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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Okay, forgot to blog about this on was an emotional rollercoaster for me. Gotta love hormones!!

Well, I'm sitting in the office w/ Colton in one hand and I'm trying to help Sydney w/ her crafts b/c she wanted to make Morgan and Colton a card. Thought that was a sweet gesture on her part...her idea! Then she decides she wants to show me how she can write her letters. She's working on that, still not good w/ dexterity, but the child can tell you her upper and lowercase letters and their phonics...she's backwards I say! :)

Anyways, I then tell her to make the cards and I'm going to feed Colton. So I get started nursing him and along on my right side I get a tap on my right arm and I turn to look and Sydney is standing there w/ a huge Chester Cat grin from ear to ear! It took me a second to realize what she did and all I could say was "what did you do to your hair!" Her poor smile became a frown, not what I was intending to do. She then looked down and I said "Your pretty hair! WOW! Did you just cut it?" She then said yes. I asked why and she said she wanted it short like her cousin Emma! Oh man!! We've worked hard at her hair growing and her bangs to grow out! She looked like she was sporting a "mullet"! Not kidding. I looked at the floor and there was so much hair I just balled! I looked at her head thinking I could fix it, but that would be a big mistake. So I called to make her an appointment.

Her is the before pix w/ her hair up half way. She's very lucky she didn't cut her ear! I felt sooo bad b/c my back was turned and anything literally can happen in minutes! I'm sooo mad at myself!

And this is the after pix. It's going to take some getting used to! I really like her hair long, it fits her face shape. Oh well. Morgan was surprised to see that her sister had long hair. She'd been asking and begging to get her hair cut. But she wants to grow it out and then donate it. Thank goodness!

Syd is proud of her new hair do and is sporting it like a champ. She now knows that her scrap scissors are off limits for a LONG LONG time!!!


veronicamelton said...

oh I love her new hair do!! Very cute on her--just sorry she did half of it herself!!


Steph said...

Oh no Christa!! The new 'do is really cute though! Don't beat yourself up girl, we all turn our backs at some point!

janet said...

Neither of my kids tried to cut their hair when they were younger. I have to say Christa, I think she looks ADORABLE with the short hair! Sorry it happened!

Sophia said...

Guess what my little Amy cute her hair too yesterday, I am so mad. We are off to the hairdressers tom orrow to fix...go see my blog!!!

Jeanne said...

He is just adorable Christa!! And, so is his sister, LOL! They ALL do that at least once. :)

The hair will grow back, and fortunately they were able to make the 'new do' a cute one!

April Driggers said...

Oh dear GAWD... aren't you a trooper! Do know this is a right of passage for all mom -- even moms of BOYS! :) Mine did this twice. :)

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