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Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm back


So happy to have my computer working again. BUT I must say, I really didn't miss it. Being away from it for about 2 weeks was a good thing. It gave me time to move for one, but it also gave me the chance to enjoy just the simple things in life and my family. I really needed that.

So, most of the boxes that need to come in have come in and I have to fix the garage a little. That's my next task. Just to push boxes in the right corners out in the garage. Downsizing from 2500 sq feet to 1850 sq feet is a task in itself. But it'll work. I don't have to worry about taking out all my decor b/c most of it was for plant shelves. This house has none.

Yesterday I worked on my scrap/bead items. Let me just say that the quote my dad used to say to me is soooo true. Trying to fit "10lbs of shit in a 5lb bag" DOES work Dad! ;) heehee I did get all my craft supplies somehow into this small closet and a shelf in the laundry room. It's not a room devoted to my supplies like before but it actually works. I can't fit anymore (which somehow I think I'll find a way) so I must use it all before purchasing more. AND the best thing is...I somehow felt my 'mojo' coming back! I haven't had the urge to craft during the move and almost didn't want to go back. But I'm back!

I want to share something funny that happened last night with my daughter Sydney...

Sydney: "Mommy, can I tell you something and you not get mad?"
Me: "um...okay"
Sydney: "I tried a little bit of Tallulah's ice cream and I didn't like it"
Me: just couldn't stop laughing

Tallulah is our 6month old Pug and the ice cream Sydney was referring to was called "Frosty Paws". It's doggie ice cream you can find in your local groceries freezer section. LOL She just cracks me up!

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**** April **** said...

This is how I felt when I just cut ties with all the computer "ties" I had... it was freeing and I didn't miss it either... I just missed blogging so that I could keep up with my life (since my memory is CRAP) ha ha... but otherwise, I'll just sneak around from time to time. I stay in touch through the feed burner blitz things I receive... but otherwise, I only visit like 1-2 sites now and that's generally only if a link is included in an e-mail. Ha ha...

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