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Friday, March 12, 2010

Snack ideas...FREE GIVEAWAY!

Isn't she cute?! She can be a little terror, but for the most part she's a great addition to our family. Still isn't trained to our liking, but you know...I'm accepting it. She sits when she is told (mostly when she's gonna get a treat), a great watch dog (loves to chase the cars) and well...snores! hahaha

She's already 8 months old. :(

Okay...on with the rest of this post. Because St. Patty's Day is coming up I thought I'd do something fun for the kids snacks the other day. I thought first, what to give them for a snack when they get home? They are always hungry and dinner really isn't too far from snack time, so I started looking in the my fruit bowl and got out an orange. Then I thought, I'll give them some cheese with it, and that is where it all started....let's make them a 'color' snack. was ORANGE for this day.

So I headed to the pantry to see what I had that was ORANGE. WOW...there are a lot to choose from! hahaha So this is their snack they had on Wednesday:
sliced oranges
sliced cheddar cheese
cheese puffs
and their gummy vitamins (which I picked out the orange ones)

Well, now the next picture is a picture of a 5-strand choker that I had to make for a special order. See, the other day, AGAIN, I decided to step outside my comfort zone and go into a local hair salon and ask if they would be willing to let me showcase my jewelry and in return get a commission from the sales. The lady asked to see my pieces and said SURE! So, we settled on a commission and then she brought out this tall 5 shelf case for me to put my jewelry on display...right at the reception desk!


I just needed to make a sign and then add my pieces. That was the tough decision trying to figure out what I wanted to display. I can't display ALL of them at once. So, I picked out what to display. Then later on in the same day I get a call from the owner and she had a client that liked a bracelet I had but wanted a matching choker to go with it!


Oh...forgot to mention that that same morning I woke up to a sale on Etsy (a navel ring) and then when I was putting my display up one of the hair stylist purchased another navel ring from me! :)

So, that is where I got the choker. I had made it for this lady and brought it into her on Thursday!! That was happy sales for the 2 days.

On Thursday, I did something similar for the kids and their snack. Can you guess what color I chose?

Yep, yellow. Bananas, sliced apples with caramel dip, string cheese and yellow M&M's. Not as many choices for yellow as orange though.
So, what to serve them today??? Let me here your ideas (trying to save GREEN for St. Patty's Day though).
  1. Respond with your post of what to color choice and a list of snack ideas for the kids. I will give a random person that comments something from my jewelry collection!
  2. If you tweet about it, post it also...this will get you an extra chance in the drawing for a RAK (random act of kindness).
  3. If you fan my facebook page for my Etsy shop (Doohickies & Such), post that too! Just mention your name you use on Facebook so that I can track it!
See...there are 3 ways to get a chance at winning something! :) Just have entries in by Saturday at noon, ET!
Have a great day and weekend!

1 comment:

ArtistJess said...

how about having a 'blue' day.. you could serve blueberrie, blue jello, and blue corn chips :)

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