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Sunday, January 24, 2010

My casa

Well, I finally took pictures today of our new house. It was such a gorgeous day. Very windy out here on the water, but who's complaining!

It's not the type of house we are used to but we like it (for a rental). I'm getting used to the area and the neighborhood is very friendly and quiet. The kids like the home. They don't have as much space as they are used to (especially the woods to play in) but it feels like home, and that's what matters.

So, here are the pix of my casa...

The front

The view down our street. Look at those palm trees just a swaying!

That dark door you see in the back is our front door. This room is the family room.

Our family room. That cart on the left is just there to take up space. We need to get a desk. We left our built in desk up at the old house (along with my scrap cabinets and such...boohoo!). Just need to get things up on the wall again.

This is the view from the family room looking out onto our lanai.

This is our view when we wake up. You are in the master bedroom now. hahaha

My room

And there is Tallulah!

Master bathroom

well...just part of it anyway.

Now this next picture is one of my fave features of the house. It's our garbage can pull out in the kitchen. hahaha I just love this handy space!

Another of my fave features of the walk in pantry!

And it makes a great hiding space from the kids! hahaha

Here is a picture of the kids bath. Don't have a rod up because ours broke one day and we just took the kids! On my list to get this week!

Here is Colton's room. He has so much room to play in. We still need to get an area rug in here. OH...and a big boy bed. Made the transition on the day we moved in to just sleep on the crib mattress and he's sleeping like an angel EVERY night! AND the best part...he wakes up and just plays in the room. Loves when he knocks on his own door to ask to get out of room. Hahaha What a stinker!

****Girls room not in progress!****

This is a picture of the kitchen looking at the kids hall. Tile EVERYWHERE!

Dining room looking into the kitchen. We moved our nook table into this room last night because we had people over for dinner and hanging out. Our dining table went outside on the lanai and looks nice out there. Gonna seal it and get different fabric for the chairs. You'll see next picture

Okay, maybe not the next picture. Simon is the next picture. What a butterball! 25lbs and growing!

This is a picture of my kitchen window from the outside. I like this feature too.

And don't worry...Morgan didn't fall in. She was following this blue heron that was in our yard trying to get a Wheat Thin from her. He was a big bird! See him on the rocks trying to get a fish down there at the bottom middle?

Here is our floating dock. Neal is working on a fence so that's why it's a mess in the yard with the rope, wheel barrow and such. It will look nice once we get the netting. I can't wait!'s high tide.

And this lonely boat pad is waiting for some boat foam and of course our boat. That'll be another weekend. Gotta get the boat over here.

View from the floating dock onto our lanai

The other part of the back of the house.

And this is our house. Smaller, cozy but doable. And it comes with water! I do miss our pool, but a private beach is like 3 blocks away (along with the huge houses along the Gulf side! :drool:)


Julie said...

I love your house, it looks so cozy and you have it done up very nice.

janet said...

It is SO nice, Christa! Love the view from your room, love the way the kitchen window looks from the back, love that it's on the water, the view down the street w/ all the palm trees is amazing, (we don't have that looking down our street! LOL), love tallula on the bed! I'm coming to stay with you for awhile!

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