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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Heeeeerrrrrrreeeee's COLTON!

Let me take you back 7 days ago...02/13/08...I woke up feeling stuffy, sore throat and by the end of the day my chest was full of some junk. Then on Vday, woke up early to get ready for our big day...getting induced!!

DH and I arrived at the hospital around 7am and didn't get into a room just a little short of 8am. Got into the hospital bed and they started hooking me up to IV's, took my temp and it was 102!! YIKES!! My cold got worse. Got put on pitocin at 830am and just had uncontrollable shivers and then sweats. The shivers were b/c of all the IV fluids they had me on. I also had some antibiotics running thru my veins as well as the pitocin. The contractions were bearable...still 3cm and 70% effaced as the past 3 weeks prior! FIGURES!

Then around 1030am my doc decided to break my bag of water and at that point I was already 5cm. Then the contractions started kicking! There were so many woman on the floor that the 2 anesthesiologist were VERY busy. Finally they got one of them in and she, well, lets just say she was having a bad day and I was her pin cushion! She was a sweet girl BUT, when that needle kept hitting the bone it didn't feel too shabby!! ESPECIALLY when having contraction!! She kept saying she was sorry and didn't want to hurt me and wanted to make sure I wasn't having a contraction while she was doing the epi...the nurse and I both said...JUST DO IT!! Finally her partner in crime came in to let her know where he was going and my nurse, bless her, waved him over and he got it in one shot. If you cold see my back, there are 6 tiny scabs where the needles had gone in!! No bruising, just sore in the lower back area...but he was heaven!! :)

About 30 minutes later I felt this weird feeling that I might need to go to the is ready!! So I called the nurse and she came in to check and maybe have me push but she said "he's right there, hold on, let me get the doctor!" So my doc came in and I only pushed 2 long pushes and he was out!!

So, in room #7, weighing in at 7lbs 7oz and 21" long....Colton Scott Weldon arrived at 12:56PM!! Here is the picture of the little guy:

He looks just like his oldest sister's amazing how that happens!! He has dark brown hair and well, dark gray/blue-lined eyes.

As for my health, my fever lingered on till the next day and all I can take is Tylenol and Motrin b/c I'm breastfeeding. Saturday I came home and got a fever again in the evening. It's just been horrible. The junk in my chest is still there, but not as bad, but the head congestion is kicking my butt. AND on top of it all, my voice is's kind of cool Demi Moore's voice...hahaha. If it weren't for this darn cold, I'm back to normal!! My usual schedule (minus the lack of sleep...but scrapbooking trained me for that! ;) ) and my clothes. Lovin' it! Colton is such a great baby!! The girls are loving him too. Morgan (my oldest) has been such a great help...thought she would be the one I'd have to worry about w/ her retailiating. Sydney on the other had, she is 3.5, but she must have her "bell toned down" b/c she has a hard time listening now!! Time will change that. She's lovin' her brother though!

Anyways...I know DH took more pix, I just haven't had the desire to pick up a camera or even go online. Hopefully my cold will "shu" soon so I can be up and about better!


Sophia said...

He is just beautiful, love every minute with him, as they sure grow up too fast. My darling little Chloe is now 3 months today...sniff sniff!!! Don't want her getting any bigger...

KarenB said...

Congratulations Christa!!! He is adorable!!! I just want to hold him and cuddle him and give him kisses!!! Can't wait to see the rest of the pics!!!

~Ane~ said...

Congrats!!! he is such a cutie!!!

janet said...

Hi!! Congratulations! He is just beautiful. Your delievery sounds like mine with my daughter. 2 pushes and she was out! Hope you feel better. That doesn't help things with a newborn. Take care. Can not wait to see more pictures!

Nicole said...

he's adorable, congrats!!

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