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Monday, February 11, 2008

DUE DATE DAY...where are you??

Okay, today is my due date. WHAT'S UP?? Come out Colton, where ever you are!! Actually, I KNOW where he is, he just needs to follow the light at the end of the tunnel and viola! :) I've had the Braxton-Hicks every now and then since Saturday early morning, but nothing. Then boughts of energy and then get tired. Still nothing. A little restless, but that's to be expected. Maybe this little WANTS to come on Valentine's Day. Well, he has no other option unless he decides to show up before then. Come Thursday I'll be induced and that's that! If that's the case my oldest, Morgan, will be a little disappointed b/c I won't make it to her last soccer game. She was so "gung-ho" when the season started and then around Xmas time thru January she had the "oh well" attitude about it...almost like she was getting bored w/ soccer. And now, since Feb. started, she's "gung-ho" again. Hate to disappoint her. Will have to wait and see what happens w/ this fella. We are all walking on pins and needles around the house waiting for signs. The signs are there for labor approaching...just the anticipation...MAN!!

Anyways, yesterday I whipped up 4 cards just from scraps. Saturday night thru Sunday early early morning I put together some page kits...I think about 10, like I'm going to get those done right away ;), but they are ready and waiting for me to tackle them. Kind of a reminder that scrapping can still go on even after baby!

Saturday my daughter had a soccer game and they did well. She scored 1!! Then went out to lunch w/ my niece and her family. They came over afterwards and her hubby and mine decided to open up this tent we got back a month ago and see how big it actually is. It's HUGE!! It's got a big dome in the center and 2 little domes on each side. They (DH and girls, 2 nieces and their family...2 kids each, and my SIL and her family) are going camping the last weekend in February. I wish I could go, but that wouldn't be good for me and the baby. They will have a great time, camping and 4 wheeling, and it'll be good on my family as well. It gives me good bonding time with the baby too...and it'll quite in the house, I can get some chores done and maybe, just maybe scrap!!! Can you tell I live and breath scrapping? hahaha ANYWAYS...after they put the tent up the kids had fun exploring. We had them also search for some firewood and had a bonfire out on the driveway. The weather was perfect. My girls wanted to camp out that night, which would have been good if it weren't in the low 40's!! EEK!! Hope their fun weekend won't be cold, b/c that means momma will be working hard that full week afterwards trying to boost their immune systems up again!

Anyways, going to check the boards and maybe scrap some. Easy-peasy day for me.

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