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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Houdini in the house!

Nothing like wanting to sleep in but instead being woken up by your 21 month old climbing into your bed....naked. we go Houdini!

Colton started climbing out of his crib the other day. Just one day decided that he was done with his nap and walked out with a big smile. Then the next day he decided to get out of his crib by himself again while Neal and I were sitting on the coach watching some tv. RISE AND SHINE!

And now this morning, thinking I was going to sleep in, I feel the dog jumping back and forth at the foot of the bed so I look and I see Colton smiling and trying to climb up. I then nudged Neal to wake up and gave him the "look at the foot of the bed" with my eyes. He looked and then nudged me to look too. HUH? So I did and Colton was up on the foot board...naked. LOL!

Oh boy! I asked him where he put his diaper and PJ's and all he said was "Momo. Nidne." That's Colt-talk for Morgan and Sydney. I thought either his sisters did that to him or that he left his clothes in their room.

So I get up and take him to find if he made a mess thruout the house, thankfully he didn't, and then I saw his diaper and pj's at the girls door to their room.

LOVELY! So, it looks like we have a problem on our hands! Stay tuned....

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