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Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patty's Day

Our St. Patty's Day started a day early. I had planned a cupcake snack for the kids and a shamrock scavenger hunt. Forgot to take pix of the hunt b/c I was having fun w/ the kids looking all over the house for some foam shamrocks I picked up at Michael's. Behind each shamrock I had written a # on the back and it corresponded with a # written on a brown lunch bag. I had 5 lunch bags that were full of different prizes for the kids (i.e. $1 bills, $.25, tatoos, chocolate and mints). They had fun looking for the clovers and then realized that they got prizes at the end. Bwhahaha

Then we dove into these yummy rainbow cupcakes that I saw from KraftFoods. YUM! A little tedious, but worth it. Here they are...

And the inside...

Morgan loving every bite of it

Sydney was too into her cupcake to look at the camera

And well, Colton...he LOVED the icing!
I love his "cheese" smile! LOL
Later that night...on top of the planning for the Leprechaun's, Morgan lost her 4th tooth. Now she's toothless on the top! After the Tooth Fairy visited our house I had to make like a leprechaun! LOL
Made their 'green' lunches:
shamrock shaped PB&J sandwiches
Green juice box
Pringles (sour cream and onion)
Green grapes
Green packaged gummies
Key Lime Pie yogurt (that hurt to give FAVE!)
Green napkin with a note
1 gold coin (this was for a game later on St. P's Day)
I didn't have a shamrock cookie cutter (like I had thought) so it was interesting cutting the bread. Next year I get a cookie cutter!

OH...forgot, I had purchased some green items for the girls' teachers. I made a little St. Patty's Day gift basket for them. Man...that was hard trying to find green items, but I did and that's that.
In each green basket I added a green sharpie, a green box full of paper clips, Wintermint Certs, green gum, green hand gel and one of the rainbow cupcakes.
Now the next thing I did to 'make like a leprechaun' was to make a mess in the house to show that the leprechaun's had visited. I started in the kids bathroom. NOTE TO SELF: pass on the green silly string next year! I put green food coloring in the toilet bowl so that after a few flushes the kids kept getting green water! LOL All I know is that it worked b/c I heard Sydney early in the morning of St. Patty's Day say, "they did it again! UGH!" hahaha
I also sprayed silly string all over their mirror in the bathroom.

In the dining room I misplaced chairs, turned some over on their sides, on the table, moved their jackets around and back packs and then laid out some goodies for them. Here is the dining room:

I also added a box of Lucky Charms for the kids so they got breakfast from the leprechauns. I skipped green eggs and ham this year (saved it for the next day...with chocolate chip pancakes!)
For dinner we had corned beef and cabbage. For dessert we had Lime Green Jell-O!
OH...back to the gold coins. The kids have this chore chart that they have to abide by each day. They have a colored square on each chore and as they do their chore they transfer that square onto a posterboard. The fill each level till they are done with all their chores for the day. The first level gets them PLAYTIME. The 2nd level gets them TV TIME (which by the time they get to this level it's almost bedtime. And the final level, which is hard to attain ALL the squares, is for DSi time. ;) The gold coins gave them spots on the 2nd level towards TV time. It worked and they were very good leprechaun's in the making!
Well, that was our St. Patty's Day.
Onto the next holiday...Easter. It's also Sydney's stuffed animals 'bday' as she says. haha Gotta figure out what we are doing that day besides hunting for eggs (did you hear that Dad? You've got some eggs to hide! ;) heehee)


**** April **** said...

Youre so awesome!!!

Jana said...

Those are such fun ideas for St. Patricks day!

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