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Friday, December 4, 2009

My crazy, creative week

This week has gone by so fast and I can't get a hold on anything. Let's see...Sunday was 'lazy' day...didn't do much but my PJ's! Morgan finally lost her first tooth! Woohoo! She wanted me to take a picture of her mouth.

Tooth fairy came that night and before she went to bed she mentioned that the tooth fairy was her parents. WHAT? Who told her such a thing like that? She says she read it in a book (don't authors know not to write that in books until kids are like in 5th grade or something?) Then she said that some of her friends in class say that she's not real. Well, I better have a word or two with some parents out there! DON'T RUIN IT FOR THE OTHER KIDS! MAKE SURE TO HAVE A GOOD TALK WITH YOUR KIDS ABOUT IT...ESPECIALLY IF YOUR CHILD HAS YOUNGER SIBLINGS! Well, tooth fairy came the next day and she was happy but still a little skeptical. Let's just hope that she still 'believes'.

Anywho, I've had 4 showing on the house. Neal has been out of town all week. Got the Xmas trees up and decorated. It's starting to feel like Xmas and the BIG day is getting closer and closer and I haven't even started shopping yet! YIKES! We have such a jam-packed weekend coming so shopping is gonna have to be put on hold till next week.

I've been very creative since Neal has been out of town and staying up VERY late every single night. Tonite I'm gonna sleep early and like a baby...snore!

Here are some of the creations that I put up in my Etsy store:

There are some buttons I made but haven't listed and also some pieces of jewelry that I will list eventually.

OH...did some jewelry for some giveaways coming up:, 4FabFam, TipJunkie, and IndieSmiles. When they are up I'll post a link so you can join in on the contest!

I have a sale in my Etsy shop right now thru December 5th....BOGO!!! Here is a link: Doohickies & Such All you have to do is mention "bogo" in the notes to seller at checkout and I'll do a Paypal refund for the difference! Spread the word!
Well, that's it for now. The 4th showing is about to be coming in so gotta run! Have a great weekend!

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