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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ah...Silence thru the night!

WHAT? Did I actually sleep the entire night without getting woken up by a goober-eyed, runny nosed, yelling MAMA across the house 2 year old that answers to the name of Colton?!


Well, he did wake up goober-eyed and runny nosed and he did yell MAMA really load from his room but I went to bed around 11:30pm and woke up at 6am this morning without any interuptions last night! BUT...on another note...I will NOT sit in the ER today for hours w/ him just to be told that he has conjunctivities and possibly an ear infection (I'm leaning more towards the pink eye). EW! That will be my chore for the day w/ him not touching his eyes. I know NOT to tell him NOT to touch his eyes though b/c what happens when you tell a kid NOT to do something...yep...they go and do it! :/

My parents are coming sometime this morning and we are gonna take them on a little cruise out on the boat. I'm still gonna do it with Colton. Maybe the salt water will help the eyes a little (I'll just keep telling myself that). No fever and he's watching Tigger and Pooh right now so the eyes aren't bothering him (yeah...we actually aren't watching Nemo!) heehee


Yesterday was the first day I was able to eat actual meals and not feel sick since Wednesday. Woohoo! Yesterday was also a day we did NOTHING! I saw that happily too because we've been busy every weekend doing something and today we had nothing...ahhh! heehee

I made 2 pieces of jewelry, cleaned the kitchen, went to the store w/ the family and vegged when I could. Here are my latest pieces I have added in my Etsy store:

Blue Ice Adjustable Cluster Ring - $15.00

Australian Jasper Adjustable Cluster Ring - $15.00

You can see them and other jewelry pieces just by clicking on the rings title. Have a good Sunday!

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