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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Halloween Advent Calendar

I finally found a little time today to finish up a project I am doing for The Mosy Scrapper and I needed to have it done before October 1st!

What is it? It's a Halloween Advent Calendar.

Now I just need to figure out what to put in each of these boxes for the kids to do each day before Halloween! I have two items I bought from the store that I can add to the boxes, but I don't need to fill it all with toys/candy. I can put little notes in there (i.e. go pick pumpkins, go buy a costume from the store, etc). Can you come up with some creative ways and ideas for me? If you can, leave me a comment in this post by Sept. 30th (midnight ET) and I will draw a name out of a hat for a RAK from me! :)

I think the 31st will be easiest idea ----> go trick or treating! LOL


sln1982 said...

1. Leaf rubbings for an art project.

2. Use a white shirt, orange tie die, and a black permanent marker to create a pumpkin face on a shirt. This could be worn to school the day before Halloween when the kids aren't wearing their costumes.

3. A day or two after you go pick pumpkins, you could have them carve a pumpkin.

4. Then the next day you could have them try the pumpkin seeds by baking them and eating them.

5. Make a ghost out of a tootsie roll pop, kleenex, ribbon, and markers for the eyes.

6. Make a spider by coloring a paper plate black, and adding the eight leggs with black construction paper.

Ok, all of my ideas are craft related, but what else do you expect I am a teacher, and I love crafts.

I hope these ideas help you in your countdown to Halloween Advent Calendar. I think it is a very neat idea!!

**** April **** said...

OMG will you just freakin adopt me?! You're like the most creative person I've ever known!

kristi said...

well..lets see..
1. make halloween cookies with mom
2. watch a halloween theme movie/cartoon together..(peanuts)
3. bob for apples then let them make caramel apples from the one they pulled :o)
4. tell/listen to spooky stories with dad
5. decorate the house
6. make popcorn balls
7. trip to the library for halloween books
8. carve pumpkins
9. bake pumpkin seeds
10. take a walk around the neighborhood looking for "spooky" houses

ok i'm all the stuff we do..i think of anything else! :o)

crazycricut said...

1. bake cookies ( and give to neighbors?)
2. decorate the house for Halloween

Julie said...

okay, we don't eat a lot of candy around here in this household, but we love some good jokes as you may my suggestion would be to write some Halloween jokes for everyday for the kiddos to read and tell

Just Me said...

You could pick a day, maybe October 1st, and go Boo a couple of your neighbors. Then those neighbors Boo someone else and so on and so on see the link

You could go on a Halloween scavenger hunt around town

The weekend before Halloween you could go Trick-or-Treating for cans for you local food pantry.

You could make Halloween cookies and the kids could dress up in their costumes and take them to the local nursing home or children's hospital in your area.

This maybe to much for your kids depending on how old they are but its a thought. Every year the history class from the local middle school goes to our local cemetery and they do headstone rubbings. Then they research the person and do a report on it in full period costume. it is very neat to go watch. We live in a small town and this is our way of keeping the towns history alive.

You could go to a haunt house if your kids are old enough. Sometimes you can find one that is not that scary for little kids.

You could go to a big corn maze.

You could make a scare crow for your front yard.

You could play ghost in the grave yard (like freeze tag but in the dark)

or flashlight tag

Just Me said...
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