i would pick the pug for sure.. i want one so bad.. the frenchie they have lots of problems with breathing.. good luck.

sln1982 said...

I would pick A. the pug. It has such a cute face.

**** April **** said...

Well, you KNOW that I love boston terriers! :) Hee hee...they're SO smart, don't bark a tremendous amount, are great with kids and I just love how they're so black/white! :)

My 2nd would be a french bulldog because they're not so popular so they're still more unique to have. :)

Pugs are so cute...but everyone I know that has pugs say they snore very bad (I only had one boston that did)...

Julie said...

I would pick none of the above, however they are all cute.....they are another mouth to feed, poop to clean up, they will get sick all over your house at some point. I do have an adorable beagle I can send you that is great with kids and she is already house trained.

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